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James Kimmey

Created By [Lin Star]
For Without a Cause

Username:[Lin Star]

Name:James Kimmey AKA Jimmy



Skills:Charismatic Sales Associate; chances are, if he can't convince you to do something, no one will.

Weapons:Blunt objects strapped to his motorcycle (crowbar, aluminum bat) and a collection of "redneck" weaponry in his apartment (includes collected weapons from other homes, not just his airsoft gun collecetion)

Appearance:Jimmy is your ideal ginger. He's got pale skin and freckles along his arms, legs, chest, and face. He's average height (about 5'10") and average weight (about 175 lb.). He's average in most everything except how he portrays himself. He's got a sexy smile and uses it to his advantage. His eyes are a deep emerald color with thick lashes. He keeps a neat orderly look. His hair is never too long, but it curls extremely if he were to grow it out. Currently, it's short and slightly spiked, but otherwise looks soft. He wears jeans and dark shirts, staying away from button ups when not working, and often has a worn leather jacket. He actually owns a Harley and has kept it running, despite the numerous raids he's managed to slip out of. While he might not look it, for his childhood, he was the most flexible man in a traveling circus. He can still contortion his body easily and can perform insane, nearly impossible stunts most normal people wouldn't dream of doing.

Personality:Along with his charismatic personality, a charming smile and strange quirky abilities have gotten him quite a reputation with the people who used to inhabit New York with him. While he might not know everyone, most people have heard of him. He can get most everyone to laugh be it by saying something or doing something funny. He's the kind of person who smiles all the time, so you know when they're not smiling, something's extremely wrong. He barely lets his smile down, though, but it's not his shiniest smile ever. He cares a lot for people and shows it through actions more than words, although words have never failed him.

History:At a very young age, James was given lessons and schooling in the performing arts. His parents were acrobats in a traveling circus in Europe and became the Kimmey Family Acrobats with him. For the longest time, he'd spent his life traveling with the circus, performing and learning scholastically in a home school type of environment. While he might not have been utterly smart, he was always doing well in his studies. Once he became old enough to choose a life for himself, he decided to open a dance school and moved to America. That failed and he ended up working for TV sales which made him nearly instantly popular as the guy to get to sell your stuff. Currently, he's living in New York and always on call for popular items, whether to model or to host something.


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2009-12-08 [Lin Star]: I've decided Jimmy's gay, or at least he's bisexual but prefers guys to girls, given the choice.

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