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2005-12-21 12:04:09
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To be in this Wiki you MUST love Steven. If you dont, then go screw a doll.

1. [Batgirl1261]- owner- I wub yuw Steven! I also wub ur...nvr mnd....hehe...good times...Wub ya cutie!
2. [colbert;]
3. [ChibiLady]
4. [FlowerGirl21]
5. [Cam Static]
6. [Aly~Ducati]
7. [fairyfly666]
8. [__MasqeRade__]
9. [.:.Close. the. god. damn. door.:.] love ya babez! but u neva talk to me anymore :(
12.[Psycho Chipmunk is ROCKIN OUT!]
14.[tears of the mist]/ [Modnoc!] -STEVEN ROCKS!! hell yeah >>; <<; mr clause O_o
15. [lothorion the duck] I love stevey and i get kisses off him too....YAY!!
16.[Raven Shortie] I luv Stevey too! He's my bestest buddy in the world! *HUGS & KISSES*
17.[bluefarie]-i love steven! i want 2 live where steven is!
18.i love him.



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2006-03-06 [Batgirl1261]: WWWWWEEEEEE

2006-03-06 [Angelic Guitarist]: hehe :P i love steven but i love my self more lmao

2006-03-09 [bluefarie]: you are steven...>__<

2006-03-09 [Angelic Guitarist]: exactly lol but im sure in comfused some ppl more

2006-03-11 [bluefarie]: lol..

2006-03-12 [Angelic Guitarist]: :P

2006-03-17 [bluefarie]: ok...

2006-03-18 [Angelic Guitarist]: *big cuddles for all girls*

2006-03-18 [bluefarie]: yay

2006-03-19 [Angelic Guitarist]: hehe

2006-03-19 [Batgirl1261]: i feel loved

2006-03-19 [bluefarie]: me too!!

2006-03-19 [Batgirl1261]: lol

2006-03-19 [Angelic Guitarist]: :P woot woot

2006-03-24 [Batgirl1261]: IM HORNY!!!

2006-03-24 [bluefarie]: whooo! horny girl !!! watch out Steven!!

2006-03-24 [Angelic Guitarist]: lmao this is suppose to be a PG Wiki i think some girls are still young and innocnet :P

2006-03-24 [Batgirl1261]: lol

2006-03-25 [bluefarie]: awww...

2006-03-26 [Angelic Guitarist]: well its true

2006-04-07 [Batgirl1261]: lol

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