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good review of ZT computer by Chad Hatten review

Review of the ZT brand desktop computer by Chad Hatten

Seemed to good to be true

I recently had a desktop crash, and needed to replace my computer. As I was shopping, one brand was consistently lower than everyone else and that was the ZT branded computer.

I was skeptical because the price was lower than other brand names by to much. For example, Dell sells a computer with 4GB of memory and a 1 TB hard drive for $700.00, which is competitive. HP sells a computer with the same specs for $725.00.

Yet Zt systems was selling a desktop with 16GB of memory and a two TB hard drive for only $599.00. This seemed WAY to good to be true, yet was being sold through walmart for only $599.00.

I should mention that this ZT 599 model had 16GB of memory installed and is expandable to 32GB of memory.
1.Memory is very inexpensive and can be added for as little as $150.00 for 16GB. If one were to immediately add 16Gb of memory for $150.00, you would have a computer with 32GB of memory that cost a total of $750.00, $599.00 for the computer, and $150.00 for the additional 16GB of memory.

A computer with 32GB already loaded was selling for a range of $1,800.00 to $2,900.00 , at the time I purchased my ZT. And those with 16 GB loaded were selling for $1,500.00 at the lowest.

I had to try the ZT at only $599.00 for 16 GB of memory and a two TB hard drive. After owning the computer for only 30 days, I have to give a good review for the following reasons.

a. Speed. With 16GB loaded, the ZT exceeds even the most high end game spped requirements. Surfing the internet is lightning quick.

b. value. At $599.00 the ZT was less than half the price of a similarly loaded Dell.

Admiitedly, the graphics card loaded on the system is lower quality, nut one can add that for $100.00, and have an ultra fast computer . Overall, I'd give the ZT a 9 of 10 star rating.

/ [gary quintinsky gary quintinsky]

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