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From the outside, it looks almost friendly.

"Appearances can be deceiving" warns the artful graffiti across the wall, before it shimmers as a result of the magick about the place and reforms back into the words:
"Well hello newcomer, and welcome to our underground grotto >>>>>>"

Evil Pinkies is owned by the notorious [Djinn] and [MageyDePink]. They work together to make the perfect partnership of cheating, thieving and pillaging as well as the odd act of mischief here and there.

You follow the direction of the arrows, and they lead your eyes to a large wooden door. Ivy is growing up down and around the door randomly, until you make a move to approach. Then the ivy splits sideways, and the door morphs, leaving a gaping hole in the side of the wall.
Upon walking through said gaping hole, a loud "ting!" sounds, alerting the room to your presence, and you suddenly notice a whole bunch of random things around the room, including posters in many different languages. Music is playing quite loudly, live drum and bass, and you can't quite make out where it's coming from..
You walk forwards and almost trip over the projected menu that keeps changing colours in front of you:

<img:>main bar - come in for a drink
<img:> weapons and gifts - evil pinkies memorabilia!
<img:> joke shop - if you want a chuckle
<img:> circle of madness - for circle members only.
<img:> nothing but comments if you just want to chat!
<img:>It's new, it's shiney, it's the Evil Pinkies library place, because the maintainance around here was starting to get a bit confusing.
<img:> NEW! gameroom to fulfill all your needs for entertainment...well most of them...

You suddenly find yourself facing the highly trained and potentially dangerous looking guards of Evil Pinkies.


They grin a bit and then give you some words of advice:
"Travel where you will. Trouble makers will be given their two cents back, and [Djinn] and [MageyDePink] (and staff) retain the right to throw anyone back out on the streets. Or capture anyone, or torture anyone, or kill anyone..."

Feel free to wander about, but take care: The Circle Of Madness door bears a large lock, and the Dating Agency vault appears to be leaking mould. Several blood-stained blade tips stick out of the door of the joke shop, it seems the Great Roberto has been up to his usual tricks.
There are also machine gun shots coming from the main bar. Trust, me, you wouldn't believe me if I told you the source.

[MageyDePink] adds the finishing touches to her newly re-cluttered grotto, flicking specks of dust back onto pieces of furniture and making the wanted posters that seem to dominate the walls a bit more wonky. She stands back and observes the mess. Seeming satisfied she opens the doorand tell the guards to look a little bit more dangerous.
Frazzle gallops in on a seemingly invisible pony and eyes the guards who pull menacing faces at him. He smiles nervously and ties his pony up to a coat hook, sidles past the guards and sprints into the main bar.

[nori] appears in the grotto in a cloud of sparkling bright yellow smoke. She walks over to Frazz's pony, not quite sure how it manages to be seemingly invisible, she looks it over smiles abit, and disappears with a orange *poof* with the intention of landing in the main bar...

Agent [-24-] throws the doors open dramatically. "Alright, i'm back," she announces, then does a double take: "Why's the place so clean?"

[cheeseypoofs] dances in, wearing a red floaty skirt and matching corset, playing a lute for everybody's entertainment, before she notices that nobody else is in the room. she turns and enter the main bar.
The Pink Mage, who has been stood in a freeze frame for many days darts out of cheeseypoof's way fearing she may tread on her toe. She notices 24 and sidles towards her.
"I'm sorry, did you say somehting?"
The door creaks open to let in a chill wind, despite the fact it is warm and sunny outside. A tall human with long, pure white hair steps over the threshhold and observes the foyer. She nods to Mageydepink and her icy blue eyes sparkled a little dangerously. Without saying a word she strides towards the main bar, ripping a wanted poster off the wall in the process and shoving it in her pocket.
Mageydepink decides to leave the establishment, making excuses that she has a headache and heads for the adventure playground.
[Vortemia] strides out of the main bar and follows mageydepink.
[Djinn] arrived from the main bar just in time to see the back of [Vortemia], and no one else about. Wondering if Vortemia saw where Pinkii had got to, she hurried to try and catch her.
[fritz] wanders in thinking nonsensicle thoughts about where to hire a horse from before entering the main bar.
FRazzle gets dragged out of the bar by a whirly bleepy machine and is pulled towards the adventure playground.

"Djinn?! Frazz! Ur- wait he got banned, someone!" shouted Mageydepink running through the foyer and into the main bar.
"HELLO!" A nearby statue moves and is suddenly Djinn. "What? Oh. Um." She runs after Magey.

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