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 by, [MoRoxy]

this is for anyone who is lazy in the mind and is worth sh*t (like me ^ ^), doesn't pay attention to anything, likes to just veg out all the time, has no time on their hands to do anything worth while,

 [or who actually is a stoner.

come join us. 
we won't bite, hard ^ ^

just edit the page and become a member of the F.O.T.S. lol, fots


420 AV

 nothing has been photoshopped or any nonesense like it,... it is real

<img:> this is stoner bunny, he is our leader ^ ^ lol jk, but he is our mascot


this is our banner, just put it up in your house

<*IMG:*> ( dont forget to take out the stars ^ ^)
<img:> <*IMG:*> (and again,... the stars ^ ^)
<*IMG:*>  <<<<< stars, out!
<*IMG:*>  no stars  by [Tekkon KinKreet]

(this part is just a gag, so don't get offended please)      


stoner pres.

[MoRoxy] wow,... so small hope we get more ppl

stoner v. pres.

[wreckless] YAY-NESS!

stoner treasure

[Keyta] weeee! stoner bun bun, sarah you rock

stoner secratary

[caddi] stoner bunny!!!

stoner members

1. [TinyTim]
2. [earthkynd] Strange place.. I love it!! Let's get stoned!
3. [nto actually here]
4. [SassySwede] Alright ya all lets party
6. [~*Tasha*~]
7. [Life-Hope=Me]
8. [Harmonie's mommie!]
9. [kingtheodin] I enjoy this wiki.
10.[NiCi{LoSerFacE}] Stoners Rock
11.[The Number One Joker]
12.[Tekkon KinKreet] last dance with mary jane? too high to remember.

(i'll try to update it and all that stuff soon, sorry ^ ^)

news... um,... [wreckless] is gonna look after this site for a while since i don't have a computer and that stupid bitch *you know hahaha* got caught on elftown at school so yea... here ya go [wreckless]!!!!!

there is also another wiki i made called slackers and stoners... basicly it's all the same as this but whatever! i'll keep exporting this wiki too. ^ ^

F.O.T.S. might be being taken over by [Mortified Penguin] whom i really appreciate him doing this because we all know that i'm not on here enough to update it and all so i really appreciate him doing this.

Username (or number or email):


2010-02-09 [Mortified Penguin]: There's not a lot of people here these days... surely Elftown has more stoners than this! ...*eats hash ramen*...

2010-02-09 [MoRoxy]: haha! xD  you would think so?

2010-04-06 [MoRoxy]: Oh My God..... ROFLCOPTER!!!! >.>

2010-05-12 [Tekkon KinKreet]: it goes SWASWASWASWASWASWA

2010-05-15 [MoRoxy]: hehehehehee x3

2010-05-17 [Tekkon KinKreet]: i want hash ramen btw.

2010-08-21 [MoRoxy]: If you find any, be sure to share some with me

2010-08-21 [Tekkon KinKreet]: it'll cost ya...

2010-09-23 [MoRoxy]: awe, dang lol. i would much prefer it to be free though

2010-09-23 [Tekkon KinKreet]: well... i dunno... i'll think on it... a fair trade maybe?

2010-11-10 [Tekkon KinKreet]: *cricket cricket*

2010-11-10 [Mortified Penguin]: SO'S YOUR FACE.

2010-11-11 [Tekkon KinKreet]: *blinks* ....

2011-01-14 [MoRoxy]: everybody stop...

Now hammertime

2011-07-17 [Tekkon KinKreet]: are we still alive?

2011-07-17 [Mortified Penguin]: *checks pulse*


2011-08-04 [Tekkon KinKreet]: thats not good. *gets a set of jumper cables an hooks them to an electric chair then to morts hands.* CLEAR! *turns electric chair on*

2011-08-04 [Mortified Penguin]: What, no electric sofa?

2011-08-04 [Tekkon KinKreet]: it got wet, had to send it in to get worked on. some hambeast sweated all over it

2011-08-29 [MoRoxy]: I hate it when that happens

2013-03-30 [MoRoxy]: Oh jeez I completely forgot about this place. Oi,....

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