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Landing in the Desert


Nes-tra turned, hearing the helecoptor and watched it land silently, using his hand to block his face from the grit and the sand, with his amulet on his chest he wasnt afraid of anything, he was just unsure of who, or what was comming down. As the figure jumped off the helicopter rose once more, Nes-tra watched it leave with a cool gaze and looked at the creature it had dropped. Using the amulet quickly he scanned over the person left behind for any sort of magical device, smiling slightly when it came up clean. Facing the person fully he called calmly "Who are you?"

Still thinking about her recent past, Kyra, strolled through the land. Weather her intuition, or mindless walking from her personal tragedy, brought her here. She couldn't see anything from the grains of dust and sand so she pulled on her cape to protect her face. She could see someone in front of her. She called to him. "Hey you there! Could you tell me where exactly we are?" but there was a big possibility he couldn't hear her from the noise.

Shona had just stepped off the helicopter, already allowing her dark aura to sweep out to the person who called to her. He is no human 'I should ask you the same question Demon'

Kyra's voice floated through air once more, this time more clear and louder than before. Her eyes saw two creatures now, still standing in the sun, so she couldn't see them well. Her inner light felt uncomfortable, almost like evil itself was near her. It reacted bursting more fiercly than before. She felt energy floating through her and warning her of something bad. She stood one second until she could see the newcomer, this time she regreted repeating the call, but it was too late.

Nes-tra's face twisted to a slight smile as he watched Shona and then his eyes grazed across the Kyra. "Well well... two magical beings." He chuckled softly "Ill enjoy this." He said and raised his amulet at Kyra then paused "What are you two doing here first. Have you been tracking me?"

Kyra sighed hardly. "Oh, I believe I have better things to do than to track the person I don't even know!" Her energy flow grew larger as a sign of near trouble. Her fingers twitched for a moment, the same way she used her energy. The sunshine fell on her pendant fusing the red and white sparkle into gold one, preventing the other two creatures to see the pendent itself. "If you used a little logic, you'd know that I wouldn't have asked you where we were if I tracked you, would I? The question remains the same, although I am not sure if I can trust the man who can not use proper sence of logic." Kyra surprised herself with her tone. She never spoke so hardly the first time she saw someone. It must be intuition of some kind, she concluded.

The Kali in Shona rushed through her body as soon as she realised the demon infront of her could be a nuisance. She waited until the demon and the woman finished there conversation. She turned her gaze at Kyra and dismissed her from her mind. She is no threat

Nes-tra looked at the pair "I don't need your assistance, so why are you here?" He demanded in his dark low tone "You all have magic, give me a reason not to kill you both now."

Kyra smirked. She hated people who thought that they 're better than anyone. "I shall not answer your question. Nor I am obliged to you in any other way. I asked you a simple question, and mere rules of behaviour are too much to follow for you. I guess that tells me everything." Her hair got reddish colour and her pendant shone, this time red.

Shona tutted and raised her eyebrow. 'Silence demon, dont be so pathetic and immature. What matters is that we all can be of use to each other. Battle it out in the end if we must. But i assure you i shall not waste my time arguing with such pitiable behavior.' She turned to the other female. 'Tell me what your name is child, and we can move forward. I am... Shona.'

Kyra bowed as a sign of respect, but only for a moment. That motion she normally used to prevent giving her hand to strangers, becouse her light could 'feel' other people's energy. She needed some time to move it from her system. " Kyra. Kyra is the name." she smirked in the direction of a male demon. A moment later she moved to Shona, this time with serendipity on her face. "I uttery agree with your words. Moving from this hell's heat should be our prime plan. And if we can help each other, the better. We should try to find path if somebody already passed through this territory..."

Nes-tra cracked his neck and considered the two on his side, there was no way he could trust them. Like most poeple they were probably out for the same thing he was. and Nes-tra didn't like compitition. He looked at the pair, considered his level of ability then smiled on the inside as another part of him piped up Why don't you use them until they become useless to you? Nes-tra decided on that course of action. He looked to the others "There is no need to find a path." he said holding up his amulet "I can track there power." He said and pointed. "They are that way. I can feel Shiva using magic."

The kali in shona was thinking the same thing as Nes-tra, use and abuse She smiled to herself and started walking in the direction the demon had pointed to.

Feeling their aura, Kyra was aware of the hidden plans inside the very pact they just made. "Ok. I can see it, too." She started walking in the same direction as Shona, but a little behind.

Nes-tra walked a little aways from the pair, keeping his eyes on them carefully as they began to get closer to the magic users.

Shona's legs and feet were starting to throb but she didnt complain, but carried on walking the sun heating the top of her head.

Nes-tra was feeling the heat as-well his eyes cast upwards slowly his arm blocking the sun "This heat is not good." He muttered to nobody in particular as the three walked.

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2007-06-28 [Wednesday]: once everone is together you guys have to find the cave where the rest are !

2007-06-28 [silent_voice]: my character is just standing there. lol

2007-06-28 [Angel In Red]: alrighty..

2007-06-28 [Wednesday]: lol you turn around and see kyra there too

2007-06-28 [Angel In Red]: in time

2007-06-28 [wilwarina]: hmm, i'm the only one in this party who is half-good

2007-06-29 [Wednesday]: lol lol lol

2007-06-29 [wilwarina]: i'll wite her name in bold. it is easier to find the last post, is that ok with you?

2007-06-29 [Wednesday]: ah you guys better start making friends or you never gonna catch up to us!!

2007-06-30 [Angel In Red]: im trying.. but no one else is posting damnit..!

2007-07-04 [silent_voice]: Lol yay for fighting

2007-07-04 [wilwarina]: sorry, i HAD to go, to help my mother with apartaments (she broke her hand). sorry once again

2007-07-04 [silent_voice]: Its alright

2007-07-04 [Wednesday]: you guyes are standing have to start to notice our footprints or out sent and follow it to the cave!!!

2007-07-04 [silent_voice]: It would help if the other's got on more often ><!

2007-07-04 [Wednesday]: thats true!

2007-07-04 [Angel In Red]: its not my fault!!!! the three nephews make a slight problemo!

2007-07-04 [wilwarina]: <img:stuff/sutN.gif> what footprints? i didn't see it among posts :) how bout we all go online at the same (ET) time? say when and i'll be online :) Silent? Angel?

2007-07-04 [Angel In Red]: I will be online tommorow morning. .. where do u live wil? What time zone. and they call me Red not angel.

2007-07-04 [wilwarina]: sowwie <img:stuff/mood7-gif.gif>
i live in croatia. it is 20:30 right now (london/prague time)

2007-07-04 [Angel In Red]: I live in england. It is 7.30pm right now for me..

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