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hawthorne's WIP CRITIQUE

WIP = work in progress - I need feed back!
will put art up here for artist critiques when I have it to show
Ill always put up the newest update here
so you are encouraged to watch this page

Tsuki Bound!
it a running gag for years now
about what sort of bait should be used
to draw them to the trap and such

newest WIP stuff!

Sidekick name: The Bright Idea (muse as sidekick)
Strength: 2 physically 10 mentally
Superpower: Generates Inspiration Motivation and A General Lack of Attention to Common Sense Time or Mundane Obligations
Day Job: Unknown... where she disappears to Unknown
Background: Unknown... maybe created from leftovers at the begining of time itself
Hero She Works For: Alot! she is a real scamp and gets arould to many artists mothers
and anyone else who has ever spoken the words, "Another fine mess You've gotten me into!"
Yup every hero needs someone who gets him into trouble...

I had a great idea for the Valentine Art Competition

too bad I CANT enter it
it be me and Aodh together kissing
me as a photo... in other words real life...
and Aodh as a digital painting...

the theme is Forbidden Love

Forbidden b/c
1... we exist in two separate mediums...
and 2... b/c he is my alter ego...

I CANT enter it b/c...


Since the winners will be featured on Mainstreet, images that depict graphic violence, pornography or other disturbing actions will not be accepted. Only images that fit the theme will be allowed.

All mediums, except photography (and/or manipulations) and animated GIF's, will be accepted.

I love the idea of real world meets painted world..
me and Aodh meeting... and the reasons why its forbidden...

but ET doesnt


going to use this painting
of C'serio © Lanisaz [will be replaced by me]
and Aodh & art © moira hawthorne.
here is the photo-reference I used
<img0*300:stuff/WIP%20CA%20colour%2014.jpg> * <img0*300:stuff/P1280023.JPG> * <img0*300:stuff/forbidden%20Val%20wip1.png>
this still needs alot of work...
or I may get a better... in proportion photo taken

ok new photo of me... with better proportions to match Aodh
plus the colours are better
and you can see I decided to fade Aodh abit... as if he is more imaginary than real
got to fill in parts of Aodh's body that have/had C'serio

Im entered in the ET Dark Arts Competition
in the art category ET Dark Arts entries

I reworked a painting of mine... its an old fav... but I never did think it was quite finished... what you think?

<img0*200:stuff/twin%20captive%20moon.jpg> * <img0*200:stuff/twin%20captive%20moon%20dark%20art.png> * <img0*200:stuff/twin%20captive%20skull%20moon%20dark%20art.png>

added another skull
im not sure if its done now...
im tempted to add flames but that might be to much ..what you say?
I think I likes!

'Fate's Dark Balance'

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2009-01-29 [Rebulous]: I didn't realise photo/art combos were disregarded here. :-(

Enter it anyway. Rebellion can bring about change. If you are rejected or the council accuses you of "drama" again, you won't be alone. Raven will be right behind you! :-D (me too, btw).

2009-01-29 [moira hawthorne]: nah Im not interested in causing a rebellion... Ive tried before and all its done is get me sick

Aodh got kicked out of the faery contest... for not being a tyipical faery... EVEN WHEN I WAS FOLLOWING THE RULES!!!

2009-01-30 [jaraden]: i supose that's politics for you, it seems to find it's way into the very cracks of everything i suppose.

my sugestion is to keep your head down moira, that's what i do...

and on that note, i love the image your working on!!! the poses are lovely and even though it's sickeningly sweet i love the edgyness of your lines and the colours you've used!! lovin it kid!!

2009-01-30 [moira hawthorne]: yah...
wherever 3 or more of you gather ...there also shall I be - politics

matching a photo to a painting is harder than it looks/I first thought
and my photographer/hubby went to bed at 8pm last night... before our son even

2009-01-30 [jaraden]: i hear that kid, i was exausted last night, must be catching...

i would even know how to go about melding an image to a photo, but you pulled it off brilliantly!!! great refference and even better finished product kid!!!!!!!!!

2009-01-30 [moira hawthorne]: Ive been exhausted all week... BEEN SICK WITH A CHEST COLD
I suppose it would easier if I just painted a new painting to match the photo... instead of trying to match the photo to the painting.... but Im stubborn and I got this idea stuck in my head

2009-01-30 [jaraden]: there's nothing wrong with that kid, still looks wicked! and it seems everyone is coming down with something or another these days.. must've missed me though... is still fighting fit, if unused.. har har

2009-01-30 [moira hawthorne]: I got to take some new photos... and match the poses proportionally better... so my hands arent pass Aodh's back... and his butt is down with mine...

I have an immune system a fly could beat to a pulp...

and Ive been havin the weirdest dreams!

2009-01-30 [jaraden]: dreams huh, that's catching aswell, been hearing quite afew people have been having odd dreams of late... as have i... very strange..

but as per your picture, good luck with the repositioning, and sorting out the proportions.. that should be interesting and a task and a half.. i personally wouldn't know where to start... but then, i ain't very clever these days when it comes to computers...


2009-01-30 [Rebulous]: Yeah, keep at it. You'll get it. Although you're having some alignment issues which shouldn't take much to work out, you're skill at inserting the drawing is pretty good. But if you can get the drawing to appear *between* your arms, you'll have my undying admiration!

As for keeping your head down, I suppose that's the best tactic. But then, I'm one for not keeping my head down. Which is why I always get in trouble at work (can you say "passed over for promotion again"?). I guess it's the difference between being ruled by your heart vs your head (witness my meltdown on Sunday and a disappearing House act...)

2009-01-30 [moira hawthorne]: me tooo me too... tho I tend to be the who jumps to the defence of my friends... any battle the seems to be waging I seem to be out in front... I be the guy charging forward about 20 yards in front of the front lines... and more often than not Im the guy who find themself without back up when the firing starts

2009-01-30 [jaraden]: awww, well i'll back you up kiddo!! back you up with my flaming gatling-gun and samuri sword!!!!!

*SCREAMS war cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

2009-01-30 [moira hawthorne]: hehehehe... ok... but no war needed here... if the council doesnt want to change the rules of the contest to allow this piece... im not gonna go against them...

I will make it and display it for my friends tho

I dont really care about winning badges anyways

2009-01-30 [jaraden]: *nods*
although i may covet badges like an energetic wench i must agree with you.. if a particulare contest is too strict or doesn't allow what i think is a brilliant image, then it's their loss not yours.. don't let it bother you kid!! we love it!!!!!!!!

2009-01-31 [Rebulous]: OK, you're alignment is getting better. It's looking pretty good. I like that a lot. I think it is quite imaginative and unique. It would be a shame if the ET council didn't recognise that fact and allow it to enter a competition.

2009-01-31 [moira hawthorne]: where do you figure my alignment needs improved?

and no its not gonna be accepted b/c the no photography and/or manipulations rule isnt gonna be changed

2009-01-31 [LynnAnneBrown]: moira's right, I spoke to Artsie, the moderator of the competition, and although she liked the idea, she said that since it was halfway through the contest it would be to late to modify the rules for the contest for this year. She did suggest that a proposal be put forward to the council so that the rules could be ammended for future compitions. Unfortunately that is not going to solve the problem at hand. What I would like to suggest is that we folk who support the the Idea of a Multi Media definition as differing from Photo manipulation get together and try to write that definiton and propose it in the <forum:Elftown contests>. Also I think it would be great if we folk who support the idea would feature moira's finished work as an example of what we mean on our house pages both to support the idea and to give moira's wonderful piece of art the exposure it deserves.

2009-01-31 [moira hawthorne]: the rules for future contest should be changed... but i suggest in this way... to allow ALL of the ET artist's art... what we should be asking is why photo manips are not considered art? the rule should be... all art and stock must be your own... to control the copy paste colleges of DA stock art... where the *beauty and creativity* of the image thats getting praised is really the stock artist's and not the person's who entering the image in the contest here on ET

2009-01-31 [Rebulous]: I think the alignment is just fine now. There are a couple of small tweaks, but only if you feel the effort is worth it (I don't know what effort it takes to make fine adjustments, since I haven't done this sort of thing). Specifically, and this is only my opinion (which just might suck), I feel you could tilt your head down slightly, and your left arm could come just an inch or so closer in. Again, just my open onion.

Regarding the competition rules, I'm beginning to sense that ET might suffer a little from elitism. Or is that clique-ism? Certain power-that-be don't do a particular type of art, so it ain't considered art. Some museums seem to be run that way. And government grants. Again, just my open onion. YMMV. I'll crawl back under my rock now.

2009-01-31 [LynnAnneBrown]: Agreed. This discussion alone has made me realize that It would be difficult for any one person alone to come up with a definition and develop the criteria for jurying the work. So too this end I have just created a wiki, Photo Manips as Fine Art~A Definition so that those who are interested can have a place to work out the details and can be used as foundation for a proposal to council for having it included as a medium in the "Art" competitions. I would also like to figure out a way to get the word out about the wiki, so that we can get as many contributers and supporters as possible.

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