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Reasons why to love [Viking]:

1. He's funny.
2. He's smart.
3. He's handsome.
4. He's kind.
5. He's dignified.
6. He makes wonderful photographs.
7. He made me make this wiki.
8. He loves beer.
9. His modesty is almost as big as his ego.
10. One day he will take over the world.
11. He's not as evil as he claims to be.
12. He spams the junk forum almost as much as Pubky.
13. He spams his diary with links.
14. He knows a lot of useless things.
15. He also knows a lot of not so useless things.
16. He pays taxes which his city uses to send visitor guides all the way to Belgium.
17. He needs other people to change his own wikis.
18. He has a penis! ...which rhymes with "eat at Bob's Diner"! ...coincidence? [Mortified Penguin]
19. He doesn't like empty photo and drawing slots [ally]
20. People write fanfiction about him! [Triola]
21. He takes turns making fun of everbody :)
22. He's a hero.
23. He has a rhyming dictionary ^^
24. He has eye for good photography
25. He introduced me to the joys of Todd Snider songs. [hanhepi]
26. He had an incident with bigfoot and lived to tell about it. [hanhepi]
27. He has given info and prepared us all for the zombie apocalypse.
28. He's a Red Wings fan.
29. He sends me Guestbook comments when I think no one else would. *squee!* I love it when it says "Whee Someone Has Signed Your Guestbook"! ^_^ -[Cillamoon]
30. He's clearly not delusional.
31. He's a robot.

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2007-09-30 [ally]: Let's be honest when we edit the wiki >.>

2007-09-30 [Mortified Penguin]: ...Darn you...

2007-09-30 [ally]: -_-

2007-10-02 [Triola]: The name was left out very purposely, darn it :P

2007-10-02 [Mortified Penguin]: Too bad, sucker. ...*eats ramen*...

2007-10-02 [Viking]: Viking Fanfiction =)

2007-10-03 [iippo]: I don't know how to love him :/

2007-10-03 [Triola]: ♪ I don't see why he moves me / He's a man. He's just a man.


2007-10-03 [iippo]: :9 Exactly. And nooowwww... VOICE CLIP IT!

2007-10-03 [Triola]: Haha, that was funny xP my voice doesn't go that low at all and my flatmate is now looking at me like I'm crazy :3 Enjoy!


2007-10-03 [iippo]: The song does go crazily low at parts :3 Sounds awesomely!

2007-10-03 [Triola]: Now, voice clip right back at'cha :P

2007-10-03 [iippo]: I has no microphone in England-land. ^^; I'll borrow the Marantz recorder from uni at some point.

2007-10-03 [Triola]: :O No microphone? The blasphemy! An iippo without a microphone is like... a Viking without an ego!

2007-10-03 [iippo]: Funny you should mention it... I switched rooms and am now on the iMac in the MA Base Room and it appears to have a built-in microphone... :P Anyone know how to record with a mac?

2007-10-03 [Triola]: No :P I wouldn't touch a mac with a ten foot pole :P

2007-10-03 [iippo]: This is a challenge. I accept! And I choose the banjo!

2007-10-03 [Triola]: Now we definitely need to get that microphone up and working. This town seriously lack recordings of banjo playing iippos.

2007-10-03 [iippo]: 'Twas a Monkey Island -reference. (If you like pirates, you'll love those games). Update on the Hopeless Quest of Recording: I located Audacity (lovelove, it's free AND awesome!) on this computer, but it seems to not want to work. I'll restart to see if it'd want to work.

2007-10-03 [iippo]: It wanted to work :D
You brought it on to yourselves :P Or at least Triola did.
Not one of my finest XP

2007-10-03 [Triola]: :D Awsome! After listening to your version I kinda feel like I rushed through it >.>

Miih, this is so the Viking theme song now xP We should have everyone do their version! :P

2007-10-03 [iippo]: Viking is bigger than Jesus :3

2007-10-03 [Triola]: Indeed. But who is he really, and what has he sacrificed? :P

2007-10-03 [iippo]: Viking has sacrificed beer.

2007-10-03 [Triola]: O.o Viking would never sacrifice beer, unless it consisted of pouring it into his own mouth.

2007-10-04 [All_Most PUNK]: SAcrifice is only valid when it's something really valuable. And nothing has more value than beer.

Also... nice singing, girls!

2007-10-04 [Triola]: -

You should record your own version next time you have the possibility ;)

2007-10-04 [Viking]: Wow...beautiful singing!

2007-10-04 [Triola]: It's the only way to express our everlasting confusion on how to love you :P

2007-10-04 [All_Most PUNK]: Viking, just so you don't feel worried lemme assure you that I won't sing it.

2007-10-04 [Viking]: Yay! My worries are over!

2007-10-05 [All_Most PUNK]: Yeah... so are mine >_>

2007-10-05 [Triola]: Awww *pouts*

2007-10-10 [Easterling]: Aw....! I never knew Viking was that popular..! (does this mean I also have to suck up to him?...)

Hmmm... reason # 7 is quite funny, IMO.. Who made this wiki?

2007-10-10 [All_Most PUNK]: ally.

2007-10-11 [Viking]: Oh, yeah I'm popular. In fact, I'd have to say that I'm more popular than Jesus now.

2007-10-11 [All_Most PUNK]: Or than [Avaz].

2007-10-11 [Viking]: Well, that's obvious since [Avaz] isn't even as popular as the Beatles.

2007-10-11 [All_Most PUNK]: That's not what [Avaz] would say.

2007-10-11 [Easterling]: Maybe more popular than [Avaz] at least seem more realistic... I mean - Jesus is very hard to compete with...

2007-10-11 [iippo]: Yeah... For example, I like Jesus more than I like Viking. :S

2007-10-11 [Viking]: Blasphemy!

2007-10-11 [All_Most PUNK]: You have to admit that Jesus is pretty cool.

2007-10-11 [Viking]: Well, he is a zombie or some sort of undead...

2007-10-11 [All_Most PUNK]: And the first revolutionary. The only problem is the hippie thing.

2007-10-11 [Viking]: I really don't think he was the first. Far from it, really.

2007-10-12 [Easterling]: He couldn't have been the first... Amos was before him, for an example.. What about the hippie thing?

2007-10-12 [All_Most PUNK]: It's the first AC one >_>
Hippies aren't good.

2007-10-12 [Easterling]: What has hippies to do with Jesus or Viking?

2007-10-12 [iippo]: I really haven't a clue either. Hippies fuck anything that move, use illegal substances and smell. Jesus nor Viking do none of the above.

2007-10-12 [All_Most PUNK]: None of you have never heard that "Jesus was the first hippie"?

2007-10-12 [iippo]: I don't see how.

2007-10-15 [Easterling]: No....? I do have heard about the christian hippie-movement called "The Jesus-people"... but that's not the same thing..

2007-10-15 [Triola]: I've heard it, but I think it had more to do with the hair than anything else :P That is, in the usual European portrayal of him. Oh, also, he preached 'love not war' etc.

2007-10-15 [Easterling]: It's funny that Europeans often potray him with blond hair and blue eyes, and then protest loudly when African people, for example, potray him as a black man... XD

2007-10-15 [All_Most PUNK]: And I think Trio got it right.

2007-10-15 [Triola]: :D

2007-10-17 [iippo]: I think anyone's personal portrayal of Jesus is a-okay. Mine's got brown eyes and not-that-long brown hair *shrugs* Whatever makes you connect.

2007-10-19 [Easterling]: Exactly. No one will ever know what He looked like anyway....

2007-10-19 [Triola]: Most likely like an Arabian anyway :P

2007-10-19 [Easterling]: Most likely like Jew, right?... I was in Jerusalem once and there was a church with many images of the virgin Mary from every part of the world... there was Mary in a kinomo, an latin-american Mary and so on.. But the guide told us there wasn't any image of her portraied like the Jew she was..

2007-10-19 [Triola]: Well, Jews look kind of like Arabians, don't they?

2007-10-19 [Easterling]: Yes, I guess they do... Not sure that they'd like to admit it, though...

2007-10-19 [iippo]: But I think he's often portrayed as a blonde blue-eyed man to illustrate that he wasn't a regular man from the area. Sort of like "normal people have dark hair and eyes but not Jesus 'cause he's special". Maybe.

2007-10-19 [iippo]: To bring the discussion back on topic - how do you imagine Viking looks like?

2007-10-19 [Easterling]: Yeah, that's just what I said, that it was funny (weird). Then many got upset when He was potrayed as a black man in one of Madonna's videos..

2007-10-19 [Triola]: Something like this, I'd imagine --->


2007-10-19 [Easterling]: I think so, too! :D

2007-10-22 [Viking]: Hmm...Yous might be disappointed in my appearance...

2007-10-22 [Triola]: I think you should show us and let us decide for ourselves :P

2007-10-22 [Viking]: Well, I don't have a big beard...

2007-10-22 [Triola]: Show, don't tell ;)

2007-10-22 [Viking]: This one is a bit old, but the only real difference is my glasses...

2007-10-22 [Triola]: Hmmm, yes, there is definitely a rather distinctive lack of beard and horned hats.

2007-10-22 [iippo]: :3 <3

2007-10-22 [Viking]: I'm glad someone enjoyed it =)

2008-06-07 [Easterling]: I love Viking!

2008-07-21 [iippo]: Because I love Viking, I ended up doing another installment in my series of "Torture for Your Ears" :3 <URL:stuff/iippoisstillalive.mp3>

2008-07-22 [Viking]: Excellent!

2008-07-30 [HardRockAngel]: 316. He pays taxes which his city uses to send visitor guides all the way to Belgium.3 then were are you from? =P
Btw, isn't it odd to have a viking without a beard? o.O"

2008-07-30 [Viking]: I'm from the Circle City =)

2008-07-30 [Easterling]: He's the greatest of all vikings, with a beard or not.

2008-07-30 [HardRockAngel]: Nope, don't know that place.
so your taxmoney is being wasted (big surprise =P)

2008-07-30 [Viking]: Yeah, all tax money is wasted. The Circle City is Indianapolis =P

2008-08-04 [Easterling]: *visiting this wiki for a very particular reason*

2008-08-04 [Mortified Penguin]: *eating ramen*

2008-08-04 [Easterling]: What is ramen.. ?

2008-08-04 [Mortified Penguin]: Ramen

2008-08-04 [Easterling]: Oh.. and you always eat that?

What's the pink and white thing that lies not far from the egg.. the thing that looks like a soap?

2008-08-04 [Mortified Penguin]: A piece of fish...

2008-08-04 [Easterling]: ...that you've coloured with a pink pen?

2008-08-04 [Mortified Penguin]: Nah... the pink spiral is made from kamaboko.

2008-08-04 [Easterling]: "Fish loaf".. mm seems delicious.

2008-08-04 [Mortified Penguin]: Screw the fish! ...*eats ramen*...

2008-08-04 [Easterling]: Wasn't fish loaf a part of the ramen? -.^ 

2008-08-04 [Mortified Penguin]: Not necessarily... and typically you won't find people eating such fancy looking ramen... you'll see some poor people eating the 30 cent cup stuff...

2008-08-04 [Easterling]: In Poland. Anyway it reminds me of something I ate that was a Polish dish.

2008-08-04 [All_Most PUNK]: One of the most disgusting pictures of ramen I've ever seen.

2008-08-04 [Viking]: Are the ever appetizing?

2008-08-04 [All_Most PUNK]: I don't know, but that one was especially gross.

2008-08-04 [Easterling]: You've eaten it, too??

2008-08-04 [All_Most PUNK]: I don't know. They still look disgusting :P

2008-08-04 [Easterling]: I'm very impressive that he eats it all the time. How many plates of ramen a day do you think he eats?

2008-08-04 [HardRockAngel]: Check the wiki's: that adds up to.. a lot :P

2008-08-04 [Easterling]: Yeah..

2008-08-04 [Mortified Penguin]: ...*eats ramen*!

2008-08-04 [Easterling]: Don't you get tired of it?

2008-08-04 [Mortified Penguin]: Nope.

2009-02-01 [Triola]: Who doesn't have a rhyming dictionary? :o

2009-02-02 [Easterling]: I don't. :P

2009-02-02 [Triola]: :O

2009-02-24 [All_Most PUNK]: Neither do I.

2009-02-24 [Easterling]: We don't need that. B-)

2009-02-24 [All_Most PUNK]: Exactly. Triola does, though.

2009-02-24 [Triola]: Of course I do, I love dictionaries, rhyming ones included <3

2009-02-24 [Easterling]: I don't love them. I just come to them when I have problems. That's not a fair relationship.

2009-02-24 [Triola]: No, it's not. You should treat your dictionaries better.

2009-02-24 [Easterling]: I put my english dictionary in my only "shelf" - it should feel honoured!

2009-02-24 [Viking]: Wow, that is a place of honor.

2009-02-24 [Easterling]: The Spanish one was just thrown on the floor with the other junk lying around there, but now I've cleaned and I put it on the top of the english one.

2009-02-25 [All_Most PUNK]: But spanish is easy, no dictionary is needed for it.

2009-02-25 [Easterling]: But Swedish is difficult. It has a lot of words that I don't know how to translate into Spanish.

2009-02-25 [All_Most PUNK]: I see how that could be a problem...

2009-06-01 [Easterling]: If I made a spelling error there, remember that I'm Swedish... >_>

2009-06-01 [Viking]:


2009-06-03 [iippo]: Sorry for all the edits. >_> I was... bug-testing *nod nod*

2009-06-03 [Triola]: I.e. playing around with capitalization? :P

2009-06-04 [Easterling]: When Viking does that "xD"-thing, you know you've done something right that day.... :)

2009-06-18 [Viking]: The banner is gone =(
Does that mean [ally] doesn't love me anymore?

2009-06-18 [iippo]: Dammit. I can fix that next week if ally doesn't come back and do it before.

2009-06-23 [ally]: I don't need a banner to love you. This will have to do for now

2009-06-27 [iippo]: Today we discovered that because I love Viking I have to clean my cupboards :O

2009-06-27 [Easterling]: Why do you have to clean them? :O

2009-06-27 [iippo]: Because we need a new system, a reorganisation of all matter and tinned goods, since we found out that it's possible to love Viking more than was earlier thought possible.

2009-06-27 [Easterling]: Maybe is the heat .... but I really didn't understand... :P I'm going to go and take a nap.

2009-07-06 [ally]:'s possible to love Viking more than was earlier thought possible.
But I love him so much already :(

2009-07-08 [Viking]: It was a new discovery. It surprised all of us!

2010-01-22 [Easterling]: Viking, did you write that last thing yourself?

2010-01-22 [All_Most PUNK]: No, unless he was using 'nouk's account.

2010-01-22 [Easterling]: (I know, I was only teasing him.)

2010-01-22 [Janouk]: (He's just too serious :p)

2010-01-22 [All_Most PUNK]: (I am)

2010-01-22 [Triola]: (No sense of humour)

2010-01-22 [Viking]: I don't think he has a sense of smell, either...

2010-01-22 [Triola]: Or propriety.

2010-01-22 [Viking]: Yeah, but he auctioned that one off for charity.

2010-01-22 [Triola]: Decent chap.

2010-01-23 [Easterling]: What would starving people do with his sense of smell?

2010-01-23 [Viking]: Use it to find food, probably.

2010-01-23 [All_Most PUNK]: What matters is the money I got for it.

And humor is overrated.

2010-01-23 [Easterling]: How much money?

I could use a sense of smell...

2014-08-17 [Sunrose]: *^_^*

2014-08-17 [Viking]: Are you on a quest to revive old wikis?

2014-08-18 [ally]: She loves you.

2014-08-18 [Viking]: Of course. Why wouldn't she?

2014-08-18 [Sunrose]: =D

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