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An iframe lets you put a direct view window of another page, a video, a flash game or many other things directly on your wiki-page.

You must have a priv of 90, or lower to be able to use the iframe-tag. Note that if you let someone with a priv of 91+ edit your wikipage, the tag will no longer work and you will have to edit it again to fix it.
See privs for more information.

Using the iframe in your house is not allowed and doing so will result in your priv 90 being removed.



  Write the tag like this:
That will display the page in an iframe box that is 112 px wide and 150 px tall.

  Additionally, to make it easier for members to directly copy and embed content (like a YouTube video, for example), the standard HTML code for iframes can also be used.

  To easily grab a video from YouTube and display it on a wiki-page for display, go to the video you'd like to share on Elftown, click on the "share" button on the page, then go to the "Embed" section and copy+paste that code on to a wiki-page, and submit changes to the page.

<iframe width="400" height="225 src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
will become


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2008-11-06 [iippo]: Please note that you should let anyone with a lower privs be allowed to edit
I take it you mean the opposite, shouldn't allow anyone to edit?

2008-11-28 [Mordigen]: What would the exact purpose of the iframes option be regarding ET ?

2008-12-02 [Mortified Penguin]: Can you use iframes in comments...?

2008-12-28 [Duke Devlin]: I would imagine not/

2009-01-28 [True, plain and simple]: Fixed that typo [iippo] pointed out some time ago. :P

2009-08-15 [Zab]: Lower priv? Isn't it higher?

And what's the iframe for?

2009-10-03 [Veltzeh]: In Elftown, a lower priv means you have more rights to do stuff. And the iframe can be used to embed another page onto a wikipage. :)
...Wait, that was an old question. Oh well, better late than never...

2009-10-03 [Zab]: Please note that you shouldn't let anyone with a lower privs be allowed to edit your wiki-page because then the iframe-tag will go away!

I meant that sentence^^

2009-10-03 [Veltzeh]: Oh, that one! Yeah, there's apparently an error there. I'll fix it. X)

2009-10-04 [Duke Devlin]: Wow.. I feel dense for not seeing that. XD

2009-10-04 [Zab]: heheeheh :P

2013-02-02 [Stephen]: I updated this page to the versions I made of it for Elfpack and FAKE.

I don't know how the Elftown copyright rules apply to YouTube videos (this only really works on wiki's anyway, but you could put a video on your house via the gallery system), so if it's against the rules to put a random YouTube video in your profile someone might wanna add that. :P

2013-02-02 [iippo]: Fixed.

2013-02-02 [Stephen]: Using the iframe in your house is not allowed and doing so will result in your priv 90 being removed.

What if, for example, Silvie wanted to have a video of her hand drawing something interesting on her house? :P

2013-02-02 [iippo]: I would shoot her in the face.

2013-02-02 [SilverFire]: D: Not my gumdrop face!

2013-02-06 [Stephen]: ... rotfl. xD

2013-08-20 [Slayer Chick]: That fire dubstep video is bad ass ^-^

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