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Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales Review


Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales Translated by Naomi Lewis

Genre: Fairy Tales

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1-The Princess and the Pea
This story is about a prince wanting a "real" princess to marry. To test to see if their visitor is a real princess, the queen puts a pea beneath all the princess' mattresses...

I had read this one a long, long time ago when I was really little. The one I read was longer a bit different. (It was probably an adaptation.) I liked this one. It was a cute story. :) Really short though.

A cute story about a small girl, smaller than a thumb, that travels around the forest.

I kinda liked it, but I didn't like how Thumbelina "wept" all the time. It was sad for a kids fairy tale. The ending was sweet, and I loved it; but getting there was sad and annoying.

3-The Emperor’s New Clothes
The Emperor and everyone gets fooled, but a little child doesn't.

I kinda remember this story from a long time ago. It's a funny one. ^_^

4-The Little Mermaid
A mermaid longs for a life on land. She gets it, but with a curse...

AH! The whole reason I bought this book! It was really good. I enjoyed it a lot. The Disney version followed the beginning, but the middle and the ending are different. I definitely enjoyed it.

5-The Steadfast Tin Soldier

This story was just kinda "eh" for me...

6-The Nightingale
The song of the nightingale is so great, word travels all over the world. The Emperor of China, where the bird lives, doesn't even know of it, so he sends for people to find the bird so he can hear its wonderful song. But things so wrong for the bird....

I liked this one. It was a little longer, but a good story.

7-The Ugly Duckling
Poor ugly duckling. His story goes from being scored to being the best. "It doesn't matter if you are born in a duckyard, so long as you come from a swan's egg."

Kawaii! (Cute!) I liked how this story had sound affects, like "Quack, quack." It was kinda cool. It just goes to prove that people who are like you will accept you. You can't fit yourself into a mold. It just doesn't work. It was a very encouraging story.

8-The Snow Queen
This story is separated into 7 parts and is one of Hans longer fairy tales.

This was a great tale! Full of lovable characters, and it has a deeper meaning to the story. I liked it!

9-The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep
A story about love and china dolls. And a shepherdess and a chimney sweep.

Cute, but kinda "eh" for my likes.

10-The Happy Family
A tale about snails.
(Hey, that rhymes and I'm going to leave it at that.)

So cute!! I loved it! It was also quite humorous, too. The snails wanted to be "cooked and laid on a silver plate," but they had no idea what that meant. Very cute.

11-The Goblin and the Grocer’s

This one again was kinda "eh."

12-Dance, Dolly, Dance

This was really short, but nice and sweet.

All around a good book that inspired me.

/ [*Phoenix*]

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2010-07-19 [another brick in the wall]: The Snow Queen is my absolute favorite fairy tale. I'm very excited to see a review for it.^^

2010-07-20 [*Phoenix*]: Ooooh, Really? I'm almost there so it should be up soon. :]

Some of these fairy tales have taken me by surprise. They seem a little dark for being made for kids, but it could be that I grew up on Disney movies. ^^

2010-07-20 [another brick in the wall]: I know what you mean. But when you look at the life of Hans Christian, you can certainly see how he couldn't help keep from sewing those dark scenes in subconsciously. I really find all that gloom incredibly poetic and powerful.

2010-07-21 [*Phoenix*]: True. I only know a little about him, but I could see how subconsciously that could happen. It does give its way to clever stories. They may be a little gloomy, but are clever--very clever. Although, it makes for a different kind of fairy tales. (Not all 'fairy tales' could be for really young children.^_-) I kinda like it. I can't wait to finish reading the book.

2010-11-27 [SilverFire]: Are you happy with Herald editors editing this page, or do you want to move it to a separate page?

2010-12-03 [*Phoenix*]: I'll move it.

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