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Is there a story or meaning behind your username?
Ravendust came into existence about... 10 years ago, I believe. That's about the time I was starting to get more serious about my writing, and I wanted a unique penname to go by. It took a few days of thought and just playing around with name generators online (sometimes portions of names or even story titles just click that way, and you find something you absolutely love). It started out much longer- Ravendust Moonlitmist, I think about a yer or so into using the full name I shortened it to just Ravendust, and I've been going by that ever since.

(Had to really think there, its been so long haha)

What made you want to become serious about writing?
I've always had a deep passion for writing, honestly as far back as I can remember I've written. I used to plagiarize stories I'd read from authors like R.L. Stine, Christopher Pike, and so many others; I'd just give them a small twist of my own. I'm a reader, its been in my nature since I was first able to put words together on a page, and that blossomed into a desire to create my own stories, my own worlds and adventures. Of course having crazy plot-filled dreams really help in that department.

What is it you mostly do on Elftown?
Right now there's not much going on, and that frustrates me. Used to be I'd log on and have a handful of messages, at least a dozen different RPs to post in, wiki invites to check out, contests to enter, and so on. I still get on daily, and am looking for new RPs to delve into or ideas for new RPs of my own, though I've had no luck so far. I'm really hoping that activity picks back up again, Elftown has been one of my favorite sites since I join. It has really helped me to grow creatively and as a person.

What made you copy other authors' work and write your own endings to the stories when you were younger?
Honestly- I was young and had no idea how to go about putting my ideas down on paper. I was getting a feel for writing, and using others' work helped me to develop a style of my own. I guess you could say that I got my start writing fanfiction. I've moved on to bigger and better things, I don't copy other authors' work anymore, I've learned to put stories together from beginning to end and am working on a few different projects that I hope to finish sometime in the near future.

What do you look for when deciding for or against joining a role-play on Elftown?
I don't always look into the quality of a role-play when joining and as such find myself completely blindsided when they die. Most of the time I'm just looking for a fun writing activity. When I'm serious I look to see if the other role-players keep up with themselves grammatically... I can't stand the 'Blank looks at u b4 saying i luv u!' It frustrates the hell out of me and I spend more of the role-play fixing spelling and grammar than enjoying the role-play itself.

I also look for god-moding. A lot of people do it, sometimes unintentionally... It is so hard to let your character fail at something, a fight, figuring out something crucial to the plot... I've fallen prey to god-moding myself in the past and have worked hard to overcome that.

Another thing I look for is a good solid plot. Some role-plays work great without one, some fizzle and die very quickly because EVERYBODY wants the plot to revolve around them, or an idea they have and it just completely clashes. Sometimes its just easier to roll with a pre-created plot.

Rules help, if they are enforced that is. They keep the role-players in line for the most part and make them a bit more consciencious of their posts. And finally, I like to look at the characters in an RP. Sometimes its not too bad when they're thrown together- a few minor descriptions, etc, but I have learned that the better developed a character is, the less likely it will be that the role-player can god-mode or something else out of character. It makes it easier to identify with the character, get a feel of their role in the RP.

There're a lot of things to look into when joining a new role-play. I'm sure there are others out there who look deeper into everything than I do, but I like to think that I'm a bit easier to please. Point me in the direction of a new role-play, well developed or not, and I'll likely give it a shot! (*hint* xP)

Aside from writing, what are your hobbies?
I'd have to say my second (or at least a close second) hobby would be art. I love to draw, even if I'm not all that great yet. Being able to put images with my characters (in my own stories or in Role-plays) brings me great pleasure. I also love to sew, plushes, clothes, you name it. I prefer to hand sew which tends to make projects a lot longer than they would be if I used a machine. I'm working on getting into crochet- its not that difficult but I have a habit of making each chain shorter than the last. I have yet to complete a project, though hope to do so soon. I am working on seriously expanding my artistic skills, maybe someday I'll get the hang of sculpting and painting too!

There are so many more things that I love to do- reading, hiking, swimming, gaming... I could go on and on! xP

Do you have any favorite wiki pages?
Hmm... Lets see... One of my favorites would have to be Backwards Outcasts- a compilation of stories written by myself and [wicked fae mage], we are still in the process of finishing the stories, but its been a lot of fun to write and even as one of the authors I find myself drawn back into them over and over again!

Voila! is another of my favorites, you get to post your art and the other members view and critique your work.

There are so many good wikis to be found on elftown, my list could go on forever... Or at least 800 and something odd more times and counting. ;)

Do you do art commissions?
Commissions are something I really tried to get into; I had one person show interest, but then they just pretty much stopped trying to work the details out. I have put my work out there, tried to get interest, but thus far I'm still banking 0 on commissions.

What mediums do you use to express yourself artistically?
For the most part you could say I'm a traditional pencil and paper type of girl. I enjoy being able to physically draw, shade, and occasionally color my work. I have also enjoyed the use of fabrics, cardboard, clay, pretty much anything that I can use with my hands. I like to get my hands dirty, makes the art feel more real and like more of an accomplishment to me.

Do you write poetry often?
Every once in a great while I'll find myself inspired to write something or other, a few of which have been featured on the daily poem. When I first started writing I steered clear of poetry, I didn't think it was for me, didn't think I could ever get into it. I took a course in High School that taught me otherwise, and though I don't tend to rhyme in my poetry I feel that I can still write something nice when inspiration hits.

Do you have any comments/suggestions/criticisms on any Elftown matter?
I just want to say that I hope activity picks up on Elftown again! The lack of well... anything is very frustrating, as I've said before I used to be able to get on every day and have a million wiki updates to look into. Now I'm lucky if there's just one... There's got to be something we can do as a community to draw members back to the site, its just a matter of finding that something!

What is your advice for all of Elftown?
Be yourselves, don't let others get you down or try to change you! Follow your dreams and most of all- continue to help Elftown grow as a community. :)

And last, I will need two pictures of you to use for the feature:


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