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2004-07-21 17:10:51
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This is a wiki for fans of the film Gothika, so feel free to write whatever you like on it


You're not alone
hear to dry your tears (shamless advertising :P)
but it's ok... :)

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2004-07-21 [gek]: ow... really?? I didn't know that... so why are you so sad about that then?

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: i'm not sad about it i'm sad 'cause my 6th sense is well to feel what people feel in there heart in other words i can feel other peoples emotions

2004-07-21 [gek]: ow... feelings of whom? (sorry that I ask so much questions)

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: its all right, the ones that i love meaning friends family and sometimes others

2004-07-21 [gek]: ow... well that must be very difficult for you to handle with... :(

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: yeah sometimes it is if people are happy well um i'm just the happiest person on earth but you know what i'm hyper some how yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

2004-07-21 [gek]: hmmmmm :P that can be fun... :P or not...

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: it can most the time i think

2004-07-21 [gek]: :D good... :D

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: yeah i guess it

2004-07-21 [gek]: hope you'll feel much better very soon!

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: me too i feel paranoid and like people are touching me when there not

2004-07-21 [gek]: :( aaaah that's really not fun

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: no its not i think i'm mentaly disabled but not like that one way

2004-07-21 [gek]: uhm? I don't really understand what you're trying to say... :(

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: neither do i

2004-07-22 [gek]: ow... well okay...

2004-07-23 [I Heart Jason]: yahhhhhhhhhhhhh happy happy how are you

2004-07-23 [gek]: I'm ok... what about you?

2004-07-28 [I Heart Jason]: sad damn it

2004-07-28 [gek]: :( aaah, :( I'm tired... :(

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