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hanhepi's kids

pics of the kids, with their mohawks.

My eldest, Shawn

Shawn again

my youngest, Thomas

Thomas again

Bella, "the good kid"

Bella and Randy, he's 6'1" and she isnt stretched as high as she usually does, just so you have a sence of scale. she's a big dog.

Shawn and Momma Kitty. yeah, the mohawk is gone. it was growing out anyway, so we had it cut for Randy's brother's wedding. (so that the bride's wedding photos would look good.)

Thomas being goofy. yeah, his mohawk is gone too. :(

Spankey, son of Momma Kitty. an awesome cat, acts more like a dog than a cat. poor guy is getting old... he's missing one of his bottom canine teeth now. lost it in a fight. my favorite cat ever.

my baby. i still need to name it.. right now we just call it "the linc".

mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh. 4.6 same as the mustang cobras got that year... oh yeah, there's potential there.

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2009-03-09 [Lothuriel]: Well, Paul not to make a mountain out of a mole-hill but, nothing you said was remotely funny to me. Realize that is is very hard for people who live in mobile homes to escape that "trailer trash" image. Especially people in my part of the country. I find the jokes very offensive. It's like calling a fat person, "thunder thighs" and expecting them to laugh

2009-03-09 [Paul Doyle]: You overreacted, um, slightly.

Anyway, Han, how did other people react to their mohawks? When I was growing up my older brother decided to go for a very 1980s kind of "rebellious" hairdo. Basically it was a minor trim on top, but the sideburns plus two inches of scalp hair above the ears were shaved clean. My father, who was finishing a 20-year Navy career and was (and still is!) very conservative, freaked out and made my brother go back to the barber shop and grounded him for the better part of a month (if memory serves me right). My brother returned home, completely bald and pissed off. Nowadays that kind of hair is no big deal, just kind of dated and dorky looking.

2009-03-09 [Lothuriel]: Why are you still talking to me?

2009-03-09 [Easterling]: My friend's little boy, that is only seven months old, has got a natural little mohawk. It's so cute. :)

2009-03-09 [Paul Doyle]: Awwww! I hope there's plenty of photos of the baby 'hawk, because you know that won't last too much longer as more hair starts growing in.

2009-03-09 [Easterling]: I think there is. It's their first baby, so I image the camera goes warm over there.. xD

2009-03-10 [Diiwica]: awe so cute

2009-03-10 [hanhepi]: we get a lot of grins in the grocery stores and places. and sometimes people will ask where we had it done. a few young people (early teens) have actally asked their parrents in front of us "oh, mom! can i?" but i've never heard a parent say "yeah! lets do it when we're done here". basically, the parents think its cute on my kids, but wouldn't let their own do it. lol.

that baby sounds cute!

2009-03-10 [Easterling]: He's awesome. :D

2009-03-11 [Paul Doyle]: How much hair gel does it take to keep the mohawks up in the hair?

2009-03-11 [hanhepi]: not any. just a few good sprays with good aerosol hairspray, to each side of it. :)

2009-04-10 [Paul Doyle]: Aw, doogie needs a 'hawk. :P

2009-04-10 [Lothuriel]: now that would be funny.

2009-04-10 [hanhepi]: hahaha! now there's an idea!

2009-05-03 [hanhepi]: new pics. :)

2009-08-03 [†Sweets†]: lol nice!

2014-08-17 [Sunrose]: So outdated..!!

2014-08-17 [hanhepi]: Holy crap, yeah it is. All of the cats pictured here are dead. :( And the kids are at least a foot taller.

2014-08-17 [Viking]: Even Randy?

2014-08-17 [hanhepi]: No, he's main;y gained a foot in girth.

2014-08-18 [Sunrose]: Poor cats :((

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