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Hear To Dry Your Tears

If you just need someone to listen then we'll keep our mouths shut, if you need a shoulder to cry on i have two cleaned off for you. People say im a good listener, and most of the time I will listen to any1, so feel free 2 moan all you want... and we'll try 2 help you.
Just 1 rule: no taking the piss

To post a problem, just add it to the problem page (Problems (Take 1)), seperated by a ruler, and add "Problem:" at the start, and the date. If you want to post a problem anonymously, try changing the names of the people involved, or message one of the Agony Aunts/Uncles, and they will post it for you, without your name. If you do not wish to post at all, old problems are kept in the Hear To Dry Your Tears Archive, and are there for people to read in the hope that advice will already have been given.

<<Hear To Dry Your Tears Archive>>
<<Agony Aunts/Uncles>>
<<Problems (Take 1)>>
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2004-05-14 [Evil Faerie Feline]: im gd thx =)

2004-05-15 [deleted, gone]: very good

2004-05-17 [dangerousbeanz]: confused, happy, crazily weird but sane

2004-05-17 [deleted, gone]: hmm interesting. what r u all doin? Damien is comming home in like 7 days....... : (

2004-05-17 [dangerousbeanz]: how do u make banner btw? and is this guy who said he'd do 1 for us gonna? =D

2004-05-17 [Evil Faerie Feline]: 2 ppl hav said they will, ill c if they hav yet..

2004-05-17 [deleted, gone]: find or make a pic then open in photoshop....have fun

2004-05-19 [Avoral]: Ooh... I like this page. It's like another House of Hugs! ^_^

2004-05-19 [deleted, gone]: no taking the piss? what exactly does that mean?

2004-05-19 [Avoral]: Eh?

2004-05-19 [Hedgehog]: It means, don't put up fake or stupid problems just because you're bored.

2004-05-19 [Avoral]: Aha, I see what you're talking about now. I didn't see the rule before. Maybe you should make it more clear, though... Hehe... Even I had no clue what 'taking the piss' was.

2004-05-20 [Hedgehog]: Thankyou to [pixish] for the banner

2004-05-20 [Evil Faerie Feline]: cud u put the code up plz =)

2004-05-20 [Hedgehog]: The code?

2004-05-20 [Avoral]: So, are you looking for new applicants for this sort of thing?

2004-05-21 [deleted, gone]: ok i see thanx alot, ill b sure not 2

2004-05-21 [Hedgehog]: What do you mean by 'applicants'?

2004-05-21 [Avoral]: Wait, is it kinda like one of those wikis where people help those in need out? Or am I missing the purpose?

2004-05-22 [dangerousbeanz]: yeah we do help those in need out-the prob is atm we have more ppl helping others than we have problems!

2004-05-23 [Avoral]: True. True.

2004-05-24 [deleted, gone]: yeah it is

2004-05-25 [Artemis Rising]: wow so this like a broken hearts page. kool. I can join then, haha. my first two loves are dead and one .. well he sometimes makes me think he is dead, and other times about all the time and energy we took into making eachother better and happpy. Funny.. we never really went out, yet it felt about ten times more intense.... I have him in the pic with me on my page.. the other chic and him just got together...

2004-05-25 [Artemis Rising]: thanks for inviting me dangerouzbeanz, it's nice to see some peeps can h elp or listen.. I'm good at that too if anyone wants an ear or someone to help them...

2004-05-25 [Avoral]: *Loves [Artemis Rising]* I'm not a part of this wiki, but I'd be glad to help in any way I can.

2004-05-25 [deleted, gone]: yes euphotic metal tears i have been through the same, as u say uve never gone out but...... im in love w/ my best friend. hes coming home 2day from the airforce. i am sooo scared. he dosent know. i havent seen him in 6 months

2004-05-25 [dangerousbeanz]: not at all euphotic metal tears =) its good to see you here

2004-05-25 [Artemis Rising]: he just called me *shudders*. I am happy to see so many peeps respond! I've told him that I love him, crazy~crayon but he changed after his grandma died. He once loved me to. He says he still does but I don't think so, otherwise he wouldn't do that... *shrugs* yesterday he held me in his arms and said "I like having a little sister-type of person, even though you take more care of me..." almost punched him because he made me soo mad. I wrote a poem in my diary about him.. actually alot of poems about him.. we almost went out but not quiet... so much better...

2004-05-26 [deleted, gone]: ohh thats so least its getting better now?

2004-05-26 [Lady Chaos]: This is a great page... can I be one of the people who gives advice? My qualifications are running the Christian advice page and working for the Ministry of Problems.

2004-05-26 [Evil Faerie Feline]: sure n avoral can join 2

if u go advertize

2004-05-26 [Artemis Rising]: no it's not getting better but we're still very very close.. I WILL ADVERTISE!!!!!

2004-05-26 [Artemis Rising]: how do I go to the main page, peeps

2004-05-26 [deleted, gone]: damiens home *crys*

2004-05-27 [Evil Faerie Feline]: *hugz [deleted, gone]* go 2 edit page n type @ the bottom

2004-05-27 [deleted, gone]: *hugs evil* ok..........

2004-05-27 [Evil Faerie Feline]: how old r u?

2004-05-27 [Avoral]: Yay! ^_^ I like joining!

2004-05-27 [Avoral]: What am I able to join, [Evil Faerie Feline]? Just wondering.

2004-05-27 [Evil Faerie Feline]: lol, u said u weren't a member yet but u can put ur name on the agony aunt thing

2004-05-27 [Avoral]: Oh! ^_^ All righty then, I think I'll do that.

2004-05-27 [Avoral]: Yay! ^_^

2004-05-27 [Evil Faerie Feline]: gd gd now go advertize

2004-05-27 [Avoral]: 'Tay! ^_^

2004-05-27 [deleted, gone]: how old is who? me?

2004-05-27 [Evil Faerie Feline]: yep

2004-05-28 [IndigoRose]: Hehe [Avoral]'s an agony aunt....:-P

2004-05-28 [Avoral]: Effs yeah I am. I'll bring lots of agony to-- *Stops* Wait a minute, I'm not an aunt! *Sticks tongue out in return* Besides, I'm relieving agony, not creating it. *Nods*

2004-05-28 [jesska]: hi everyone. im new to this wiki.

2004-05-28 [deleted, gone]: welcome jesska!

2004-05-28 [Evil Faerie Feline]: helloooooooo

2004-05-30 [IndigoRose]: LOL....oh [Avoral] took you a while didn't it? Hehe...*hug*

2004-05-30 [IndigoRose]: Hey [jesska]. Welcome :-) And hello [Evil Faerie Feline] *waves*

2004-05-30 [Avoral]: Why yes. Yes it did. *Loves!*

2004-05-31 [IndigoRose]: *giggle* oh you're such a cutie [Avoral] *huggles*

2004-05-31 [Avoral]: Eee! *Hides* Not cute. *Comes out of hiding, though, and hugs back* *Then hides again*

2004-05-31 [IndigoRose]: hide to being called cute, yet...and might I quote *cough, cough* "the culminating point of all the cosmos's sexiness... Also known as me." doesn't make you blush.....*shakes head* lol

2004-05-31 [Avoral]: Oh, but the difference is simple. I called myself sexy, and... Well... Umm... STARE AT THIS AND BE AFRAID! <img:>

2004-05-31 [IndigoRose]: Wow um.......*busts out laughing* LOL LOL LOL LOL..........what the fudgenut?!..........

2004-05-31 [IndigoRose]: *puzzled look*....I............yeah....mhhhhmmmm......*nods head slowly with eyebrow of questioning*

2004-05-31 [IndigoRose]: Good defense........not!

2004-05-31 [IndigoRose]: Looks like she just got back from my family picnic and let my younger cousins give her a makeover

2004-05-31 [IndigoRose]: They did my hair and uh........*cough* uh, yeah.........

2004-05-31 [Avoral]: *LMFAO*

2004-05-31 [Evil Faerie Feline]: Ooo *confuzzled*

2004-05-31 [Hedgehog]: [Avoral], you're meant to put put problems on the page, not the comments remember?

2004-05-31 [Evil Faerie Feline]: yeah and we're on promblems (take 2) now

2004-06-01 [Avoral]: Oh, is that how it works? ^_^

2004-06-01 [IndigoRose]: Sorry about that people...I guess I have a "problem" with that^_^

2004-06-01 [Evil Faerie Feline]: lol

2004-06-01 [deleted, gone]: ummmm interesting

2004-06-01 [IndigoRose]: Hehe...I thought so myself......

2004-06-01 [deleted, gone]: lol very, hey indigo look!!!!! a wiki without slander!!!! wow

2004-06-01 [IndigoRose]: Woooohooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2004-06-01 [IndigoRose]: We need more of these.

2004-06-01 [deleted, gone]: lol yes we do!!! should i let green sol back on?

2004-06-01 [IndigoRose]: Mmmmmm....why not..but the next time he rbeaks the crayon 'im danno....I'm still expressing a problem ^_^ I have a problem with swearing......I know....not a real problem for this wiki...but still. Me happy I haven't seen any here. ^_^

2004-06-02 [Avoral]: *Loves!*

2004-06-02 [IndigoRose]: Hey there hon :-) *waves*

2004-06-02 [Avoral]: ^_^! *Waves back, hugs, and squishes!* Happy morning?

2004-06-02 [IndigoRose]: *Huggles and snuggles* Hehe....a very long one since i went to bed at 11:30 this morning after an all-nighter, hehe....that's another problem..insomnia...I can still be in here! I'm posting problems.....O:-) I'll be in here for a while But I can spread them out

2004-06-02 [Avoral]: Oh, wow... Well, I'd be happy to do what I can in giving you some valid advice... *Hugs* But you must try to sleep somehow! I'd hate to see you all unhealthy due to lack of sleep.

2004-06-02 [deleted, gone]: yes im very sleepy to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

2004-06-02 [IndigoRose]: Hehe...then sleep....Anthony, you'll be happy to know I've been getting more sleep. *huggles*

2004-06-02 [Avoral]: Yay! ^_^ *Loves upon* Then since you got sleep, my heart is smiling.

2004-06-02 [IndigoRose]: feel love-ed......^_^..ok...I'm going to HOH now....

2004-06-03 [dangerousbeanz]: ummmmm, no offense peeps, but arent we sposed 2 keep a lil on topic here? don;t mean to be Mr Anti fun (which believe me I rarely am... ;o) ), but u guys can msg 1 another bout huggles and snuggles =D

2004-06-03 [IndigoRose]: I think that's actually on subject though. I had a problem sleeping and Avoral said something about it. I know you don't mean offense by it but I believe it's still on subject.

2004-06-03 [Avoral]: True, it was on the subject, it being a problem/solution/relief thing... But still, we can kinda cut it there and leave the comments to their normal purpose. Sorry if it was any real inconvenience.

2004-06-03 [deleted, gone]: im sure avoral ment no how are you all?

2004-06-03 [Hedgehog]: Erm, something [Avoral] said in the above post gave me an idea. Do you think when people post problems, they should put the date which they posted it on up, so then we know how old it is?

2004-06-03 [Evil Faerie Feline]: yeah, thats a really good idea actually

2004-06-03 [Avoral]: I concur. 'Tis a good idea.

2004-06-03 [Hedgehog]: So is someone going to put a not at the top of the page about it? or do you want me to do it?

2004-06-03 [Evil Faerie Feline]: all fixed

2004-06-06 [green_panther]: Hi there! I made it, sorry it took so long...LOL!

2004-06-06 [IndigoRose]: Hello *waves* How are you?

2004-06-07 [dangerousbeanz]: oh hey no way!! I totally didnt mean that at all! Iwasnt offended at all!! =D quite the opposite in fact =) I just meant it was kinda hard 2 pick stuff out from the convos thats all =) carry on if u want, I just thought itd be cool to keep up the other convos thats all *shy smile*

2004-06-07 [IndigoRose]: Awwww..I sowy. I just don't like thinking that I offend people.....unless I really don't care. But I do right now.

2004-06-08 [deleted, gone]: 9 days till graduation!!!!!!!!!

2004-06-08 [IndigoRose]: *claps* Yay! I'm so happy for you ^_^

2004-06-08 [deleted, gone]: thanx! im real scared though, have to get grades up + start applying to colleges.

2004-06-10 [IndigoRose]: You'll make it *huggles*

2004-06-10 [dangerousbeanz]: WOAH! crazy crayons growing up *sobs* Good luck, ur totally gonna ace those exams I know it =)

2004-06-10 [deleted, gone]: *hugs both indigo + dangerous* thank you. though dont i wish i could stay young forever....

2004-06-10 [dangerousbeanz]: you will stay young 4ever, and you know it crazy ;o)

2004-06-10 [deleted, gone]: true true! : ) join us for musical chairs!!! crayons unite

2004-06-14 [IndigoRose]: No matter the age of the body...your heart can always stay young....:-)

2004-06-14 [Avoral]: Oh yes. Yes it can.

2004-06-14 [dangerousbeanz]: =)

2004-06-14 [deleted, gone]: always!!!

2004-06-15 [Hedgehog]: Erm, [deleted, gone]? I'm a little confused in your problem. There seems to be a report of the 14th of june, then later on, the 2nd of June? Am i reading this wrong, or did it go in the wrong place by accident?

2004-06-16 [IndigoRose]: *chocolate huggles to crazy~crayon*

2004-06-16 [deleted, gone]: no u are right i went to put it there, but when i did my last update, i typed @ wrong place, so sorry ill fix it.        "chocolate" hugs? way to hot for that *ice cream hugs*

2004-06-17 [IndigoRose]: Hehe...OK, fine then.....*ice cream hugs*

2004-06-17 [deleted, gone]: lol .........hmm italian ice! *rubs tummy*

2004-06-19 [IndigoRose]: hehe......cute ^_^

2004-06-20 [zenalai princess]: hey everyone, I wanna share something but I am not sure how to put it on here

2004-06-20 [Avoral]: Well, if you need to, you can tell one of us directly. I'd be glad to help out in any way if I could.

2004-06-20 [dangerousbeanz]: we're all here for you zenalai =) if youd like some others to help out too go to "problems (take 2)", and edit it from there =) speak 2 u soon-Beanz

2004-06-21 [deleted, gone]: feel free 2 share

2004-06-21 [Evil Faerie Feline]: yeah u can message any of us if u dont want it posted. But if u do, u'lll get more responses from us

2004-06-22 [Lioness123]: just thought I'd say that in the title of this wiki, it should be "Here" not "hear"

2004-06-22 [Avoral]: Yeah, that got me too, but the purpose is still just fine.

2004-06-23 [deleted, gone]: or maybe its spelled that way, because we are all here to "hear" your problems and try to help

2004-06-23 [Hedgehog]: You'd have to ask [Evil Faerie Feline], as she created the wiki, but I noticed the misuse of 'hear' as well. I assumed it was, as [deleted, gone] says, a play on words to show how people will listen to the problems of others.

2004-06-23 [deleted, gone]: thank you thank you lol my mind just runs away till i find something t0o fit..............OWWWW STUPID FINGER IN MY EYE!!!

2004-06-23 [Avoral]: Yeah, come to think of it, that could very well be right.

2004-06-30 [IndigoRose]: Hehe.....did you stick your finger in your eye crayoin or did it just migrate into it?

2004-06-30 [Avoral]: For some strange reason, I can picture her fingers being made of crayons...

2004-06-30 [IndigoRose]: lol, now that you say that.........oh my, crayon eye........

2004-06-30 [Avoral]: *LOL*

2004-07-02 [Ham]: Looks like you people would enjoy The Emotion Management Centre

2004-07-04 [Evil Faerie Feline]: YAY!!!! we're in the top ten wiki pages =)

2004-07-05 [Avoral]: Yay!

2004-07-05 [Evil Faerie Feline]: i didnt think we'd get it

2004-07-06 [Avoral]: How do you do that?

2004-07-06 [Evil Faerie Feline]: do wat?

2004-07-07 [Avoral]: Get to the top wiki page.

2004-07-07 [Hedgehog]: There is a top ten of wiki's? How does that work?

2004-07-08 [Avoral]: There we go, he asked it with better clarity.

2004-07-08 [deleted, gone]: fingers made of crayons!!!!!!!!! awsome awsome so much easier to color! hety check out crayons unite my wiki!

2004-07-08 [Evil Faerie Feline]: you nominate a page and they check them out and pick the top ten =)

2004-07-09 [Avoral]: Yes! I will make my evil elucidation-wiki the TOP PAGE OF ALL TIME! ^_^

2004-07-09 [deleted, gone]: not b4 mine! wuhau

2004-07-09 [Avoral]: Bwahaha...

2004-07-09 [deleted, gone]: teheeehe

2004-07-12 [_Ni_]: where do i join... sorry didn't understood that part... would someone help me?

2004-07-12 [Hedgehog]: Joining basically is watching the wiki page and adding something to new problems when you feel that you can. Just edit the page, and add your username to the agony aunts/uncles.

2004-07-12 [_Ni_]: tnks!

2004-07-12 [Hedgehog]: Thats ok. You don't need to comment on all problems if you don't want to, but anything useful, be it simply moral support, is appreciated

2004-07-12 [deleted, gone]: deffinately! welcome newbe!

2004-07-13 [Evil Faerie Feline]: *waves*

2004-07-16 [Evil Faerie Feline]: here comes some shameless advertizing

X vs.Y

2004-07-16 [amgone]: or something else....


.... :$

2004-07-20 [Evil Faerie Feline]: agony aunts/uncles will need 2 start watching the new page

2004-07-21 [deleted, gone]: x vs y?

2004-07-21 [Evil Faerie Feline]: no problems (take 3) i got fed up of it telling me the page was too big

2004-07-21 [_Ni_]: sorry but here goes some shameless advertising:

STUPID WIKI go there and find out what it is!

2004-07-22 [Hedgehog]: It actually says that page 3 is too big already. Maybe it's because of the banner. I've seen much longer wiki- pages than these.

2004-07-22 [Evil Faerie Feline]: I know i wonder what happens if you just let one get bigger and bigger

2004-07-22 [Hedgehog]: To be honest, I'm not sure i've seen a wiki that wasn't too big.

2004-07-23 [pixish]: I dont think that pictures contribute to the size of the page, because essentially really they are not on this page, just sort of linked from there...but it doesnt take much for a wiki page to get 'too big'

2004-07-23 [Evil Faerie Feline]: well we're not getting another 1 til the writing starts to annoy me (which probably wont be long)

2004-07-23 [Hedgehog]: Maybe if we found out which problems are finished with, they could be put in an archive page in small font. That way, if people put their problems at the start of the page, we would only need one page, maybe two tops, and the rest would be archived so people could read them, but so they would get in the way.

2004-07-23 [Evil Faerie Feline]: ok, I'll start messaging people. But how do u get it in small font tho

2004-07-23 [Hedgehog]: I assume you can. If you're going to do it, i'm hapy to help, but the whole wiki would need to be reorganised.

2004-07-23 [Evil Faerie Feline]: i know but i have nothing 2 do 4 a couple of hours so I'll start now

2004-07-23 [Hedgehog]: Can i help anyway? I'm bored as hell.

2004-07-23 [Evil Faerie Feline]: yeah ok u do the 2nd page, message ppl asking if things are sorted now and write down the 1's who are

2004-07-23 [Hedgehog]: k

2004-07-23 [Evil Faerie Feline]: im done

2004-07-23 [Hedgehog]: Yep. crazt crayon is ok for archiving, and Suck boy says there isnt anything else that we can really give advice on. So those are ok for archiving. The others havent replied yet. I've copied the wiki content into a text file, so if you wanna start playing around with the rearanging, we've got a backup in case something buggers up.

2004-07-23 [Evil Faerie Feline]: o good i didn't think of that, none of mine have replied yet so i'll wait til i get them before i start archiving. I'll probably do it after work 2moro

2004-07-23 [Hedgehog]: OK. I could rearrange the content in a text file, so you could see it before we change it you want. Speaking of which, how are your problems? All good?

2004-07-23 [Evil Faerie Feline]: that'd be great if you could. And yeah but i wont archive it yet i'd like to see what happens first

2004-07-23 [Hedgehog]: I'm off now. I have most of tommorrow, but im working the rest of the weekend. It's not like it's urgent. Anyway. I'm off now. Bye.

2004-07-23 [deleted, gone]: good idea it was gettin crazy

2004-07-24 [Hedgehog]: OK. A lot of the problems are finished with, and I've skanked the pages Hear To Dry Your Tears Archive, Archive 1, and Archive 2

2004-07-27 [deleted, gone]: good oraganization! woot

2004-08-05 [Evil Faerie Feline]: ooo posh ;P

2004-08-05 [Evil Faerie Feline]: ooo posh :P

2004-08-07 [deleted, gone]: no it is! really hey guys check out reaching out

2004-08-12 [Evil Faerie Feline]: yeah i did, im going on holiday for 3 weeks so would you lot look after the wiki for me?

2004-08-12 [Hedgehog]: ok

2004-08-14 [deleted, gone]: have fun!!!!!!!!!

2004-08-25 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: Hey, how can I help people on this wiki?

2004-08-25 [deleted, gone]: welcome! and its easy click on one of the problems links above and write what u think could help

2004-09-29 [Hedgehog]: Hmm. Do you think perhaps we should change it back? or at least alter it a bit so people are more likely to use it? I mean, since it was rearranged, I don't think there have been any changes at all, have there?

2004-09-30 [Evil Faerie Feline]: maybe its a bit confusing

2004-10-02 [Hedgehog]: yeah. Wanna go back to having problems on front page?

2004-10-03 [Evil Faerie Feline]: dunno, wanna try advertizing more first? maybe everyones just happy

2004-10-09 [Hedgehog]: Hmm, ok

2004-10-13 [Le Monstre Dans Le Gateau]: Aw, this is a good Wiki. I have many problems and I'm sure all of you have problems if you're life. If any of you ever need to talk to me about something, I hear. ~Peace!~

2005-01-06 [Peace_Turtles]: is it hear or here?

2005-01-09 [Hedgehog]: Yeah, that's been pointed out before. 'Here to dry your tears' would be more grammatically correct, but seeing as there are a few pages of it now, it's really not worth changing. Besides, using 'hear' kind of gives it a double meaning, as the idea is that there are people to listen to problems. :)

2005-04-12 [Take off your clothes. ♥]: isnt it supposed to be here?

2005-04-12 [Take off your clothes. ♥]: ahhh ok i get it ^_^

2005-04-19 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: Lol....yes...*claps*....good job

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