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The Literature Judges are those who judge official Elftown competitions that fall under the 'Literature' (prose/poetry). Their jobs include critiquing a piece of work and helping the Council decide on the winners.

Please do not message the Judges and ask them to vote for a specific piece. They will be judging based on quality, craftsmanship, grammar and spelling. Soliciting votes is frowned upon and may get your entry removed from said contest.

The Literature Judges do not watch the entry pages for the prose and poetry competitions; they are sent all the entries minus the entrants' usernames so that judging is anonymous.


The Literature judges are:

Illustrious [Linderel]
Illustrious [wicked fae mage]
Illustrious [Teufelsweib]
Illustrious [hanhepi]
trainee [Ravendust]
trainee [Doormat]
trainee [Eyden13]


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- The badge reward system
- apply to be a literature judge

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2011-04-29 [Akayume]: Why is it all spaced out at the top? o.o

2011-04-29 [SilverFire]: What do you mean?

2011-04-29 [Akayume]: There's a space between the two lines of text at the top.

2011-04-29 [SilverFire]: It's... a paragraph break?

2011-04-29 [Akayume]: I was just wondering since you've been so anti-spaces lately. :P

2011-04-29 [SilverFire]: Anti-useless space. Anti big spaces between text and dividers and badges and such. But there's a reason most online news sites have 1-2 sentence paragraphs: it makes it a lot easier to read text on a screen when it's presented like that. If it's useful spacing, I can live with it. Double line breaks between the end of a paragrab and a divider though is a no-no. :P

2011-04-29 [Akayume]: Otay. (:

2011-04-30 [kians mummy]: ohh, can i be a judge

2011-04-30 [SilverFire]: How did you even find this page, Sammie? It shouldn't be linked anywhere yet.

2011-04-30 [kians mummy]: at the bottom of main street lol, see i do look on there often
Latest public wiki-pages:

2011-04-30 [SilverFire]: Yeah, thought it might be that.

The literature judges will first be selected from people who have won previous writing contests or contribute regularly to the Daily Poem, if we don't get enough we will then open it to public applications.

2011-04-30 [kians mummy]: ok, well I have submitted to the daily poem 4 times, I did the Easter poetry contest I think thats what it was called (hence why I haven't done a link for it), I have submitted to the herald, also to Limericks, page 1, I have also done an application to the crew apply to the crew

2011-04-30 [Aradon Templar]: I has trainee :D

2011-04-30 [kians mummy]: thats what i wish to be

2011-04-30 [Alexi Ice]: Hahaha! Yeah I meant to put that on the reviewers page >.< Sorry

2011-04-30 [kians mummy]: so could i become a trainee

2011-04-30 [SilverFire]: We are still waiting to hear back from some of the people whom we had selected as potential Judges. If, after hearing back from them, we find we are still short of judges, then we will open the position to applications. :)

2011-04-30 [kians mummy]: ok hun, no worries

2011-05-03 [Lord Josmar]: I can't wait to judge the prose one!

2011-05-05 [kians mummy]: so can't i be a judge then x)

2011-05-05 [SilverFire]: We got as many as we needed! :) But of course there will be places available if/when other people retire.

2011-05-05 [kians mummy]: ok, so am i on top of the list

2011-05-05 [SilverFire]: Well at the moment you are, because you're the only one who's expressed interest. ;) But this won't work on a first-come, first-served basis, but on the merit of the applicant. :)

2011-05-05 [kians mummy]: The Literature Judges are those who judge official Elftown competitions that fall under the 'Literature' (prose/poetry). Their jobs include critiquing a piece of work and helping the Council decide*s on the winners.

correct grammer

2011-05-05 [SilverFire]: What is written there now is grammatically correct. "Decides" would be decidedly incorrect. :P

2011-05-05 [Veltzeh]: Commas are more comprehensible than slashes there, I think.

2011-05-05 [SilverFire]: Trolling deleted.

2011-05-05 [Sagacious Turkey]: Nepotism, bitch. That's what the hell I said. Deleting it doesn't make it any less true.

2011-05-05 [SilverFire]: There's no need to be rude. Further such comments will be deleted.

2011-05-06 [kamisch]: Well...if you ever end up needing more, just let me know. I'm always free to judge. :)

2011-05-06 [Alexi Ice]: But...but...if you judge you can't enter and if you don't enter I can't stalk your stuff O.o

2011-05-06 [kamisch]: I just wouldn't be able to enter the official contests, right? There's always still the DP and all the unofficial contest :) Besides...they're all full for now, so it's just for future reference. You can continue driving back and forth past my house ;)

2011-05-06 [Alexi Ice]: Don't worry, I still stalk you plenty. hahaha!

2011-05-06 [kamisch]: *feels loved*

2011-05-06 [Lord Josmar]: As far as I know you can enter any contest you want, as long as you say your entering it.

2011-05-06 [Akayume]: Yup! And as long as you enter less than half (I believe that's what it was) you're good to go. (: The point of this isn't to have these judges never enter a competition ever again, but to be around to judge most of them. :P And we have a really nice number right now, so I'm sure if someone wanted to enter a contest they could. :D

2011-05-06 [kians mummy]: you know, i just thought, i have proof that i am getting singled out, i were the second person to ask to become a judge on here, but the crew chose to refuse me, but add other members instead, thats a bit crappy of you to do so

2011-05-06 [Chimes]: The other members didn't ask to be a judge. They were asked, and they were asked before you asked, they just replied after.

2011-05-06 [Akayume]: I believe that either [iippo] or [SilverFire] had messaged people back before this page was even up, to see if they were interested. It took a while for some people to reply, and I believe they were added as they responded. (: So the people who were added didn't "ask" to join, but had been asked in advance! (:

I'm sure [iippo] or [SilverFire] could address this concern more thoroughly than I, however. You could always send either one a message. (:

2011-05-06 [Akayume]: (Dang it Chimes! I was typing at the same time as you! :P)

2011-05-06 [kians mummy]: just.......never mind, i'm getting used to the crew singling me out, it just shows they are the low lifes really

2011-05-06 [hanhepi]: How were you "singled out"? [kamisch] asked to be a judge and was told "no" just like you were. sort of.

2011-05-06 [kians mummy]: exactly, sort of, its not just now, its all other times as well.

2011-05-06 [Lord Josmar]: You ever think that maybe it is that exact attitude that makes you single yourself out, and not the crew? Almost every official wiki that you have commented on results in you having a spat with someone over something that you feel was a slight against you.

2011-05-06 [kians mummy]: what, you mean honesty

2011-05-06 [Lord Josmar]: I think more hardheadedness and over determination. That last one may be a bit weird so let me explain. You really want to be crew, and I understand that because I do too, but you are trying way too hard, and may be considered annoying. I'm not saying to stop trying or to stop contributing, far from it, keep participating in Elftown, but tone it down a bit and earn everyones appreciation and you will be asked to join stuff and help out.

2011-05-06 [Lord Josmar]: Sorry, on phone and its hard to type with sometimes.

2011-05-06 [kians mummy]: ok, i will take your advice, you will be good on crew, you talk well

2011-05-06 [Lord Josmar]: Lolz. Thank you, I try.

2011-05-06 [kians mummy]: and you do well

2011-05-06 [SilverFire]: Sammie I explained to you when you first commented on this page that we'd had a group of people in mind who we were talking to first, and that if we didn't get enough people from that, then we would open it up to applications. All the people who are currently listed on this wiki are from that initial group we were talking to, no one has been added yet through applying.

I'm hoping 14 people will be enough, given that not every judge will be helping judge every contest. If the group gets too big then it will actually be harder to reach a consensus about a winner. But since we've not done this before, we're playing it by ear. If, after a few contests, we find that the group is way too big/way too small, then we'll have to make adjustments. :)

2011-05-06 [kians mummy]: you actually said open it up to the public.

2011-05-06 [SilverFire]: ...applications from the public. :P

2011-05-10 [Doormat]: So is there a discussion wiki up? Or is it still under construction?

2011-05-10 [SilverFire]: There's nothing to discuss yet... <_<

2011-05-10 [Doormat]: :( Maybe we can discuss the current entries or work out who is entering what competition and will not be judging it?

2011-05-10 [SilverFire]: If someone is planning on entering a competition, they should make note of that in the forum. :)

2011-07-01 [kians mummy]: Trick question: so how long do you reckon it will take you all to decide ibn the limerick competition

2011-07-01 [Akayume]: However long it takes. (:

2011-07-01 [kians mummy]: kk :)

2011-07-03 [kians mummy]: limericks page 1 paricipents still haven't been badged yet after three days, what is going on there?

2011-07-03 [Linderel]: The badging only happens after the results are out. There would be no sense to give everyone a badge before we know who the winners are. :)

2011-07-03 [SilverFire]: C'mon Sammie, how many times have I explained that now? :P

2011-07-03 [kians mummy]: I ment, how come there are still no results yet, after three days

2011-07-03 [SilverFire]: We did say we didn't know how long judging would take. :P The judges don't just vote, they discuss each entry. It's probably going to take at least a week. :)

2011-07-09 [kians mummy]: May i ask why the badges have still not been given out for the limericks page 1 yet

2011-07-09 [Chimes]: We've not finished judging the contest. We can't give out badges until we've got winners.

2011-07-09 [kians mummy]: 9 days

2011-07-09 [hanhepi]: contest judging takes a very long time, sammie.

2011-07-10 [Lord Josmar]: They have to discuss each entry to come to a good conclusion. There were lots of entries so it is going to take while.

2011-07-10 [Doormat]: Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

2011-07-10 [Lord Josmar]: How about now?! Cause I wantz mah badge dagnabbit!!1!!1

2011-07-10 [Doormat]: You dare demand a badge!?

Limerick judging in recess until year 2100 IMO.

*Wacks mallet apparatus*

2011-07-10 [Alexi Ice]: People, please.

2011-07-10 [Aradon Templar]: To clarify the situation at little: the judging process takes a long time not simply because the judges want to give each entry due consideration, or discuss each entry, but mostly because discussion on the internet is incredibly slow. Unless judges find themselves all on at the same time, which is a burden we can't expect them to meet, discussion proceeds at about the pace of one statement from each judge per day, as they check and update the entry evaluations. Even when the entries have been narrowed down to the final two or three, reaching a consensus and discussing particular merits of each entry is going to take a long time. This delay is not because the judges are not working on the contest, or because anyone is lazy or slacking. It's just the way internet discussions work. We've all got to be patient.

2011-07-10 [kians mummy]: But what if a judge doesnt come back

2011-07-10 [SilverFire]: Then they're dropped. We don't sit around waiting for them.

2011-07-10 [Akayume]: Sammie, the more you dwell on it, the longer it will seem to take for you. Take a deep breath, do something else, and be pleasantly surprised when the results are announced. (:

2011-07-10 [Alexi Ice]: [Aradon Templar] - Wonderfully said, I must say!

2011-09-01 [Roma]: I need the link to the prose submissions again. I lost it. Le whoops

2011-09-01 [SilverFire]: It's in the forum.

2013-01-16 [kians mummy]: Love all the poems everyone. X

2015-06-16 [Eyden13]: And I'm back!

2015-06-16 [Sagacious Turkey]: No you aren't!

2015-06-16 [Eyden13]: Yes I am!!!

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