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2004-07-21 17:10:51
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This is a wiki for fans of the film Gothika, so feel free to write whatever you like on it


You're not alone
hear to dry your tears (shamless advertising :P)
but it's ok... :)

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2004-07-04 [amgone]: ohoh.... ..... ..... ...... stupid... ... ... ... ... .. .. .. . . .

2004-07-04 [gek]: yeah I agree, too lazy toooooooooooooow :D

2004-07-07 [Pale-Suzie]: in case you mean gothika the movie, i totally agree. it's an upper cool movie. ^_^

2004-07-07 [gek]: haha, mee tooo :D and we meant the movie :D

2004-07-11 [amgone]: Oo it's whit a k... :(

2004-07-11 [gek]: ...........NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!.........:)

2004-07-11 [Evil Faerie Feline]: the page owner can change it

2004-07-11 [Evil Faerie Feline]: btw i started to make it for you

2004-07-11 [gek]: :D:D:D yeah :D:D:D THANKU :D:D:D

2004-07-11 [gek]: so Should I change it?... or isn't that possible?

2004-07-11 [gek]: but that page is allready taken by somebody else :(

2004-07-11 [amgone]: :( yeah...:(

2004-07-11 [Evil Faerie Feline]: o well

2004-07-11 [gek]: yeah, it's really much better! :D

2004-07-11 [4gauged]: gothica sucked

2004-07-11 [gek]: NOOOOOOOO IT DIDN"T!

2004-07-11 [Evil Faerie Feline]: dont argue, just delete the comment

2004-07-12 [gek]: yeah, well ...

2004-07-12 [amgone]: I did...:)

2004-07-13 [gek]: *-)

2004-07-16 [Evil Faerie Feline]: here comes some shameless advertizing

X vs.Y

2004-07-16 [gek]: even more.... shame on you!

2004-07-16 [amgone]: Well Who Cares... I will advertise this wiki Too :D *evil smile*

2004-07-16 [gek]: :D owkay, what's the plan???

2004-07-16 [I Heart Jason]: hi

2004-07-16 [gek]: heyhey... :D

2004-07-16 [gek]: so how're u?

2004-07-16 [I Heart Jason]: i'm happy happy i think

2004-07-16 [gek]: haha, good... :D where do YOU live then?

2004-07-16 [I Heart Jason]: washington a horrible place but cute people

2004-07-16 [gek]: owh.... seems to me to be a nice place, here's nothing to do, I live in the middle of NOWHERE... :(

2004-07-16 [I Heart Jason]: same here

2004-07-16 [gek]: really? can't imagine... somewhere more boring than here that doesn't exist

2004-07-16 [I Heart Jason]: well if you have no friends around were you live it kinda is boring

2004-07-16 [gek]: ow well I have friends here, A lot of them are away on the moment... :( Well my best friend who used to be my best friend isn't my best friend anymore, this year we had a fight... but it's long ago now... so I dont care anymore but I do have friends here... I'm just bored because they're gone taking holidays somewhere where i'm not... know what Im ean? probably not

2004-07-16 [I Heart Jason]: yeah i do

2004-07-16 [gek]: :D how can you ever understand what I mean, I hardly understand it myself :$ :P but I'm happy you can understand it... :)

2004-07-16 [I Heart Jason]: yup i understand most things only because i might have been in that position before

2004-07-16 [gek]: what happened?

2004-07-16 [I Heart Jason]: it was a long long time ago that i can barely remember it sorry

2004-07-17 [gek]: ow... well it doesn't matter... :)

2004-07-17 [amgone]: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiey

2004-07-17 [Evil Faerie Feline]: well hello

2004-07-17 [gek]: haay!!!!!!


2004-07-17 [Evil Faerie Feline]: wow wat?

2004-07-17 [amgone]: ow woow nothing, it's my mood :D well it was something, but it ain't very interesting, so let go

2004-07-17 [Evil Faerie Feline]: ok

2004-07-17 [amgone]: how're your wiki's going lately?

2004-07-17 [Evil Faerie Feline]: well my new 1 isn't, but the others are doin well

2004-07-17 [amgone]: good :D for you

2004-07-17 [Evil Faerie Feline]: yeah, but go 2 X vs.Y coz theres no1 there :(

2004-07-18 [gek]: okay...

2004-07-18 [amgone]: what's the point of the wiki? x vs. y?

2004-07-18 [I Heart Jason]: don't know hi people

2004-07-19 [dendrite.]: that movie scared the shit outta me o.o

2004-07-19 [Evil Faerie Feline]: really y?

2004-07-19 [gek]: haaay, yeah! it's a gooooood movie!

2004-07-19 [dendrite.]: just the parts where it gets real quiet and then BOOM they scare u!!

2004-07-19 [gek]: Yeah!!!, that's one of the parts that I like about the movie :P

2004-07-19 [dendrite.]: ehehe i love scary movies their the best their should be a hmm horror wiki or suffin lol

2004-07-19 [gek]: :D haha, you could start it... :P

2004-07-19 [dendrite.]: "we" could start one o.o

2004-07-19 [gek]: we could... :P haha 'we' hahahahah :P .... don't know you say..?

2004-07-19 [dendrite.]: lol

2004-07-19 [gek]: kind a :P

2004-07-19 [I Heart Jason]: hi

2004-07-19 [gek]: heyhey!!!!!!

2004-07-19 [dendrite.]: hewwos

2004-07-19 [I Heart Jason]: hi how are you

2004-07-19 [dendrite.]: im fine and urself :)

2004-07-19 [gek]: I'm fine toooooo :D only burned by the sun, but I'm getting used to the feeling... :D:D:D

2004-07-19 [dendrite.]: ehh *blinks*

2004-07-19 [amgone]: why're u blinking? what is blinking?

2004-07-19 [I Heart Jason]: yahhhhhhhhhhhh i'm hyper sorry about the sun burn

2004-07-19 [gek]: ow... well it's okay... I'm good :D stupid sun! but who cares! :D I love the sun actually, but now at the moment not... :)

2004-07-19 [I Heart Jason]: i don't like the sun most the time

2004-07-19 [gek]: Why not?

2004-07-19 [I Heart Jason]: because it can make me tired a lot of the time

2004-07-19 [gek]: ow... that's a pretty good reason yeah!

2004-07-19 [I Heart Jason]: yeah it does so i don't go out a lot unless its night

2004-07-20 [gek]: ow... that's not much fun...:(

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: no not really unless your with your friends

2004-07-21 [gek]: and you?

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: what do you mean

2004-07-21 [gek]: are you with or without your friends?

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: well i'm not with them now

2004-07-21 [gek]: ow... no me neither... :)

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: so how are you

2004-07-21 [gek]: I'm kind a okay, not much going on here, what about you?

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: sad but i think i'm getting better not sure

2004-07-21 [gek]: you're getting better, what's exactly wrong with you then? what happened?

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: you know how people have 5 sense's i have 6

2004-07-21 [gek]: ow... really?? I didn't know that... so why are you so sad about that then?

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: i'm not sad about it i'm sad 'cause my 6th sense is well to feel what people feel in there heart in other words i can feel other peoples emotions

2004-07-21 [gek]: ow... feelings of whom? (sorry that I ask so much questions)

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: its all right, the ones that i love meaning friends family and sometimes others

2004-07-21 [gek]: ow... well that must be very difficult for you to handle with... :(

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: yeah sometimes it is if people are happy well um i'm just the happiest person on earth but you know what i'm hyper some how yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

2004-07-21 [gek]: hmmmmm :P that can be fun... :P or not...

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: it can most the time i think

2004-07-21 [gek]: :D good... :D

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: yeah i guess it

2004-07-21 [gek]: hope you'll feel much better very soon!

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: me too i feel paranoid and like people are touching me when there not

2004-07-21 [gek]: :( aaaah that's really not fun

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: no its not i think i'm mentaly disabled but not like that one way

2004-07-21 [gek]: uhm? I don't really understand what you're trying to say... :(

2004-07-21 [I Heart Jason]: neither do i

2004-07-22 [gek]: ow... well okay...

2004-07-23 [I Heart Jason]: yahhhhhhhhhhhhh happy happy how are you

2004-07-23 [gek]: I'm ok... what about you?

2004-07-28 [I Heart Jason]: sad damn it

2004-07-28 [gek]: :( aaah, :( I'm tired... :(

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