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I wonder who is Elftown's biggest Geek...YOU?

Geek Wiki<

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Feel free to post a banner in your house.

1. [Mom]-20.11834%
2. [Stratakus] - 26%
3. [playslashwrite] - 36% (seriously, that scared even me!)
4. [Linderel] - 14
5. [Cia_mar] - 44.18146% (don't know if i should be scared or proud!?!?)
6. [Channy] - 29.4714% (...wat :3)
7. [Calico Tiger] - 38.2643%
8. [Jitter] - 38.2643% Same score as Cali bwahahha) Yay for geekiness
9. [Clairey] - 17%
10.[Perplexity] 42.20907% - sad that I thought I might score higher...
11.[Yuriona] - 55.6213% - Extreme geek (its only this high 'cuz [Acerbus] is making me learn geeky computer stuff!)
12.[Ramirez] - 24.45758%
13.[Lord Dog] - 49.11243%
14.[Grandamelf] - 14.79 -I knew taking Latin would come in handy someday!
15.[moira hawthorne] 39.05325% Major Geek
17.[Ihsahn] 37.08087% - Major Geek! So what if I love startrek that much? <.<
17.[TheRogue] 31.16371% - Total Geek: The comics, SCA, and Gaming did it I'm Sure...
18.[CillaCat] 21.30178% -Geek.
19.[Balthizar]=39.84221% - Major Geek-I would like to thank RPing for this award..and theatre.
20.[Sir. Robert] - 42.20907% (Engineering, Drum Major, D&D, Computer Games etc...)
21.[Skydancer] 11.04536%
22.[stuffAEAmade] 25.83826%
23.[Jeccabee] 21.69625%
24.[kthxby] 31.75542% - phew, at least there are worse geeks than me.
25.[Nocturnaliss] - 13.21499% - Geekish Tendencies. I knew this all along. XD
26.[Iske] 9.46746% - well yeah , positive score :)
27.[Papa Don't Preach] 26.42998% - Total Geek
28.[Thistlewood] 17.15976% - Geek
29.[peura] 41.42012% - Major geek (I've eaten computers for breakfast since 1994...)
30. [Ariandra] 32.74162%-I am a total geek!
31.[Cassave] 47.73176% Super Geek (damnation, I was hoping for at least 50%)
32.[Nita] 31.16371% - Total Geek
33.[Lerune] 38.65878% - Major Geek
34.[Linn Scarlett] 40.43393% - Major Geek (Programming, Rping, comics and LotR did it to me, I swear :p)
35.[Kaimee] 57.79093% Extreme Geek EDIT: 71.59763% Geek God uh oh >.>
36.[Paul Doyle] 40.8284% - Major Geek (surprised, since I missed out on the Internet boom and online gaming explosion of the 1990s/early 2000's. But I'm a coin-collecting dragon, dammit, so I get that ices it :3)
37.[Fetish Dolly Koneko™] 47.14004% - Super Geek. (What can I say? I love this shit.)
38.[Dark Side of the Moon] 20.11834% - Geek (Not geeky enough... :^( )
39.[Angel In Red]: 10.05917% - Geekish Tendencies
40.[Serwa] 4.14201% - Poser
41.[Mordigen] 47.53452% - Super Geek , omg "I have... 'snorted while laughing' " *snorts* me?? never... XD
42.[sequeena_rae] 4.93097% - Poser (sounds about right :P)
43.[Mercenes] 16.17357% - Geek...ish. 
44.[Chimes] 35.10848% - Major Geek, Hooray!
45.[SilverFire] 29.19132
46.[Hendercrazy] 35.30572% - Major Geek
47.[thisfleshatomb] 52.26824% - Super Geek ^_^ yay....try to beat
  long live harry potter
48. [nehirwen] 33.33333% - I go to museums by my own freewill O.o
49.[Synsae] 6.90335% - guess I am just not as geeky as the rest of you...
50.[Anvikit] 35.89744% Major Geek :D
51.[Kyrinn] 50.88757% - Super Geek OMG I answered truthfully, I SWEAR!! XD
52.[Savien] 40.03945% - Major Geek Definitely the movies and roleplaying....[Ariandra] couldn't believe I knew my age in binary...*snorts*
53.[Chrysilla] 20.51282% - Not that bad :)
54.[Morphea] 28.20513% - Total Geek. Actually I am a bit dissappointed. I feel that my geekiness is soo much higher.
55.[Triola] 21.10454% - Geek
56.[Teufelsweib] 16.76529 - more than I thought O_o
57.[The Red Baron] 61.93294% - Extreme Geek. I admit that I have been seduced by the Down Side of the Schwartz.
58.[crowfeather] 25.64103% - Total Geek ....<.< If there were more Renn or art questions then it would be higher ^^;
59.[smakeupfx]: me = 56.21302% - Extreme Geek
60.[The real life Bella Swan]: 43.3925% - Major Geek (D&D, computer stuff, gaming, reading, the list goes on)
61.[Levoton] 16.76529% - Geek. (Apparently I've dropped 9% in a few weeks.)
62.[Tingis] 21% -Geek..... i'm dissapointed =( I want to be a major geek!!
63.[Morningstar Rising] 50.4931% - Super Geek = (has to be all the reading I do. LOL)
64.[ceridwen] 56.41026% - Extreme Geek
65.[True, plain and simple] 31.55819% - Total Geek
66.[Lothuriel] - 74.75345% - GEEK GOD 
67.[iippo] - 41.42012% - Major Geek (Nehirwen's number is the coolest)
68.[irulan] - 34.31953% - Total Geek
69.[Akeatia] - 43.58974 - Major geek ... well... I knew this score was gonna be high...
70. [nokaredes] - 52.66272% Super Geek
71. [Angelic nightmares] - 32.1499% Total Geek
72. [Mortified Penguin] - 55.02959% Extreme Geek (I'm so ashamed)
73.[DarkRedKrueger]- 43.58974% - Major Geek
74. [Arwen Elf Friend] - 28.20513 % - Total Geek (and proud of it!!!)
75. [Elisha Kelly] - 14.7929% - Geekish Tendencies (I is not very geeky :P)
76. [eyes of frost]- 72.78107% -Geek God (I never thought I was THAT geeky...-sigh)
77. [Ylaraniala Majere] 66.6666% - Geek God!! WOO!
78.[WonderTweek] 45.95661% - Super Geek (Uhh.. That's sad)
79. [Child of God]: 40.63116% - Major Geek (Wow, much lower then I had thought it would be)
80. [Caterin S.] 34.91124% - Total Geek (need more SW questions for that one)
81. [Doormat] 21.69625% - Geek (Skipped meals to game? O_O)
82. [jenoclone1] 24.06312% - Geek (no comment)
83. [blackwitch] 6.70611% -poser? XD
84. [HardRockAngel] 6.70654 - poser =P
85. [Caelypse] 56.01578% - Extreme Geek (I'm disappointed with myself, I thought I was much more geeky)
86. [MisLuck] I'm not sure should I admit this on here... :/ 80.86785% Dysfunctional geek. Well I DO study computer sciense so it lifted it up a lot I think. Am seriously not that geeky. :/
87. [dew_farie] 25.24655% - Total Geek, I am dissapointed in myself. :)
88. [Sturmi] - 17.357% - Geek, I thought I was worse
89. [kay-chan] - 15.97633% - Geek, I guess it could be worse...
90. [Pyra]- 51.67653% - Super Geek.... =(
91. [All_Most PUNK] - 12.82051 - Geekish tendencies (So low, wow).
92. [imperfectionist] - 18.3432% - Geek (heh not what i thought)
93.[drakkar]- 46.15385%-Super Geek - XD saw that coming
94. [Fearathress]- 26.23274% - Total Geek. Tottaly saw that.. I mean who loves school other than a geek? XD
95.[3222] 33.72781% - Total Geek (table top rpg's)
96. [Acerbus] - 57.36945% - Extreme Geek. Hooray!!! I'm still slightly in touch with reality!!!
97.[wicked fae mage] 37 and some odd percent. You forgot the third LOTR movie. I thought I was more of a geek. lol.
98. [Venus 53] - uh-oh, gone up from 28.99408% to 30.17751% =P haha to 35.05535% 39.48339%
99. [Alistaire] 0.78895% Ahahaha.
100. [Khronos Atmosphaera] 31.75542% I'm not as geeky as I thought...
101.[LinkTurrner] 44.3787% - Major Geek... i fill sad for me
102. [someelf] - 35.30572% I'm a major geek :3 cool -drools-
103. [FAE] - 24.26036%
104. [Kaeirdwyn] - 51.87377% SuperGeek! ummm... I am way more a geek than I thought. I guess I am just a repository of knowledge or something. And so what if I like to learn.... *laugh*
105. [Druid Fables] 42.99803% - Major Geek. Not too sure what to think of it. =D
106. [Rat Hacker]78.69822 Dysfunctional Geek (Uber Geek or at least I like to think so. Born in 12/18/89 do the math.)
107.[Captain Rachel Black]43.98422% - Major Geek (and at 16 parents are so proud XD)
108. [allenp] 16.17357% Geek I feel like I failed..... :(
109. [deeterhi]-8.6785%
110. [Mikie9191] - 33.728% - One third geek, two thirds um... something else.
111. [Jack Off Jill] 36.88363% - Major Geek i win :) i think XD
112. [Celtic Rain] 61.53846% - extreme geek. Whats wrong with building your own computer?! I do it every year.
113. [Duke Devlin] - 20.11834% - Geek. :O Well, not too good, not too bad. ;)
114. [itoe] - 53.0572% - Super Geek. Alas, I scored higher whilst I was still an undergrad.
115.[gone from elftown. deleted.] 19%.. Hmm what do you expect? I teach physics and chemistry
116. [BinaryPhoenix] - 48.91519% - Super Geek
117. [Malnu] - 42.20907% - Major Geek
118. [*Phoenix*] - 28.79684% - Total Geek
119. [Kito-Tai] - 64.89153%- Extreme Geek..... yeah... no comment
120. [elfprincess] - 18.73767% - Geek nice
121. [pelv13] 33.33333% - Total Geek =)... version 3.1
122. [Kiddalee] 31.18081% - Total Geek - Oh, thank God. I thought I was going to get a lot lower. Hopefully I can be up to Major in a few years.
123. [Eledhel] 41.14391% - Major Geek - not bad! Working to score higher next time.


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2008-10-02 [Kyrinn]: Spring chicken. You are younger than I am! *beats you with her cane and cackles*

2008-10-02 [The Red Baron]: Yes [Dark Side of the Moon] I loathe them with the same passion in which I love the Separatists!

The CIS should've won the Clone Wars! They were betrayed by Sidious! Unfair!

O Grievous, valiant hero, born in strife, forged in sorrow, fell against treason, hallowed champion martyred twice. Rest in peace... (or rise as the twisted droid NK-Necrosis)

Republic Galactica! I could be one of your kids!
Republic Galactica! Instead I joined the Separatists!
Republic Galactica! I'm sick of putting up with your shit!
I joined the CIS! Look how many droids I get!
(In your faces Lucas, Eminem, and Weird Al!)

2008-10-02 [Doormat]: They should animate Anakin being loltorched. Then I'd watch it. 

2008-10-02 [Paul Doyle]: I might watch it, but beware going too far with this stuff. Imagine, for a second, a musical "Star Wars" production. (No, not a stoned-out-of-her-gourd Carrie Fisher singing about Life Day in the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special) That would be hellish. Imagine a warped takeoff of the musical "Annie" (you know, Little Orphan Annie), given a Star Wars spin and renamed "Ani". The eponymous "Ani" song would have the same music as the famous "Annie" song, but of course the lyrics would be all about Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. Evil! (And stupid.)

2008-10-02 [Paul Doyle]: Yikes! This is more evil than that dated "Star Wars Musical" they had in Mad Magazine between the first two original movies.

2008-10-02 [Paul Doyle]: Jeez, they even have Luke wearing those stupid googles and hat from the deleted scenes with Treadwell and Biggs/Fixer/Camie . . . this will give me nightmares.

2008-10-03 [Doormat]: This gives me nightmares:



2008-10-03 [Lothuriel]: that's not a fish!! That's Uncle Ted!!<img:44166_1164145147.gif>

2008-10-03 [The Red Baron]: It's a newborn Hutt. Quick! Kill it and blame the eel.

2008-10-03 [Paul Doyle]: Either that, or (*looking at the lower right image*) Ziggy got run over by a steamroller and then broke out in a cold sweat.



2008-10-03 [jaraden]: looks likw me after a bath... har har

2008-10-03 [Dark Side of the Moon]: *lol!!!*

2008-10-03 [jaraden]: i don't know how someone got a hold of my picture... i think i look bretty good on it...

har har

2008-10-03 [Teufelsweib]: living jell-o O_o

2008-10-03 [jaraden]: yup, i try and take care of myself.. go to the gym, keep my face tidy.. i think that photo really captures my 'good' side...

har har...


2008-10-03 [Paul Doyle]: It looks like one of those really bizarre early-1970s kaiju Godzilla squared off against. (I'm thinking of "Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster" most of all, but I guess you could throw in Megalon or Gigan.)

"Godzilla vs. the Snot Monster!" 

2008-10-03 [Jeccabee]: My first though was Ziggy...but all flat and slimy! eeew!

I wonder what it looks like underwater!

2008-10-03 [Lothuriel]: Woah [jaraden] you're one hot piece of tail!!! Whoooo!!!

2008-10-03 [Jeccabee]: LOL

2008-10-03 [jaraden]: yes ladies.. i know you have instantly fallen in helpless love with me after seeing that flattering picture.. i promise i had no idea it would affect you all this way or had any sort of nefarious plans hatched ages ago to plant this picture so it would be put up here... now i know you ladies are as we speak fantasising about my gorgeous visage but please, try to adore me one at a time...

smooths slimmy forehead and flutters beedy eyes at you all

2008-10-03 [Mortified Penguin]: Squidward!

2008-10-04 [jaraden]: har har har.. are sayin i'm like a squid???


i love squids...

2008-10-04 [Paul Doyle]: Squidward is Bikini Bottom's version of that annoying kid who lived next door when you were growing up.

2008-10-04 [The Red Baron]: You mean the kid I tied up inside a toy car, set on fire, filled the cart with fireworks, sent him rolling down the hillside, watched the flaming vehicle collide with a tree, and then KA-BOOM?

I miss those good old days...

2008-10-04 [Kyrinn]: Actually Squidward reminds me of a few adults Ive met in the real world. :P And my husband works for Mr. Krabbs. 

2008-10-04 [Linn Scarlett]: Ew :p
I still wonder what the pile of snot actually is though >.>

2008-10-04 [jaraden]: har har... who does live in a pineapple under the sea????

we go from star wars to sponge bob...

we ARE such geeks!!!!

2008-10-04 [Kyrinn]: *shouts* SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!

I have to admit that Spongebob is pretty damn funny. Though some of the stuff with Mr Krabbs and his cheapness hits close to my husband's boss, so close its not funny sometimes. XD

2008-10-05 [jaraden]: i hear you there, i think everybody knows womebody close to them that resembles a character from sponge bob...

me i'd be gerry...

stupid yet lovable..

har har!!!

2008-10-05 [Paul Doyle]: OK, so you've played the Beatles' Abbey Road backwards in search of hidden, mystical (and possibly satanic?) lyrics. Then you tried the obvious ones, stuff like Iron Maiden and Ozzy and the ever-reliable Black Sabbath. Oh, and Hotel California by the Eagles.

And now, just for you, one of several Youtube versions of the SpongeBob theme song . . . played backwards, no less!

(There's a bunch of other ones, too.)

2008-10-05 [Linn Scarlett]: That is so true XD but Spongebob = funny :P

2008-10-05 [Kyrinn]: it sounded more like it was in german or something. :P

2008-10-05 [Linn Scarlett]: Yeah it does sound a bit like german *covers screen while typing this* its hilarious though :p
Did I hear a bit of the black mass in there? >:) evil people twisting songs backwards. Reminds me of the thing with the Harry Potter intro turned backwards and some christian dude claiming there were pieces of the black mass in it (and with the notes, you could indeed hear them O.o')

2008-10-05 [Paul Doyle]: I forget which Pink Floyd album it was, but allegedly there's a backwards message on a song that goes, "Congratulations, you found the secret message!"

2008-10-05 [Ariandra]: *stares in disbelief* [Acerbus] cheated! I'm sure of it. I have seen his supernatural geek powers first-hand!LOL XD 

2008-10-06 [SilverFire]: It's on The Wall, on the Track called Empty Spaces.

2008-10-06 [Linn Scarlett]: Oh I heard about that one too :P

2008-10-06 [Lothuriel]: the only song I've ever played backwards that actually said something creepy was the Smurfs Album a song called Pink toothbrush (or something like that) The lyrics were You're a pink toothbrush, I'm a blue toothbrush have we met somewhere before?

You're a pink toothbrush, I'm a blue toothbrush, I think we met by the bathroom door..."

The course, when played backward says "Hail King Satan"....

One day, I'll have to find a record player and record it, hillarious stuff!!!

2008-10-06 [The Red Baron]: So technically the Imperial March played backwards is infernal?

2008-10-07 [Jeccabee]: There are a couple songs I've heard backwards that dont sound evil...just funny. One is that annoying song Numa Numa by O'Zone. that's pretty funny backwards.

And the other is Sun King by the Beatles. It's on the Love album by Cirque du Sole.

2008-10-07 [jaraden]: good lord, i'm stayin outta that one...

2008-10-08 [The Red Baron]: Sole? Mmmmm sounds fishy yet at the same time rather yummy.

2008-10-08 [Jeccabee]: sorry...spelled that wrong. it's Soleil

2008-10-08 [The Red Baron]: Again, I deduced that.

Still I hate le soleil. I prefer la nuit. Ah!
Light of la luna!

2008-10-08 [Jeccabee]: but without le soleil there would be no light from la luna.

2008-10-08 [The Red Baron]: The sun must be KA-BOOMed by the Death Star!

2008-10-08 [Linn Scarlett]: Jeccabee is right, the moon's light is really the sun's light from the other side of the earth reflecting off of it. Or some such *adjusts Dorky Smurf glasses*

2008-10-08 [The Red Baron]: I know, fact of science, but still the sun must be destroyed by the Death Star.

2008-10-08 [Doormat]: Wouldn't the resulting supernova lolpwn the Death Star?

2008-10-08 [Jeccabee]: HA!

2008-10-09 [The Red Baron]: No.

2008-10-09 [Paul Doyle]: I remember wanting the Death Star to annihilate Soleil Moon Frye, back in the day.

2008-10-09 [The Red Baron]: I'm a being of conviction, so I still rest my case.

2008-10-09 [Jeccabee]: you wanted to blow up Punky? OMG! I used to watch that show all the time!

2008-10-09 [The Red Baron]: I like to watch things go up in flames. Fiiiiiiire!

2008-10-09 [Paul Doyle]: Hell, I was about 11-12 years old when that show came out. I still think that show's very annoying, but wow did she ever grow up!

2008-10-10 [Jeccabee]: I dont even remember how old I was...but being a girl I liked it! LOL not saying that all girls liked it, but it was geared more towards girls.

2008-10-10 [Paul Doyle]: At that age, nothing was cooler to me than stuff like, "The A-Team" and "The Dukes of Hazzard" which I initially watched for the car chases, car stunts and the relentless goofiness. Enos was like the funniest thing, ever. And then at some point i entered puberty, my hormones started surging like a supercell thunderstorm, and I thought more of things like, "Damn, why does that Daisy Duke always have to wear pantyhose over those amazing legs of hers?" Oh, and back then I also liked the VERY brief "Powers of Matthew Star", which was obscure, sublime geekiness.

I should also mention "Airwolf" before it moved to the USA Network and started sucking donkey balls, and of course "Miami Vice" and "The Cosby Show".

2008-10-10 [Kyrinn]: I lived on Knight Rider and Murder She Wrote. :P

2008-10-10 [Lothuriel]: I was a tv junkie then and still am. I watched them all, Knight Rider, Airwolf, Riptide, Simon and Simon, Magnum PI, The Golden Monkey (?), Murder She Wrote, Fantasy Island...Love name it, I probably watched it, lol!

2008-10-10 [Jeccabee]: honestly I dont remember a lot of the shows I watched...most of the poplular cartoons of the early 90's and of course Power Rangers! LOL I also watched a lot of TV Land...all those old shows from the 60's and 70's (Dick Van Dike Show, Mary Tyler Moore, I love Lucy, Get Smart...etc)

my mom is addicted to Murder She Wrote! LOL watches it every night on Lifetime.

2008-10-10 [Kyrinn]: Magnum PI!! Gods I love that one... And golden monkey? What the heck is that?? Power Rangers was only fun to watch with the sound turned down and a room full of hecklers adding in new dialogue though. I still live on MST3K as well, even years later. 

2008-10-10 [Paul Doyle]: "Tales of the Gold Monkey"---wasn't that the show that had Stephen Collins, between stints as "Decker" from the first Star Trek movie, and (much later) "7th Heaven"?

And may I be forever smited for not mentioning "Knight Rider". :P

2008-10-10 [Paul Doyle]: <img:>

2008-10-12 [~Valkyrie~]: Did anyone ever watch "Roughnecks: Starship Troopers"? And I don't mean the movies, those horrid things, stupid people killed off the best character, I mean the cartoon, that amazing, action-packed, CGI show for the "cool" geeks. That was the best.

2008-10-12 [The Red Baron]: No, but I have read the book.

2008-10-13 [Acerbus]: This GEEK wiki doesn't strike me as geeky enough without an acronym for the title...
How about EVO-GeWi???

2008-10-13 [Mom]: It's definitely Geeky enough now...look who finally showed up! heehee XP

2008-10-14 [Levoton]: I updated. ;p

2008-10-14 [Yuriona]: I totally LOVED the animated Roughnecks! XD Much better than the movies that's for sure. Now if they would just make that Halo movie I'd be in rapture! *sniffs*

2008-10-14 [~Valkyrie~]: Of COURSE it was better than the movies!! I don't see how they could make more after the first one, you can't have Roughnecks without Dizzy!! Gosh, that woman was great, I don't think I've ever looked up to a fictional character like I looked up to her. :p
Yah, my brother's waiting for that one too.

2008-10-15 [thisfleshatomb]: i'm bord i'm off to play zelda...

2008-10-15 [Jeccabee]: *hmms themes song to Zelda* I never played hte game but my friend had it as a ringtone a couple years stuck in my head. :P

2008-10-16 [Paul Doyle]: Two strains of severe geekiness:

(1.) Do you think you play too much World of Warcraft? Watch out for this basement dweller:

(2.) In this promotion for a Discovery Channel program, you drive any of three storm-chase vehicles (one of them looking like something from "Mad Max") searching for tornadoes, and then taking photos and dropping probes. Even the background music is exceedingly geeky. This had me briefly addicted:

2008-10-16 [Doormat]: World of Warcraft: Taking over McDouches in the obesity epidemic. :P

2008-10-16 [wicked fae mage]: Not entirely true. I know a few WoW fans who play so much that they're skinny since they forget to eat.

2008-10-16 [Paul Doyle]: I mean, have you ever watched storm-chaser videos (and not the "Twister" film) and observed the storm chasers themselves? some of them are just incredibly geeky. That being said, I've always wanted to go on a tornado chase, not as a "tagalong", but as part of the actual group. I nearly drove into a non-supercell "landspout"-type tornado in 1995, but that just isn't the same thing as what you find out on the Great Plains.

2008-10-16 [wicked fae mage]: I've only seen footage of tornadoes from the NEWS, and watching Twister.

Although as for Ghost Hunting, I'm the same way. I have to go at least once to a place where we can see some real activity.

2008-10-16 [stuffAEAmade]: I've lived in the Great Plains for 12 years now, and we've only been sent scurrying into the basement a few times. Only once have we had a storm that did damage, luckily nothing to the house. But that was Tornado Tuesday, 67 twisters in one day.

2008-10-16 [Doormat]: Mind you, I did forget to eat while playing D2. But I'm Asian too, so it may be because of the metabolism. 

This is why I don't play MMORPGs anymore. 

2008-10-16 [wicked fae mage]: I barely eat when I'm on an RPG kick, too, but that's because I'm a master of grinding and growling levels is my specialty.

And as for your metabolism, it's statistically proven that Asians are healthier than most other Ethnic backgrounds because they have serving sizes that best fit a healthy diet compared to super sizing everything.

2008-10-16 [Doormat]: I just ate a load of duck. Not exactly healthy ;). 

It may be because our diet is more balanced? 

I dunno, I'm not a nutritionist, but maybe someone here is...

2008-10-16 [wicked fae mage]: It's just that Americans will eat 12 ounces of meat for lunch and say another 5 ounces for dinner when 6 ounces is the recommended.

Generally, it's because of portion sizes that determine how many calories, so obviously, eating a half cup of rice is going to have less calories than 2 cups of rice.

Most people don't factor in things like that when they're eating. I'm just a bored geek with too much time on my hands.

But, perhaps on another note, somebody here has a tip for drawing vamping since it's irritating me ATM and I keep getting frustrated since I can't get it right.

2008-10-20 [Jeccabee]: America is the fattest country. Though some Europeans can pack in some food too.  But they arent nearly as bad and American's when it comes to fast food. Did you ever see Supersize Me? DISGUSTING! I dont eat nearly as much fast food anymore...and when I do, I try to get something with less calories.

2008-10-20 [Paul Doyle]: I find that if you have an ultra-huge burger, but skip the fries and have a diet soft drink, you're full for the rest of the day. All that protein in the burger keeps you going for a very long time. I'm not justifying eating fast food on an everyday basis, but if you're looking for nutritional energy/bang, skip the fries because it's just straight starch, fat and salt.

2008-10-20 [wicked fae mage]: I did see Supersize me, and it is horrible, but even two of my friends who worked at McDonalds said that ice cream is probably the healthiest thing you can order from McDonalds. Isn't that awful?

2008-10-20 [Lothuriel]: "[wicked fae mage]: It's just that Americans will eat 12 ounces of meat for lunch and say another 5 ounces for dinner when 6 ounces is the recommended."

Dude, I don't know what sources you are looking at but, I just can't buy that. I don't know ANYONE who eats that much meat in a day. Especially my family and circle of clients and friends.

2008-10-20 [Paul Doyle]: Yeah, that seems a bit off. I guess if you grow up on a Texas cattle ranch you might eat like that, but the rest of us probably go overboard on the salt/sugar/starch, more than we do meat. Have you seen the prices of meat lately?

2008-10-20 [Lothuriel]: Exactly!

2008-10-20 [Jeccabee]: I'm more of a starch nut. I LOVE potatoes. Mashed potatoes is my favorite food!

I've tried the burger with no fries thing (and no bun) when I was on the Atkins diet...that didnt work out to well. I gots to have my taters! LOL but I see how that could work.

Oh I heard a story about a guy who ate at least one Big Mac every day...and he kept the box it came in. He has all the boxes and recipts sorted by date. Obsessive much?

2008-10-20 [Paul Doyle]: Maybe he's that same guy who's got 36 WoW characters, or whatever that was :P

2008-10-21 [thisfleshatomb]: wait.... how is anyone a geek if the never played zelda?
especially...(the best one i think) ocarina of time...

2008-10-21 [Jeccabee]: I'm not a gamer...but I usued to have a Super Nintendo!

I'm a geek in other ways. :P

2008-10-21 [jaraden]: yeah, i loved that game, played it over and over, then re-played it when i came out for the game-cube... so yeah, i thought it was a brilliant game aswell!!!!

2008-10-21 [Doormat]: If the potato famine owned all those starch lovers in Ireland, the meat famine would cause the Zombie Apocalypse in North America. :P

2008-10-22 [Jeccabee]: speaking of zombies...I just saw Dawn of the Dead for the first time tonight. OMG so cheesy! LOL

2008-10-22 [Paul Doyle]: Speaking of cheesy . . .

LIVE!!! (I think this helps explain why they were a one-hit wonder . . .)

2008-10-22 [Vampire Akis]: If I take this test, it will probably be like -17,392824% geek >.<"
I'm too ashamed to take it!!!

2008-10-22 [Jeccabee]: oh go ahead....theres a lil geek in all of us!

2008-10-22 [Jeccabee]: wow...that's almost painful to watch it's so cheesy! LOL

2008-10-24 [jaraden]: WHAT?? did i hear someone say 'dawn of the dead' was cheesy????
must kill the interloper! DOTD was a classic, and therefor cannot be cheesy.. i could have been an extra in the remake.. evil women..grrrrr

2008-10-24 [Jeccabee]: Oh come on! You know it was cheesy. Now I dont mean like goofy cheesy, but the make up and acting were laughable. The whole group I was with joked about almost all of the scenes. It was great! The gore factor was a bit low too...which wasnt bad. Some gore I cant take...and I've seen some pretty gory movies.

2008-10-24 [Mordigen]: I did not like dawn of the dead, i thought it was pretty cheesy myself........BUT, let me tell you one thing that did totally creep me out.

In the credits -- they give a special thanks to the CDC for contributing footage.


I want to know -- What fucking footage???

that is a bit creepy.

2008-10-24 [Paul Doyle]: *found as I shake off a horrible case of art block*

Just in time for Halloween . . . perhaps one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time that you've most likely never heard of . . . playing a variation on "Star Wars" themes. This, while wearing a KFC container and a Michael Myers mask.


2008-10-25 [jaraden]: apparently for christmas i'm getting the Star Wars trivial persuit.. so guess who's gonna be flooding y'all with questions... har har


2008-10-25 [Mom]: I just had to share...<img200*0:stuff/sissyvader.jpg>

2008-10-25 [Kyrinn]: LOL @ [Mom] what the hell??

2008-10-26 [LinkTurrner]: Wow [Mom] thats well.....different

2008-10-26 [~Valkyrie~]: Umm, wow....
By the way, [jaraden], where have you been? I got Star Wars Trivial Pursuit last Christmas.
And I've won every game I've played....probably because Annie moved before we got it though. :p

2008-10-27 [Daring Silence]: Mom, Why did you show everyone my costume. THAT'S SO EMBARRASSING!

2008-10-27 [Jeccabee]: OMG that's hilarious [Mom]

2008-10-28 [Ylaraniala Majere]: Aw man, there's a Star Wars trivial pursuit and I don't have it yet?! *dies*

Mom, that's HILARIOUS!

2008-10-28 [Paul Doyle]: Oh, that Hello Kitty Vader would be at home in this clip:

2008-10-28 [jaraden]: dude, where have i been?? under a bleeding rock apparently! haven't you guys heard.. i'm the freaky bearded hermit living in the mountains....
and whoever defiled darth vader's costume like that should have their balls removed with a rusted spoon.. SACRALIGE!!!!!
i actually met darth vader.. so there!!!
storms back to his cave...

2008-10-28 [Jeccabee]: that clip is messed up! LOL

2008-10-28 [wicked fae mage]: i see i missed Darth Gayer...

2008-10-31 [jaraden]: is utterly horrified, i had nightmares ever since i first laid eyes on that atrosity!!!

2008-11-02 [wicked fae mage]: it's terrible...we should put up a pic of the Stewie Darth Vader to counter it

2008-11-02 [Jeccabee]: oh yeah Stewie Darth Vader was awesome!

2008-11-04 [jaraden]: yeah, whole heartedly agrees!!!! NOWS!

2008-11-04 [wicked fae mage]: <img:>
To counteract the cringing picture above^^

2008-11-04 [Jeccabee]: *giggles*

2008-11-04 [The Red Baron]: Uh-huh-huh huh-huh the mere mention of the name Stewart brings Beavis and Butt-head to mind...

Anyone fancy some couch fishing?

2008-11-04 [Jeccabee]: guh...I hated those guys. They were so abnoxious.

2008-11-04 [Doormat]: Daria, however...

2008-11-04 [ceridwen]: I love Daria.

2008-11-04 [Doormat]: I am currently attempting to "skillfully acquire" all the episodes.

2008-11-04 [Paul Doyle]: Diarrhea, cha-cha-cha!

2008-11-05 [The Red Baron]: I have already skillfully acquired all the episodes.

2008-11-05 [Jeccabee]: ooh I used to watch Daria all the time...I liked Jane...she was cool.
One of my favorite episodes was when Daria dressed up like Quinn in order to snap her out of her "beatnick" phase. LOL That was great!

2008-11-06 [The Red Baron]: This reminds me of the B and BH episode "Buttnicks"... heh-heh.

I am Cornholio! You have awakened my bunghole and now you will pay! Nyanyanyanya! The streets will run with the blood of the unbelievers! Heh-heh! Crappucino!

2008-11-08 [Kaeirdwyn]: OMG heaven help us...

2008-11-09 [wicked fae mage]: *nods in approval at the Stewie picture* Back to my addiction... *flips back over to WoW*

2008-11-10 [Anvikit]: Aww, I used to love all of Mtv's cartoons!

Mtv oddities.. Complete with all the twisted Mtv logos at every commercial.. I've tried to find The Head and The Maxx cartoons to no avail..

I have the aeon Flux series :D

2008-11-10 [Paul Doyle]: Something tells me there will never be a "Brothers Grunt" revival. Sort of like "Cop Rock", it deserves to remain buried in the past.

2008-11-10 [Rat Hacker]: Took the quiz a LONG time ago. Had to take it again. lol...

2008-11-10 [Jeccabee]: I miss when MTV was good! It sucks now...and they hardly play music anymore! :( Reality TV has killed MTV...and VH1.

2008-11-10 [Anvikit]: yeah, mtv bought out vh1 and it just went right down the tubes too.. then they came out with mtv2 to play music.. and it's gone from there too!!

2008-11-10 [wicked fae mage]: I'm not the only one who's noticed that MTV has yet to live up to its name? And MTV2? Heh, for a while I thought it was just me...

2008-11-11 [Jeccabee]: I never got aunt and uncle did with their direct TV, but I couldnt get it. Guess that's not a bad thing now. :P

2008-11-11 [wicked fae mage]: Deff not. It, as stated above, was supposed to play music where MTV failed to, but it was eventually and as far as I know, still is used for reality TV re-runs.

2008-11-11 [Jeccabee]: that's just sad! I mean...are people just not making music videos anymore...causing a shortage...thus needing to be filled with crappy reality tv re-runs? The only time I see music videos anymore are on those countdowns where they show like 30 seconds of the video then show a bunch of screaming kids in a studeo. *sigh*

2008-11-11 [wicked fae mage]: *sighs* I think we should petition the world of music to make more videos and a station that will only play music videos. Like we have no channel 1 as far as I know. That's potential there.

2008-11-11 [Jeccabee]: yeah...why is Ch 1 never used?

2008-11-11 [wicked fae mage]: I have honestly never figured that out yet...

2008-11-11 [Anvikit]: Yeah I always wonder.. when it comes time for the BIIIG MTV music awards show.. (That used to be cooler than shit back in the day) How the winners are decided.. seeing as most of the videos aren't even aired!! .. Not in entirety at least..

I usually go to youtube when looking for music videos now.. they are totally crappy usually..

They used to have insomniac theatre.. donno if they still do or not.. but sometimes in the wee hours of the AM music videos were actually played..

2008-11-11 [Anvikit]: It's kinda funny.. most of the channels seem to be narrowing their broadcasting like that..

I used to watch national geographic all the time.. but now I turn it on and all I get is the freaking Dog whisperer re-runs.. I mean seriously..

And Bravo.. which I though was like a movie channel is nothing but Reality Design contest shows..

the only channel I've seen starting to break out of it's monotony is the History channel.. formerly known as the WWII channel..

The only

2008-11-12 [wicked fae mage]: There was even a reality show on Cartoon network! It was like survivor for cousin was watching it and I was shocked.

I'll exclude Drawn together since it is fantastic^^

2008-11-12 [Paul Doyle]: All this talk about MTV gives me a little idea . . . it's going to be called Desert Island Discs, it'll be simple, and it will be fun. For those who don't know, the whole "Desert Island Discs" idea is: If you were ever stranded on a desert island and could only have a few CDs with you, which would they be---and why?

2008-11-12 [Jeccabee]: eh...I dont like questions like that...cause I can never narrow down anything. I dont really have specific favorites of any of my possessions, so trying to pic just one or two is very difficult...for me.

2008-11-12 [wicked fae mage]: we have everything for listening to them conveniently or are they for throwing against the ground in frustration...or fun...sometimes destroying horrible things can be fun...

2008-11-12 [Jeccabee]: this is true.

2008-11-12 [wicked fae mage]: I mean, I'd pick anything American Pop to smash it against things in frustration or pull a Futurama and shoot at them.

But I love rock and metal in for entertainment I'd go with System of a Down (any of the five albums) since I love all of their songs and feel better aboout being weird.

Slipknot (again any album)since I love Corey's voice.

Metallica since I have a weird desire to listen to Death Magnetic.

If there were a composed CD of Beethoven I'd listen to the three movements of Moonlight Sonata, Fur Elise, his fifth, his ninth and his unfinished symphony repetitively since they are soothing.

Rammstein's Rosenrot since I like my German metal for some reason.

Flogging Molly's Far From Home since I love Seven Deadly Sins.

Poison's Greatest hits from 86-96 since they're my facorite Poison songs anyway.

I think that'll keep my list limited so I don't feel the need to update this comment.

2008-11-12 [Jeccabee]: oooh I love Moonlight Sonata! It's one of my favorite classical pieces. And Fur Elise too...mostly cause my mom can play it on the piano. :)

2008-11-13 [wicked fae mage]: One of my best friends is like a musical master (since I'm music stupid, to me he is)...he plays Beethoven on keyboard, the saxophone a bit, guitar a bit, violin a bit, bass a bit, drums a bit, bagpipe a bit and a few other stringed instruments that I can't think of their names he gives me my love for different instruments.

I used to sleep to classical music since there was a station that picked up in my old bedroom with orchestras, sonatas and instrumentals. I can not find the station since my sister's mutt knocked the radio over...:(

2008-11-13 [Paul Doyle]: [wicked fae mage], the Desert Island Discs page is open if you'd like to list your albums there ;-)

2008-11-14 [~Valkyrie~]: Evanescence is good :)

2008-11-14 [Anvikit]: I only have one question.. who's bringing the batteries??

2008-11-14 [Paul Doyle]: Ask yourself: "What would MacGyver do?", or just assume there's some kind of perpetual solar-powered doohickey that keeps the equipment fully juiced.

2008-11-14 [wicked fae mage]: Or we can go back through the power of imagination.... Go get your puppets.

2008-11-14 [Paul Doyle]: Master of Puppets? :P

2008-11-14 [wicked fae mage]: I suppose since it's an awesome song :) But I was referencing an episode of ATHF.

2008-11-14 [Jeccabee]: <img:44166_1164145253.gif>

2008-11-16 [Acerbus]: BIG BANG THEORY!!!! Watch it!!!

2008-11-16 [wicked fae mage]: I love that show, although I have fallen behind a bit with teh episodes....

2008-11-17 [Jeccabee]: OOh I've seen a couple episodes of it. I like it, but I can never remember when it comes on.

2008-11-18 [jaraden]: i love that show too... and i too have fallen behind in the episodes.. they seem to show them randomly over here..

must re-do test so i can shower you all in my geekyiness!!!

har har *snort*

2008-11-26 [Paul Doyle]:

A treasure trove of vintage geekiness for those of you who get bored over the holidays.

2008-11-26 [The Red Baron]: Why does the penguin on the geek wiki have a Lebanese flag painted on it?

2008-11-26 [Jeccabee]: WHA?

2008-11-26 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Where's a penguin?

2008-11-26 [The Red Baron]: Up yours! Heh-heh!

Anyway, on the top of the page below the main title.

2008-11-26 [Dark Side of the Moon]: I...still see no penguin... ?? But if you say there is, then by golly there is. 

2008-11-27 [Jeccabee]: I think [The Red Baron] is seeing things...<img:stuff/m-jpg.gif>

2008-11-27 [The Red Baron]: Comes with the geekiness.

Actually it's also on the header of the ET icons on top, and it's been appearing on almost all the websites I open.

My deduction is that it's a Lebanese thing, got to do with the IPs or something...

2008-11-28 [Paul Doyle]: It doesn't look at all like the mascot from old Fleetwood Mac albums.

2008-11-30 [The Red Baron]: I should cut down on the glitterstim.

Nice swirly colours and double vision......

2008-12-01 [Paul Doyle]: That sounds like something said by hippies of the future. "Check out all the groovy colors, mannnn"

2008-12-01 [Dark Side of the Moon]: I think the penguins on the old Fleetwood Mac albums were pretty groovy. Does anyone still say "groovy"? I do. *hangs head in shame*

2008-12-01 [The Red Baron]: Skin those penguins alive, impale them, then use their pelts for shoes, wallets, coats, and bags.

2008-12-01 [Jeccabee]: my graphic design professor said "groovy cool" all the time! We used to make fun of him for it. *sigh* At least it's not "cool beans!" OMG I hate that one. My mom says it.

2008-12-01 [The Red Baron]: Thank God I'm the type that rarely praises anything; it's mostly indifference, derision, and/or sarcasm on my part concerning almost everything in (real) life.

2008-12-01 [Mom]: I says cool beans...=\

2008-12-01 [The Red Baron]: I am feeling a sarcasmic rush at the moment....

2008-12-01 [Jeccabee]: I think "cool beans" got ruined for me when my algebra teacher in high school said it ALL THE TIME! It got annoying, so I just stopped liking it.

dont worry [Mom] I wont have a fit if you say it in conversation.

2008-12-07 [The Red Baron]: I tend to say "Thundering Tankdroids!" or "Rolling Droidekas!" whenever something weird is afoot.

2008-12-08 [Dark Side of the Moon]: gah-ROO-vay...!

2008-12-08 [Jeccabee]: *giggles*

2009-01-06 [Kaeirdwyn]: I must admit I have said cool beans a lot... not lately, but as recently as last year...

I think my newer phrasing is something quite mudane... like Freakin' cool. Lately inspiration to be different, abherent or interesting is just not there.:(

2009-01-10 [Jeccabee]: I tend to say wicked a lot...or sweet. I dont know why. I say sweet mostly when texting...or cool.

my best friend says "nods" (meaning that she is nodding in agreement. She's had to explain that to a lot of people. :P

2009-01-11 [*Phoenix*]: SWEET!! I love this test!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to send the link to some of my friends!!!

2009-01-23 [Dark Side of the Moon]: I'm still mad that I haven't live up to the standards of geekiness that I aspired to in high school. If only I'd gone on to university and become a nuclear physicist... *sighs*

2009-03-25 [jaraden]: just redid the test... is utra chuffed at the results!!!! ranked..... wait for it....40.43393% - Major Geek!!!!!!!!! how's them apples!!!!!!!!! WHA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! *snorts*

2009-07-11 [elfprincess021]: haha funny test

2010-02-07 [Kaimee]: I got geekier apparently >.>

2010-10-18 [July 47]: on the 3.1 test i scored 47.53452%

2010-12-23 [I'm her Georgia *Peach!*]: 37.45387%, yeahhhh

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