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Please place your entries here. Be sure to check that your entry fits the rules of the Elftown Haiku Contest and follows the theme: Time.

"Time, Our Teacher"

Time is eternal,
And it is time that heals wounds.
Teach us better, time.

Written by: [wicked fae mage]


Pure,dawning beauty
All times glory, concealed
Glides by dreamily

Written by: [9jlriexqk,ktpk]


You promised me love,
eternal, and always true.
Does this promise stand?

Written by: [Akayume]

Who can withstand it?
Is it possible to use?
It is time endless.

Written by: [July 47]


Flower blooms in Spring,
True is The Hero Hearted,
Time will not stand still...

Written by: [NorthStorm]


Run, jump, pick stuff up.
you run almost out of time.
too late, game over.

Written by: [nehirwen]


Time is all we have,
Yet never enough of it,
Bring it back to me.

Written by: [Flisky]

"The Passage Of Saturn"

Time, it's aloof pose,
Steals the beauty of the rose,
All is transient.

Writtenby [ScottJo]

"A Moment Passes"

The passage of time:
Leaves drifting, ephemeral.
Autumn’s golden rays.

Written by: [Aradon Templar]

"But where does it pass to?"

Future becomes past.
An instantaneous change.
Where is the present?

Written by: [SilverFire]

"Tick Tock"

Tick Tock, so it goes.
It's the ever flowing Time,
Try to hold on now!

Written by: [ZeoOfFire]

"Time Whore"

Time whore cometh. Lo!
She has altered the timeline!
You are not my dad!

Written by: [NOOOPE] (inspired by [Sunrose])

"Visions of Sand"

If your eyes are blind
Can you see the sands of time
Or just feel its weight

Written by: [pegasus1000]

"Loyalty is the Traitor of Time"

Time does not keep friends;
a 15-year friendship can
end in three minutes.

Written by: [Leb]

"It's Taking Longer Than I Thought It Would"

Time goes by slowly,
Slower still with a broken
Heart. I wait for you.

Written by [Nioniel]


-Elftown Haiku Contest

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2010-11-19 [wicked fae mage]: Message me with it or link me to it :)

2010-11-19 [SilverFire]: Or just post it here, and we can all help. :P

2010-11-19 [wicked fae mage]: Naturally, but I couldn't speak for everybody else's willingness or reluctance. :3

2010-11-19 [SilverFire]: Well, posting it here doesn't force other people to respond. X)

2010-11-20 [Alexi Ice]: Thank you both! *Hugs Fae then eye's Silver* Would you kill me if I hugged you?

- Like I said, I think it's five, seven and four. (Needs to find random syllable to the end of line three...>>)

2010-11-20 [wicked fae mage]: No, I like hugs. *hugs*


2010-11-20 [SilverFire]: Fae's count is right. All the words you've picked are 1 syllable, which is kind of impressive. :P
You could shift it around a bit,

'When the clock does dare (5)
to mock - tick, tock, tick, tock, (6, so you'd need 1 more)'
Then you'd have a whole 'nother line to play with. :O

2010-11-20 [Alexi Ice]: KK! I can totally do this! Thank you for your time!

2010-11-20 [Alexi Ice]:

Did I get the count right this time...>> *failing all over the place*

2010-11-20 [SilverFire]: First line is 5, not 4, (which is good, that's what it's supposed to be), but the last line is 7 syllables - bo.dy, soul.less are both 2 syllables.

2010-11-20 [wicked fae mage]: I don't know how to explain syllables...strange as it is.

2010-11-20 [Flisky]: Uh...the first line is 6...(I have no idea how you all count syllables, but six different one syllable words is 6 syllables...)

The last line is 7 syllables...Maybe take out body and change my to me?

2010-11-20 [SilverFire]: Yeah, I just counted five words. <_<

2010-11-21 [Alexi Ice]: Is the first line five or six? (confused)

2010-11-21 [SilverFire]: 6. You've got 6 words. No word is less than one syllable.

2010-11-21 [Alexi Ice]: Ah ~ (Thinking about just giving up)

2010-11-21 [wicked fae mage]: Dictionaries break words into syllables, too, if you don't want to wait for use to respond to a comment

2010-11-23 [NorthStorm]: Umm... Nioniel.. cool name; but that's definitely not a haiku.

2010-11-23 [Thunder Cid]: Yeah it looks like it 5,8,4. All you need to do is drop a syllable in the second line and add one in the third.

2010-11-24 [NorthStorm]: Better, kinda

2011-01-12 [Akayume]: Pretty good turn-out for this contest! (:

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