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Contest Rules

Topic - A realisation you have come to about life, especially one that has come from personal experience.
A poem about a day with your dog would not be good. A poem about how spending your day with that splendid creature and how it taught you to see the beauty of enjoying the simple life (or something to that effect) would be a much better choice.
You need not cite nor say the actual experience, though if we ask you should be able to give us a clear answer and back it up.
Size - Unlimited. Size will not play a factor, but please keep it reasonable.
Rhyme - Your choice.
Meter - Your choice.

This contest will be judged in a new way: I will create a poll for this to see what everyone thinks.

The winner and sole entry of this contest is [Half-Mad Poet].

Her Symbol

I had never noticed
Her barren hand
Tan, Empty
Laying gently
On the decaying chair.

Out of curiosity,
On night,
I wondered
“Whatever happened
To your wedding

Sighing her laughter,
Wizened eyes rested
Beneath a canopy
Of spider strands.

Wrinkles warped
A smile
That echoed
Forgotten pain.

“ I sold it
One night
To feed you
little bastards”

There was a silence.
And of her sadness

One reply

“It goes to show
No ring
Is a symbol
Of forever.”

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2006-09-09 [Viperess]: Where do you send a poem for this contest?

2006-09-09 [Elysian]: message it to [Elysian].

2006-09-09 [Viperess]: okay thanks much

2006-09-09 [Elysian]: well, it has been awhile since there was a new contest.

2006-09-17 [DeadSockMonster]: Ooh. Realizations ^_^ Well I'll have to get my graphite-smeared hands off my piano and write something.

2006-09-21 [Elysian]: You have 8 days until the deadline for this contest. Send it in a message to me. Currently, we have but one entry.

2006-10-01 [Half-Mad Poet]: sweet, i love winning by default

2006-11-05 [moonscale]: Wow. That is really pathetic. Only one person entered. It is a nice poem though. Still, It makes me feel even worse for not havong entered one myself. I need to get my act together.

2006-11-05 [Elysian]: It is a great poem, but life in Solemn Lines seems to have faded after one last sporadic attempt.

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