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Welcome to InuYasha appreciation for the boys!





Inuyasha appreciation for the boys group images

Inuyasha appreciation for the couples

InuYasha Appreciation For The Girls!


We are worshiping all of the InuYasha guys here! Let's just pray that each of them are appreciated!

InuYasha's Doghouse

Miroku The Pervy Monk

Sesshomaru's Demon Palace

Naraku's Demon Hideout

Shippo's Foxhole

Koga's Wolf Den

Kohaku's weapontry

Jaken's Lilypad

Hakkaku and Ginta's Den

The Shichinintai's Hideout

Hakudoshi's Evil Playroom

Souta's Schoolhouse

Please let me know if I've missed any, Thank You!

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2008-07-08 [Araglas]: What happened to all the talk here?

2008-07-08 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: got deleted because of ET's new look. -.-

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