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2005-04-17 21:56:04
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Hear To Dry Your Tears

If you just need someone to listen then we'll keep our mouths shut, if you need a shoulder to cry on i have two cleaned off for you. People say im a good listener, and most of the time I will listen to any1, so feel free 2 moan all you want... and we'll try 2 help you.
Just 1 rule: no taking the piss

To post a problem, just add it to the problem page (Problems (Take 1)), seperated by a ruler, and add "Problem:" at the start, and the date. If you want to post a problem anonymously, try changing the names of the people involved, or message one of the Agony Aunts/Uncles, and they will post it for you, without your name. If you do not wish to post at all, old problems are kept in the Hear To Dry Your Tears Archive, and are there for people to read in the hope that advice will already have been given.

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2004-04-05 [Finnguala]: I can make you some banners if I have the time. I think it's sweet you want to do this for people ;)

2004-04-07 [Evil Faerie Feline]: sum1 plz rite, we've got nothin 2 do!

2004-04-07 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: Hey guys i need some help

2004-04-07 [Hedgehog]: What with?

2004-04-07 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: There's this guy I really like him and we'd be perfect for each other and he has a girlfriend and last time I liked him I think I was a little obsessive - writing him letters and shit - and his girlfriend and him have been going out for a while but i like him so much and i want to be with him so bad! but i told him i dont like him anymore and i wish he would like me!! what do i DO?! its like hes never going to break up with his girlfriend!! (guy i like is josh, his girl is randelle)

2004-04-07 [Hedgehog]: If you told him how you felt, is Josh the kind of person who would spread it about, even if you asked him not to?

2004-04-08 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: No he wouldn't. But I think that he and I could really have something. But I don't think he'd go out with me. :( And I don't knwo why.

2004-04-08 [Hedgehog]: If he wouldnt tell anyone, and you really think that you could have something, then why not let him know how you feel quietly. He may feel the same way about you.

2004-04-09 [dangerousbeanz]: Take your time as well-I always foud that rushing things and being hasty always proved to be a downfall. I did a similar thing with a girl last year-I wrote her a poem and talked to her a lot and stuff and then asked her out b4 she got to know me properly, so things went pear shaped after then-which kinda tore my heart in two. Thus the lesson I learnt is to take your time-things will change over time. How is that you and randelle get on? are you friends? or like total worst enemies in the world?

2004-04-09 [dangerousbeanz]: Hi btw to u guys, Im callum =)

2004-04-09 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: Randelle and I dont even know each other. I told josh how i felt before and he said he liked me too, but then he said he didnt anymore and it hurt a whole lot

2004-04-09 [Evil Faerie Feline]: poor u i no that hurt, i've had it dun 2 me.

2004-04-10 [dangerousbeanz]: From what I understand of guys (being a guy myself kinda helps), they wudnt say that they wudnt want 2 know u any more and mean it-he was probably just trying to not get too attached to you, if he did become more attracted, then thatd mean problems-he may have lost you and randelle as a result. Personally, what Id do is talk to the guy, be his friend, get to know him a lot better without things looking 2 suspicious, then he'll see what it is that he's missing out on, and as randelle is like a total stranger to you, it doesnt matter too much if he does decide to go with you =) hope this helps -beanz

2004-04-11 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: Hey that is so kickass thankyou guys so much for all your help and sympathy i love you much and stay cool!!! ^_^

2004-04-12 [dangerousbeanz]: no worries =) send us a msg on how things are going =D

2004-04-12 [deleted, gone]: i need help *sighs*

2004-04-12 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: hey whatcha ned help on? o btw guys i think in the meantime while randelle and josh are going out - I AM GOING OUT WITH THIS GUY! AND HE ASKED ME OUT!! AND I REALLY LIKE HIM A LOT! I think he will help me forget about josh a lot, until necessary... ^_^ whats up crazycrayon?

2004-04-15 [dangerousbeanz]: WOOOHOOOO!!! THATS AWSOME NEWS!! =D good work :o)

2004-04-15 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: ^_^ hey thanks!! ^_^

2004-04-15 [deleted, gone]: good for you!!! *pats head*

2004-04-15 [deleted, gone]: going better w/ that other guy. tho i still have dreams. its heard to get over someone when u r in love w/ love. now i am talking to his GREAT gut in the air force. he is smart, my religion and cute. the perfect package. my fam loves him 2. seems 2 good 2 b real. well he will b in the force for 6 more years. and he wants 2 get married while hes in the service. im not ready only 17. then there is this other guy in my grade. he has all the same qualitys as damien, but hes a mormon. we have almost the same beliefs tho so its ok. he asked me out today, and i ternd him down because damien is coming home for a month in may. i dont want to lose him. but how do i know if this 1 is right?

2004-04-16 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: because you have to take chances, and you dont know if youdon't take a chance, and you're not supposed to knpw. so you don't need to worry about whether you're right or not.

2004-04-16 [deleted, gone]: i suppose. i will not commit 2 either and hang out w/ both (as friends) to c who i am more compatible with. thank you!

2004-04-16 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: yeah rock on man!! ^_^

2004-04-16 [deleted, gone]: hehe. remember that guy i broke up with? i had his mom get all his junk out of my house today! hurray for me!!!

2004-04-16 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: hey wow that is so cool!!

2004-04-16 [deleted, gone]: sooooooooo happy!!!

2004-04-16 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: what kind of crap?

2004-04-16 [deleted, gone]: his clothes, some pictures

2004-04-16 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: oo ic ic  yeah i think i wouldnt want him to have that shit of mine anyway lolol

2004-04-16 [deleted, gone]: no way!!!

2004-04-16 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: man i think i am going to call andy when i get home!!!!

2004-04-16 [deleted, gone]: whos andy?

2004-04-16 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: my boyyyyyyyyfriend!!!! ^_^ lolol

2004-04-16 [deleted, gone]: aww. wish i had 1

2004-04-17 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: well you will sumtime.

2004-04-17 [deleted, gone]: dreams...

2004-04-17 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: whaddaya mean?

2004-04-17 [deleted, gone]: i will eventually find some1

2004-04-17 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: yeah you will. i thought i never would and one day a boy called my house and his name was andy and i had never talked to him before and now i am completely infatuated with him. and i thought i never would find anyone but i did. and it feels so good.

2004-04-17 [deleted, gone]: hehe. wrong # or how did he get ur #?

2004-04-17 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: no i gave it to him, he wanted me to be in his band and i had to sing for him but i never did.

2004-04-17 [deleted, gone]: oh cool. thats neat that you are 2gether now

2004-04-17 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: yeah i know ^_^

2004-04-17 [deleted, gone]: just finished my very long life story on a wiki if u r interested

2004-04-17 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: oo ok where?

2004-04-17 [deleted, gone]: My Life Sorry!! mine is the second 1

2004-04-21 [dangerousbeanz]: oh. my. word. that is one increbile story. how did you cope through all of this? I mean, most, if not all, the ppl I know, if they were put in the same situation(s) that you've been in, they would'nt be here now. you must be amazingly strong willed, and devout to god to have survived all of this, but once again, oh. my. word.

2004-04-21 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: rock on man!!!! kick ASS!!!!

2004-04-22 [deleted, gone]: you did read the second 1 right? if thats what u r talking about then thank you. yeah it was really hard. but God helps all who ask

2004-04-22 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: i asked he didnt help me and ive been through a lot of the same shit

2004-04-22 [dangerousbeanz]: perhaps he did, but you didnt know ;o)

2004-04-22 [dangerousbeanz]: yeah I agree, he does help all who ask, as long as you mean it

2004-04-22 [deleted, gone]: God dosnt always answer prayers in the way we want. but he does allways answer them

2004-04-22 [Evil Faerie Feline]: i dont believe that he does

2004-04-22 [deleted, gone]: why is that?

2004-04-23 [Evil Faerie Feline]: probly coz im not a christian

2004-04-23 [dangerousbeanz]: thats understandable =) many ppl rnt, I've got quite a weird perspective on things, kinda like a cross between a believer, and an agnostic

2004-04-23 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: i think i don really hate him anymore because i found andy, but he probably did that so i wouldnt be a hater or anything, you know?

2004-04-24 [dangerousbeanz]: uh huh =) yeah I do

2004-04-26 [deleted, gone]: i understand u r not a Christian, what do you believe in?

2004-04-26 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: Who me? NO I believe in God, I just don't really like him that much right now... :P

2004-04-26 [Evil Faerie Feline]: if you meant me, i'm a wiccan

2004-04-26 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: hey!! hey thats cool!! does that shit actually work???

2004-04-26 [Evil Faerie Feline]: yeah the spells work, but it's not all about magic

2004-04-26 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: oooic i c  what kind of stuff do you do?

2004-04-26 [Evil Faerie Feline]: mainly mental spells, n festivals, normal stuff 4 ne relgion

2004-04-26 [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble]: hey thats cool!! rock on!! ^_^ well anyway, yeah i am going to check my messages. whenever i sign on i have like 16of them, that was my max amount... :P

2004-04-26 [deleted, gone]: yeah i had 20. yeah i was talking 2 u evil

2004-04-26 [deleted, gone]: thats cool i have a bunch of wiccan friends

2004-04-26 [deleted, gone]: i was oncw thinking about checking it out. but not anymore. i dont believe in 1 "right" religion.

2004-04-26 [Evil Faerie Feline]: kool

2004-04-26 [dangerousbeanz]: what do u peeps actually do? I've never heard of wiccan b4-sounds intriguing tho =D

2004-04-26 [deleted, gone]: what r the 4 elements? fire water wind + earth is it?

2004-04-27 [dangerousbeanz]: yeah

2004-04-27 [Evil Faerie Feline]: + spirit (there r 5 elements)

2004-04-27 [deleted, gone]: oh ok

2004-05-06 [dangerousbeanz]: how does the spirit area work?

2004-05-07 [Evil Faerie Feline]: the elements r used in spells (kinda) air-thinking about the aim of the spell, fire-passion, water-emotion, earth-is the spell happening, spirit is the spell

2004-05-09 [Hedgehog]: Erm, has it dawned on anyone else that we have more than 3 times as many aunts/uncles as problems?

2004-05-09 [Evil Faerie Feline]: yeah, well go advertise!!!

2004-05-09 [Hedgehog]: Where? How?

2004-05-09 [Evil Faerie Feline]: i dunno.......rite it really big n get evry 1 u no on ET 2 put the link in there bio

2004-05-12 [dangerousbeanz]: Im gonna go msg sum random ppl =D

2004-05-13 [deleted, gone]: lol good luck recruiting!!!

2004-05-14 [deleted, gone]: so how is everyone?

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