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First on Elftown!


First on Elftown!


All of the following information belongs to and only to [Nadie importante]. As the wiki hopefully reaches fame, more things will be added and the collaboration of talented artists is more than welcomed. Every donation's owner will be featured in this wiki because as I don't want you to steal neither will I. The book is due to be finished before February 2007. If an enough amount of people are interested some chapters could be added to this website in order to show some of the actual 'stuff'. Positive critisism is more than allowed and welcomed but insulting the quality of the material, fans or myself will oblige me to report to the elftown guards.
CAUTION:This is a medieval fantasy story, if you do not like this genre, I'd rather you clicked away or tried to get interested because though critism IS accepted it will only be so from people that like and/or understand the subject.
Also, I'd like to start featuring an artist (and not only at drawing) [Ruudje] who has colaborated in the making of this story.
And now Ladies and Gentlemen...Enjoy



<img:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20Settingsdavid%20and%20heatherMy%20DocumentssukeET%20graphicsstone-crosee-bullet1.jpg>This is not a story that takes place on our planet earth. Think about it as a different earth in another solar system of a different galaxy in another universe, far, far away.
Earth is a place full of magic, so much magic that it had almost beaten the scientific curiosity which let the world stay 'simple' and what we consider medieval for as long as known.
For many thousands of years, the different creatures had learnt how to prevail and how to live with other creatures. Like anywhere, there was always greed and lust of power, battles, wars and evil.
Of all that roamed the earth, whom you will know for now will be the humans, the elves, the fairies, the mermaids, the dwarves, the tamers of magic (magicians, wizards or witches) and the fers. Of evil you needn't know yet.

In the twentieth thousand year of the forty-seventh season (year 20047) peace was disturbed by six knights of darkness. Peace once achieved by the hard effort of the fers and the ingenuity of allied species.

An unlimited amount of magic was at anyone's hand – anyone powerful enough to wield it. This had brought upon the earth the first great war, a war in which good couldn't seem to defeat evil. One special night, the King of Kings of the Human race, the Lord of Dwarves, the Queen of Mermaids, King and Queen of Fairies, the Wisest and Purest of Elves and the Most Powerful Wizard met in a very special secret place. The full moon shone as glorious as ever and all the stars looked upon an altar.
One drop of blood from each participant, a small drop of blood that contained purity, power and all the intention of good was given for a greater purpose… Then they wove a spell of magic that took direct power from the earth’s essence. Light blinded all. When it finally consumed itself in the altar, wrapped in a blanket a young child laid quietly.
What material was this? What answer to evil was this and what strange marks were these on the baby's neck and wrists as bright as the moonlight?
The Queen of Mermaids approached. She reached her arms out for the baby; but the loud noise of a stomp stopped her.
Strong and tall stood a horse by the entrance, but was he a horse? No, for an elegant twisted horn rose on his forehead. Slowly he approached the altar, the young girl wrapped in her blanket got on the animal, and they left.
"Un Ecor nel", the wizard said in a tongue long lost. Un Ecor nel – one pure creature, a phrase that became commonly known as a word, a word for one extraordinary animal: unicorn. After that night they searched for years for both the young girl and the unicorn. Three cycles (300 years) passed and only rumors were heard here and there.

Could you imagine such a long war?

And in the silence of night an army grew together, led by one whom they had thought lost.
And on the very first day of the first millennium, Erden, First of Fers rode Emodun and, followed by her army, went face to face with the enemy. This young girl and her magnificent creature defeated Malnom.

Of this story you need know no more.

The fers then made seven stones, seven stones that would hold within them the unlimited power of earth, only they would limit creature’s access to it. Never again would anyone develop powers as strong as Malnom, being able to control fire, rains and even the cycles of life.

Seven stones were kept in a secret chamber guarded by a leader of good men, stones that would pass from generation to generation.

The fers lay hidden and silent for they had no use in earth...until earth itself seemed to lose them.


Six were the number of the Malonum-knights and they had greed of the stones. They had found the chamber of balance and tried to get them; but the fers were clever, and with their enormous magic they had developed a defense mechanism for the chamber, a chamber that with the stones worked as one with the inner magic of earth. If a fer of good intentions was not the one to enter the chamber then all of the stones would travel in time to a specific cycle, in a special season where its power was at peak. The Malonum-knights then used their own abilities and traveled, one by one, searching for the Stones of Power.
The head of the council in the city of Ferolum was alerted. He searched for the only fer there was record of, Leicrah, daughter of Sadriel the last known Queen of Fers; but she was just a princess, a forgotten princess of a long lost and forgotten race.
Accompanied by her Merodan hawk, Carak, and her peculiar and strange mentor Ashiasi a Surethna she took the adventure, only because she had nothing better to do...


Special thanks to:
[Mordigen]for the first bullet.
[Sheona] for the green divider.
[Atayemi] for the bright-lilac divider
[Zab] for the original image for the unicorns.
[Colours edited by myself, original:örMina%20dokumentMina%20bilderhastkmu.bmp.jpg]

Onwards to...

* chapter 1 - proven worthy
* Chapter 2 - Thrandil, king of elves
* Writer's home: [Nadie importante]
* E-mail The writer :
* Readers Please sign your name here :-)
* Ferolum Events <- Yes its new and now we have a banner!

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2006-12-09 [Nadie importante]: Well I cant really give you guys all the information and answers you might have...cause I would have you like my bf, asking more questions and lots of whys:P! so what i can tell you at the moment [Manveri] is that a fer is the combination of what you read above, elve, humans, etc etc... the word itself fer comes from the combination of the word fairy and elf... I think that from reading the small fragment in chapter one you can see, roughly...Leicrah being a fer, looks like a human? but dont worry as the story developes, you will be getting more information, because a fer is not close to being human:-) thanks for your comment btw!

2006-12-31 [Artsieladie]: I like how this is going so far. I'd say you've tickled my tastebuds of curiosity. I will be interested to see how your story unfolds. <img:stuff/ThumbsUp_Wh_Mood.gif>

2007-01-02 [Nadie importante]: Thank you [Artsieladie] soon enough Ill be putting up the proper version of the last parrograph of chapter one..and then its off to chapter two^^

2007-01-02 [Artsieladie]: Very good. I'll be watching! *grins*

2007-01-18 [Nadie importante]: *Airport music* Dearest readers please teleport yourselves to readers, or if you feel too lazy to click here you will find a shortcut under Onwards to.., Thank you^^ *airport closing music*
*whispers* and hey with your name you can always leave a funny comment^^!!

2007-01-21 [Lothuriel]: I am watching, I am looking foward to getting the chance to read it.

2007-02-03 [Tigers and Trees]: I read some of the beginning. This is personally hard to swallow for me. I dislike high-fantasy of elves and wizards and unicorns and the like. You stuff a lot down your reader's throats in that first sentence. It feels more like a chore than a joy to read it. You should consider better transitions. The first sentence is very important to any story, poem, or really any written piece of literature. It's what draws the reader in.

Stuffing dates and figures down my throat makes me feel like I am taking a history class over reading a story.

Any number between 1-10 needs to be spelled out. Six knights. Seven stones. A pet peeve of mine, but it's how books are printed.

I will move on to the first chapter. If this was a prologue, consider making it a little more entertaining. It feels like a glossary or an addition to the story that they plaster in the back of books.

2007-02-03 [Nadie importante]: Thank you Emily for the comment, in the first place I dont reccommend you read if you dont like the gendre (spelling?:P) however I still appreciate very much your interest and time so thanks!
Second, This is just an Elftown introduction to the book, just so people dont feel they're orbiting^^' and about the numbers yes I got the remark and have to edit this page a lot but Im quite busy, Thanks again for your comment:)!

2007-02-03 [Nadie importante]: Dearest [Tigers and Trees], I have read your comment in chapter one, I must say that even if i appreciate critics (without them it couldnt be a good book) Im sorry but I am not going to accept the way you speak to me, you're not better than me and I'm not better than you but I'm sure you can be a little more polite. [Dark Side of the Moon] had even more to say about my writing than you and I really am fine with that, that is what this wiki is for: for you to like it and for me to learn what you'll like and how you'd like to see it. [Dark Side of the Moon] was very kind to me on pointing out my errors and I dont think nothing would happen if you did the same:).
Like I said chapter 1 - proven worthy IS going through changes.

Re-reading your message, Id like to tell you, that you're not my boss, or the one who's paying for this website or book...dont use terms like "message me when you've fixed this" or "if you can handle it"... I dont like this attitude and I havent asked for favours. If you want to help Ill aprecciate it very much but you help as a "friend" not as a boss. Cant wait to hear your critics about the contents,
But thanks again for your comment.
The writer.

2007-02-03 [Tigers and Trees]: As I will be detailing to you in a message, my critiquing style is not nice, friendly, or sugar-coated. My intentions are not to come off as rude, but they are to give you a harsh critiquing so you can learn from your mistakes and become the stronger writer for it. My style of critiquing is brutally honest and it's what I expect back from people; I believe I said that if you couldn't handle that, then I wouldn't critique your work, but it is what you were asking for (as it sounded to me). It's nothing personal on any levels (since I don't know you), but it is just how I work.

2007-02-04 [Nadie importante]: I dont care how crude, raw or strong your critics are...but you can just be nicer...more polite:-) and you can still be just as honest.

2007-02-04 [Lothuriel]: I know it is really none of my business but, there is a fine line between "harsh critiquing" and nit-picking. As an accomplished writer myself, I am used to people ripping my works apart. I have read through your story by the way [Nadie importante] and will send you my full opinion via message.

You tell her that "this is personally hard to swallow" and that you "dislike high-fantasy" if this is so then, you are not qualified to edit this story. And as for stuffing "a lot down your reader's throats" that is exactly what most writers do. It helps capture the imagination of the reader. It sets the mood for the reader and gives them an idea of what the world is like. Just read some of Rober Jordan's works, for example and even JRR Tolkien's works. 

2007-02-04 [Nadie importante]: Thank you [Lothuriel] for participating, its very nice for me to know there are actually other people participating and following what goes on in here:-)
Il be waiting for your message,and btw as an acomplished writer do you mean you've published things or succesfully finished stories, etc?

2007-02-04 [Lothuriel]: I have had a few articles and poetry published and am in the process of publishing a complete novel.

2007-02-04 [Nadie importante]: Wow that sounds amazing! congratulations and good luck! what is your novel about?

2007-02-04 [Lothuriel]: Wow, thank you! My novel is a fantasy novel about magic and love. It is an ellaborate, high-fantasy beauty and the beast scenerio. Would you like to read part of the rough draft?

2007-02-04 [Nadie importante]: yes I would love to! so when you can and have time send me a pm or a link:)

2007-02-04 [Lothuriel]: I just sent you a link to the forum.

2007-03-03 [Nadie importante]: EVERYONE WE NOW HAVE Ferolum Events, please check it out and if you can post the banner in your house^^

2007-03-05 [SilverFire]: *hauntage*

2007-03-05 [Nadie importante]: *whispers* sowy...I dont know what that means*hides under a rock* and yeah im supposed to be the writer:P

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