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This is for all you horse lovers out there who want people to know it! Wether you've ever seen a real horse or not, as long as you love horses, this is the place you! Come on and Join!

Here are two Horse Lovers banners:

If these banners are ok, please tell me [Hopper89], if you don't like them I'll try and make some better ones.


I made this banner for us. It's a pic of Sham (horse,white) and Sasha (pony) and I thought it would be funny since they really do look like they're saying that. :) Cheers :) [// Grace //.And..Bend]

If you love horses, put your names down here and write a horsey comment if you want!

1.[Savior of the Broken] *sings* I LOVE HORSES! NANANANANA! I LOVE HORSES! NANANANANA!*stops singing* Hey guess what! I LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!
2.[Kit Azhure] Horses are my life!
3.[Innocent as Sin] Gaited/Racking Horses Rock!
4.[Hopper89] Yeah! Hops up and down. Finally a good horse wiki!!!!!! Horses rock my socks off!
5.[// Grace //.And..Bend] I miss sham :( (half arab i used to have)
6.[Lyra Belacqua] Life without horses just isn't life!!!!
7.[Rydia] I love Nobella Prize! (Prince) Look for him on my house!
8.[Elindyl_Star] Horses are cool!!!
9.[Pipagorn] Yay for the ponies!!! "The air of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears."- An Arabian Proverb
11.[Tanka] "Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter, it gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark"-a rom proverb. and mustangs rule!!!!
13.[Silver Badger] I don't own any horses (T_T) but I love two I met named Kate and Rose!
14.[Broken_Wings444] I have many many horses and would like to own many many more! :)
15. [Sloan] i own 12 horses and love em all to bits!
16.[san~sao] i only take car of one but i love him so much^-,^.
17.[stephomelon] I have a little pony, don't cross me or you can deal with him. It wont be pretty, lol!
18. [Arlin_Aster] I luv horses *hugs Tink Tink* (my horse)
19: [Fuzzybaboonbutts] horsies..^-^
20: [Sylraïana] *huggles her fave horsey*
21. [Bye!!!!!!!!!] i have 6 horses and 3 of them are my own...i am going to do high school rodeo! i love my horses, Jasmine, Silver, and Sammy(my sexy pony :P)
22. [{{Jessicuh!}}] Horses are my life..The best animal in the world...
23. [moira the paradox]
24. [Fire-n-Ash] ah, horses, my true love! 3 is just never enough!!!!
25. [01234] I rodeo and own three horses.
26. [Saulegraza] I barrel race and go to CSU for equine science. Plan on owning my own operation post-college.
27. [Roccoriel] Currently riding versatility ranch with my mare and working on a career training and breeding performance horses.
28. [HE IS MY ONE TRUE LOVE!] horses!! I am such a horse fanatic!!! yay!!
29. [elvenrogue] Obession of horses, is always a great thing.^^
30.[] i wish i could run like a horse!
31.[freakchild] And they thought I would grow out of it;)
32. [Kelaria] Horses are so beautiful... They are wonderful and amazing creatures!
33.[Thorgin] I love horses *hugs all horsies*
34.[Piggly_wiggly] i don't know what tp put? horse power?
35.[abandonedhouse7 7] Gypsy gold does not chink or glitter... it gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark. (Irish Gypsy proverb) ^_^
36. [moira hawthorne] love horses... always did always will and some day Ill own my own! b/c I miss riding! 10 yrs english lessons and worked at a stable.
37.[Artsieladie]i miss having horses!
38.[Leaegd] Wish I had a horse.. Our so-called garden is only grass, perfect for a horse, BUT of course, my mum... One day I'll own a horse (well, preferably more than 1)
39.[Moonkeeper of Arilestite] I love horses! obviously!! woohoo!
40.[Chemical Solitude] yay im no.40!! woot! go the ponies!! their so much fun!!
41. [Kuramasgirl] Horses rule! Their the most intelligent animals in the world!! ^.^
42. [more meredith please!] been ridin since i was 9, and ive always been in love with horses......theyre better than a lot of humans..
43.[orchidflame]i looooove horses soo much there so graceful and beautiful.......i wish i could have one:)
45.[black_rose666] i have 4
46.[southern_ hearted_ cowgirl]
47.[SunCloud] Horsies rule!!!
48.[ArchRose] Horses are the true essences of elegence and grace!
49.[love is confusing] i love horses i always have
50.[PiT bUlL gIrL_33]
53. [Forever Equine] I've spent the last 10 yrs of my life, drawing them, writing about them, training them, but most of all LOVING them!=D
54.[EveEnthrall] i used to ride and still wish i could. horses are enchanting and beautiful creatures.
55. [Shadow Girl056] I've been fortunate enough to work with these amazing animals for 7 years now, and I hope it's just the beginning. I feel so blessed every day when i walk outside and see them standing there :D
56. [Kahri]
horse pictures wether its your horse or just a picture you found on the net... It belongs here!
Horse photo reference totally free images donated by Elftowners that you can use for reference, photo manipulations or your home page.

horse drawings put your beautiful horse art here!

horse JOKES! JOKES! ABOUT HORSES! Add yours!

horse training techniques Training Techniques you know about... anything that works!

horse poems Poems that you made up about horses or that you found on the internet.

monthly featured member Every month I will add put up a member that has been active and that has submitted a lot of stuff to the wiki! Vote here-->featured member voting

The shrine of fallen horses Come honour the memory of the horses that we loved dearly and have passed away to a better place. Let them never be forgotten.

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2006-06-11 [Leaegd]: no horse is safe

2006-06-13 [Krackle]: yeah thats true, but i don't think anyone but experienced riders will be able to ride her

2006-06-14 [Rydia]: You get horses like her every once in a while

2006-06-16 [Leaegd]: Yup, and you'll have to learn to live with them if you want to have horses in your life...

2006-06-18 [Krackle]: yeah i'm sure

2006-06-27 [Forever Equine]: Hello everyone!=D

2006-06-29 [Leaegd]: hi!

2006-06-29 [Forever Equine]: I'm everywhere! *evil laugh* Hehe, well everywhere that's horse related.=)

2006-06-29 [// Grace //.And..Bend]: Welcome to the club *looks at almost everyone here*

2006-07-05 [Rydia]: Hello!! welcome!! *tosses horse treats*

2006-07-05 [Forever Equine]: Thankies! Gambit will love 'em.=)

2006-07-06 [// Grace //.And..Bend]: Gambit is a beautiful horse. :) I keep looking at your profile when I find out there are new pictures up. I think the saddle pad flag is a really awesome idea. ^_^

2006-07-06 [Forever Equine]: Thank you! He's still has some filling into do and some toning but he'll look alot better next spring! Hehe, I just loved it and I bought it for like $6 at an auction. It was Dakota's, my previous horse who stolen from me.=( Hopefully Gambit can fill his shoes though, I'm sure he will!=D

2007-03-15 [akaru_yumi9842]: OMG I LOVE HORSES SO MUCH I COULD DIE IN A STABLE!!! Well if i died on a saturday or Sunday cuz i dont have a horse and the stable i ride at is far away... *sniffle* Im entering my firse show in may!!! Actually its on my brother's birthday, but i highly dislike my brother and im not letting his 9th birthday get in the way of my first horse show.

2007-03-20 [// Grace //.And..Bend]: Awesome! What events are you showing in?

2007-03-22 [Savior of the Broken]: If you need tips, there are a lot of experiences people here that would be glad to help, including me ;)

2007-03-24 [Rydia]: Here is a tip that everyone should know when showing: SMILE!!! Judges NEVER like to see a grumpy rider!!

2007-03-30 [Krackle]: Does anyone in here have any experience with horses that have gotten a fractured hock? My 18 year old gelding slipped on ice in the pasture and fractured his approx. 9-10 weeks ago and still favors it a lot. He walks on it with no problem, but once he stops he favors it. Right after he gets up from a roll or laying down he holds it in the air and if he tries to walk he will hop for a few feet before steping on it. He is so depressed and suffering so much i'm afraid i have to put him down. Please if you know any info on this that will help him get better let me know. Thank you so much!

2007-04-01 [Rydia]: what are you already doing to treat him for this injury? What did your vet have to say? Where is the fracture, exactly, and how severe is it? More info, please :-)

2007-04-02 [Krackle]: The vet wasn't able to come out and look at him so he told me over the phone to keep him away from ice or anywhere he could slip. So we had him in the stall for 8 weeks and i took him out everyday for a short walk. We gave him bute for 10 days in the beginning along with penicilin shots. Right now he is out in the pasture again, but i put him in the stall if it gets too cold out or it freezes. The fracture is somewhere in the hock we are not for sure. The only way to tell is to x-ray it, but the vet said the only thing the x-ray would do is tell us where it was at and if it was fractured or not and there wasn't anything different we could do about it.

2008-06-09 [HE IS MY ONE TRUE LOVE!]: hi everyone
i love horses a lot but unfortunately we have no money to get one or no where to keep one but i will get one wen i get out on my own hopefully:) srry to hear about ur horse

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