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2007-01-05 16:08:55
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Horses by [Atayemi]
63 pictures of horses free to use, all taken by myself, Holly Hampson.

Pedro, a Welsh Cob, relaxing.
Jimmy peeping around to look at me.
A foal, my auntie's friend's.
My auntie's friend's stallion, Bruce. He was reaching out for the bush. ;)
Bruce again, eating the bush.
Lucy, she has a nose which she can only breathe out of one nostril, she's special. ;)
Van, a mare.
Ben, all tacked up ready to go out.
Dale, a skewbald pony.
Jimmy again.
Mary, a spotted filly.
Dale, full shot, all tacked up.
Full view of Mary.
Myself riding Ben.
One of my auntie's friend's horses, Chip.
The foal walking up to me, he has no name. His mother is in the background.

Ben from the side, he was a lot younger here.
The foal from the side.
Lady, a mare who is dozing.
Ben peeping his head over the wall.
Van looking around, slightly blurred.
The foal nosing at something with Chip grazing behind him.
The foal finding something to eat.
The foal spotted the camera. xD
The foal relaxed.
The foal's mother, Carla.
Carla attacking the bush. O.o
I fed the foal, and here he is eating it.
A better shot of the foal eating.
Two horses, Pip and Denver, my auntie's friends horses again.
Pip, looking at something.
Denver and Pip.
Pip has spotted me.
Pip again.
Denver eating some grass.
Pip having a poop. O.o
Pip, it was raining when I was taking the pictures, sorry about the raindrops. :S
Denver's muzzle/nose/mouth.
Denver walking.
Pip's ears and eye.
Denver, back of his head.
Denver's eye, dozing. :P
Denver alert.
Pip looking over the fence.
Denver nosing around.
Denver itching his bum on the fence. xD
Pip's eye.
Pip walking towards me.
Pip attacking my hand. O.o
Bottom of Pip's mouth. :P
Denver was threatning Pip here. =/
Pip sniffing the ground.
Pip's seen me!
Pip's muzzle/nose/mouth.

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2007-01-10 [Atayemi]: Woww, she looks older to me. xD Yeah, it is! :D

2007-01-10 [Zab]: XD yep:P I think she was badly treaten as a foal too:P

2007-01-10 [Atayemi]: Aww..really?

2007-01-10 [Zab]: yeah..O_o dunno much tho

2007-01-10 [moira hawthorne]: the kickin photo is awesome!

2007-01-10 [Zab]: Mine? Thanks..XD

2007-01-10 [moira hawthorne]: yes.... I wish i had a little mare to train... but id have to get off ET to do it...

2007-01-10 [Zab]: *grins* Well..I wish I had time to actually train her..

2007-01-11 [Mental Terrorist]: WOW! Dale is BEAUTIFUL! i love paints! and he looks good in it!

2007-01-11 [Atayemi]: Awww thanks. :P He is lovely. I'll never see him again in the flesh though. :(

2007-01-13 [Mental Terrorist]: oh, why??

2007-01-13 [Atayemi]: I have given up riding at the stables where he is. =/ Mainly because the price of lessons is far too expensive now, and it will keep increasing.

2007-01-13 [Zab]: *brings you here* >< Are you sure there are no private stables where you could ride in exchange for working a bi? 8I know I've said it before.. I just think it's bad you can't ride if you want, I think you're one of the good people that care more about the horse than to look good as fast as possible..>_>)

2007-01-13 [Atayemi]: I remember you asking me yes..but there isn't no. They're all really snobby and stuck up people. Plus I would have to be sixteen to work too. I've only got two months left anyways. :D I suppose I'll just have to wait..I really want to ride again. I've just got no where to go. ;-;

2007-01-13 [Zab]: 16 to work? O_o That's just if you get paid, isn't it? At least here I know that stables are filled with 9-11 years old girls.. slaving to get a lesson once inb a whilre..XD (not so many in private stables, but still often one or two...) Well.. I hope you stumble over a horse who's owner are a bit tired of and lets you ''own'' it some days a week:P It'øs more common than you think:P
Why not put a note up in some horse fgorum on the internert? like
if it had been around here..><

2007-01-13 [Atayemi]:'s stupid. There aren't any stables around here that do that, though. ;-; You either have to pay for lessons, help about a bit and don't get lessons. Me too, hopefully. My uncle owns two shetlands, but they're too old and way too small to be ridden. He has a donkey, but I won't be able to ride that. XD!
O.o Forum? Uhm..I doubt that'll work. :P

2007-01-13 [Zab]: XD Why not the donkey! Train it! :P *also wish I could let you try academic riding* That piaff yesterday..*drools* but that's really expencive..(and a way too big reason for me to keep this job..XD)
Isn't ity worth a try? Don't you have any wales-ish forumj for horsepeople? It might be you have to travel a bit, by bus or something, but there must be one place nnot too far away with horses... I've seen quite a lot ads on hæstnet both for people who wants horses and those who want help with horses..
I think you should try, worst thing that can happen is that you don't find anyone, right? ;)

2007-01-13 [Atayemi]: Nuu! It'll kick me or something! xD And I've seen people ride donkeys..they're strange. :P Awww..I want to come over there. I'd love to work with new people. I'll consider it when I'm a bit older. :)
Maybe..I could look into it. :P
Hehe yes. :D

2007-01-13 [Zab]: XD I really want tioi try riding a donlkey..XD tried elephant, camel, horse, cow..only need a donkey..XD (think I rode on the bacxk of a dog when I was really small too..Oo)
Yeah, try it. :) I hope you find something:P

Whee! XD Look for horsejobs in sweden! won't find any..O__o I had to gwet to denmark to find one...XD

2007-01-13 [Atayemi]: *is on floor laughing* A dog?! Me too! My God..XD!
Haha, I've ridden a horse, camel, donkey(only walking on a beach..), and an elephant. :P
Me too. :D
Haha I will! I might do! You never know. xD
I wouldn't come over until I'm 18/19 anyways. :P

2007-01-13 [Zab]: XD yah..
Or buy a horse...>_> XD

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