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The Literature Judges are those who judge official Elftown competitions that fall under the 'Literature' (prose/poetry). Their jobs include critiquing a piece of work and helping the Council decide on the winners.

Please do not message the Judges and ask them to vote for a specific piece. They will be judging based on quality, craftsmanship, grammar and spelling. Soliciting votes is frowned upon and may get your entry removed from said contest.

The Literature Judges do not watch the entry pages for the prose and poetry competitions; they are sent all the entries minus the entrants' usernames so that judging is anonymous.


The Literature judges are:

Illustrious [Linderel]
Illustrious [wicked fae mage]
Illustrious [Teufelsweib]
Illustrious [hanhepi]
trainee [Ravendust]
trainee [Doormat]
trainee [Eyden13]


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- The badge reward system
- apply to be a literature judge

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2011-04-29 [Akayume]: I was just wondering since you've been so anti-spaces lately. :P

2011-04-29 [SilverFire]: Anti-useless space. Anti big spaces between text and dividers and badges and such. But there's a reason most online news sites have 1-2 sentence paragraphs: it makes it a lot easier to read text on a screen when it's presented like that. If it's useful spacing, I can live with it. Double line breaks between the end of a paragrab and a divider though is a no-no. :P

2011-04-29 [Akayume]: Otay. (:

2011-04-30 [kians mummy]: ohh, can i be a judge

2011-04-30 [SilverFire]: How did you even find this page, Sammie? It shouldn't be linked anywhere yet.

2011-04-30 [kians mummy]: at the bottom of main street lol, see i do look on there often
Latest public wiki-pages:

2011-04-30 [SilverFire]: Yeah, thought it might be that.

The literature judges will first be selected from people who have won previous writing contests or contribute regularly to the Daily Poem, if we don't get enough we will then open it to public applications.

2011-04-30 [kians mummy]: ok, well I have submitted to the daily poem 4 times, I did the Easter poetry contest I think thats what it was called (hence why I haven't done a link for it), I have submitted to the herald, also to Limericks, page 1, I have also done an application to the crew apply to the crew

2011-04-30 [Aradon Templar]: I has trainee :D

2011-04-30 [kians mummy]: thats what i wish to be

2011-04-30 [Alexi Ice]: Hahaha! Yeah I meant to put that on the reviewers page >.< Sorry

2011-04-30 [kians mummy]: so could i become a trainee

2011-04-30 [SilverFire]: We are still waiting to hear back from some of the people whom we had selected as potential Judges. If, after hearing back from them, we find we are still short of judges, then we will open the position to applications. :)

2011-04-30 [kians mummy]: ok hun, no worries

2011-05-03 [Lord Josmar]: I can't wait to judge the prose one!

2011-05-05 [kians mummy]: so can't i be a judge then x)

2011-05-05 [SilverFire]: We got as many as we needed! :) But of course there will be places available if/when other people retire.

2011-05-05 [kians mummy]: ok, so am i on top of the list

2011-05-05 [SilverFire]: Well at the moment you are, because you're the only one who's expressed interest. ;) But this won't work on a first-come, first-served basis, but on the merit of the applicant. :)

2011-05-05 [kians mummy]: The Literature Judges are those who judge official Elftown competitions that fall under the 'Literature' (prose/poetry). Their jobs include critiquing a piece of work and helping the Council decide*s on the winners.

correct grammer

2011-05-05 [SilverFire]: What is written there now is grammatically correct. "Decides" would be decidedly incorrect. :P

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