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2004-07-21 17:10:51
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This is a wiki for fans of the film Gothika, so feel free to write whatever you like on it


You're not alone
hear to dry your tears (shamless advertising :P)
but it's ok... :)

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2004-07-18 [amgone]: what's the point of the wiki? x vs. y?

2004-07-18 [I Heart Jason]: don't know hi people

2004-07-19 [dendrite.]: that movie scared the shit outta me o.o

2004-07-19 [Evil Faerie Feline]: really y?

2004-07-19 [gek]: haaay, yeah! it's a gooooood movie!

2004-07-19 [dendrite.]: just the parts where it gets real quiet and then BOOM they scare u!!

2004-07-19 [gek]: Yeah!!!, that's one of the parts that I like about the movie :P

2004-07-19 [dendrite.]: ehehe i love scary movies their the best their should be a hmm horror wiki or suffin lol

2004-07-19 [gek]: :D haha, you could start it... :P

2004-07-19 [dendrite.]: "we" could start one o.o

2004-07-19 [gek]: we could... :P haha 'we' hahahahah :P .... don't know you say..?

2004-07-19 [dendrite.]: lol

2004-07-19 [gek]: kind a :P

2004-07-19 [I Heart Jason]: hi

2004-07-19 [gek]: heyhey!!!!!!

2004-07-19 [dendrite.]: hewwos

2004-07-19 [I Heart Jason]: hi how are you

2004-07-19 [dendrite.]: im fine and urself :)

2004-07-19 [gek]: I'm fine toooooo :D only burned by the sun, but I'm getting used to the feeling... :D:D:D

2004-07-19 [dendrite.]: ehh *blinks*

2004-07-19 [amgone]: why're u blinking? what is blinking?

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