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2006-04-03 11:47:08
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For the first time EVER I am able to reveal my art to the whole of elftown, so please enjoy my rather small collection of varying talent. I have laboured long and hard!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

WOW! This was my FIRST EVER attempt at manga! Its SOOOOO old! I was in 7th grade!

<img300*0:stuff/138219_1116955518.jpg> this old! I did this when i was like, 11!!! I'm still a big Ranma fan tho! ^^


These are also SUPER old. I drew them for ma frend [Chibi-Rue]. [POG] coloured the second one ^^. The proportions are a bit strange.

Another oldie. Urgh, where are my more recent pics????? It is an elf.....duh

Not much i can say about this. o.0

THE FIRST COMIC BY HOSHI! My first ever comic ^^.

Much newer....ITS WAIT EVERYBODY ^^She is a chara for my own rp.

Wow! I totally love this character. She's wicked ^^. I like her positon also ^^

My christmas pic, Cute, eh?

YUI!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOO WOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!(shes an rp chara of mine...)

Sicilly- [POG]'s character, as drawn by moi....

I drew this badge for my sis [POG]...cute huh?

Wheee! A new pic! This is a rp character of mine. Her name is Feu Deviant. She is a cute slytherin for a harry potter rp.

This is a pic I did for a comp. One side is me all normal, the other side is me as an elf!

Something that was meant to be on my house, but I got the colours wrong....GAH!


My entry for the valentines Comp! Its Love sleeping. I am not sure which version I should enter.

A pic done ages ago which [POG] touched up! Thankyou!

A cute pic! A felt like a change of style, so I drew this!

OMG NEW!!! Sorry that I havent done any new pics recently @.@ I have artists block T_T

The explanation for this pic is that for my creative writing homework, I have to come up with a chara for a short story.This is she. No idea what the story is about,but its got somthing to do with life and death,hence the wings.

A nursey pic! And no! I have not gone hentai! I did not mean for that effect! She is just a normal nurse, who happens to have quite large boobs and a very short skirt :/
I coloured it meself. I am quite proud actually.

She is back on track and churning out pictures like a well oiled machine! *,*
heh heh *sweatdrops*...Its Sicilly having a good ol puff. I HATE HATE HATE smokers, but Sicilly can just not seem to stop *stub it out Sicilly!*. Doesn't her hair look like angel wings???

A tablet piccy! I just learnt how to use it ^^

To see our ([POG]'s and mine) Neopets piccies, go here.
Hoshi's +FairyChibi's Neopets

go to Hoshi's Art 2 to see more!!!

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2006-03-29 [raynesprite]: omg cool ^.^ thats a great pic :3

2006-03-29 [ghostiegirl]: thankyou! fairyvchibi keeps laughing at it >:( Appartently I am a not!!!!

2006-03-29 [raynesprite]: *giggles* X_x well Im not one to comment on the subject matter cause thats all I tend to draw anyway >.< I guess it comes from the type of art I work with :/ anthros somehow are always assosiated with yiff @_@

2006-03-29 [ghostiegirl]: I always find that guys can get away with really porny pics but girls do not...

2006-03-29 [raynesprite]: yeah :/ its sexist is what it is >.> blah


2006-03-29 [raynesprite]: *pokes [POG]* lol

2006-03-29 [ghostiegirl]: *also pokes [POG], but with a very sharp spear*

2006-03-29 [raynesprite]: GYAH!! @,@! the natives are attacking!!

2006-03-29 [ghostiegirl]: Insult me and you will feel my wrath too * leers evilly at rayne *

2006-03-29 [raynesprite]: oh dear me whatever shall I do @,@ *runs in circles* lol ^^" jk

2006-03-30 [POG]: Perv..perv...perv...perv..Perv..perv...perv...perv..Perv..perv...perv...perv..Perv..perv...perv...perv..Perv..perv...perv...perv..

2006-03-30 [ghostiegirl]: SHADDUP!!!! >:8

2006-03-30 [POG]: haw haw haw haw.....:*) *cries a star of laughter* something tells me that emoticon aint gonna catch on...


2006-03-30 [ghostiegirl]: Yeah...well try this one on for size...<:Q...I call it the drooling clown...

2006-03-30 [POG]: cute....suits you. what about this. ::: ) alien

2006-03-31 [raynesprite]: whoohoohoooo ^.^! *runs around like a crazy* thats a really cool pic ^,^ I drew one of her a while ago but I should redo it I dont really like it so much

2006-04-03 [raynesprite]: awwwww ^-^!! your first tablet piccy ^.^ *saves in memory book* XD lmao

2006-05-02 [General]: Your Art makes me giggle, in a good way. I enjoyed sifting through them. Nice touch you have, from a fellow artist. Keep up the good work!

2006-05-02 [ghostiegirl]: eee thankies!

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