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Created By [Lin Star]
For Magic Simplicity




User Name:
(Just to know who you are or well your Elftown account, so I can contact you if there is something you need to know.)

Character Name:
(Of course, otherwise what should we call him/her?)

Character Age:
(Age of your character, generally around 16 - 19, can be more, can be less but as a student then that's the normal age.)

Character Weight:
(Kilograms preferably but the other can be accepted as well.)
64.4 kg (142 lb.)

Character Height:
(Meters and Centimeters also preferably.)
1.3 m (4'6")

Character Appearance:
(The usual, how he/she is built, their clothing and all that.)
Marigold wears a light golden tan color with very little decoration, much like Kimura Denkade does, but not in the same style. Hers hangs open and has sleeves that conform more to her arms, often folded to just below the elbow. She has caring, glittering brown eyes and matching short hair. Her body is somewhat squat and gives the impression of being very bulky and hard to move around with, but she's quite agile. Yes, she has some pudge that gives her quite a motherly look and she usually carries with her a wooden walking stick, smooth and completely natural with no extra twigs or leaves or anything too special about it, giving her the appearance she needs it to move around. Her hands are somewhat rough looking, but completely soft to the touch and yes,s he is amazingly short. She has on a long darker brown tunic beneath her robe belted with twin colored rope beneath her bust line.

Character Occupation:
(If he is to actually be a magi or a towns-person, meaning a soldier, mercenary, thief or something like that. And if he is a magi then what grade.)
Master; Teacher

Character Element:
(For mages, what kind of element they are ^^)
Earth; Creation

(What your character did before and all that jazz.)
Like Kimura, her history is somewhat muddy but she definitely is quite similar to the man. She's been teaching almost as long as he has and could've chosen to become the headmaster if she pursued it enough.

Character Weapon(s) and the appearance of it/them:
(Due to both townspeople and magi can have different looking weapons, for example for magis then the shape of their staff, you are by the way here free to use a drawing if you prefer that.)
A well smoothed walking stick that appears as natural as could be. She usually carries with it a small, fist-sized lumpy sack.

Character personality:
(You know the usual, gloomy, cheerfully, evil or shy or any of all that which you normally put here.)
Marigold is sweet and very motherly. She has pet names for everyone that she things up on the spot and no matter what your actual name is, she has one for you. She's the kind of person that lets you vent when needed and can keep all your secrets. She makes people feel good by talking it out, and somehow always can see when things aren't going quite right. She's very loving and just loves hugs of all kinds. Her personal preference is in women whom she's deemed worthy of her element, but that doesn't mean she wont teach male magis. She's fair to everyone and is the person to look to for help in solving problems right away.


Username (or number or email):


2009-11-22 [Elwyne]: shoo... she sounds a bit too much like me to me! Only she's taller though we almost weigh the same. I love hugs too and have the brown eyes and hair. (stares hard at Lin) Are you spying on me? (teasing)

2009-11-24 [Lin Star]: o.o Wow. Are you serious? Really? God, that's like fate. o.o

2009-11-24 [Elwyne]: I am serious! It's creepy! I'm (looks at profile again) oops no I'm just a bit taller. I'm 5 ft even. But I'm a hug feind (you can ask KnightAngel if you don't believe that one) about 150 pounds (at last weighing) dark brown eyes and without dye my hair is almost black. It's also short since I hacked it all off this summer though I used to be really proud of my long hair. I just can't stand the heat anymore and since we're having trouble with money at our house Dad turned off the air conditioning. No one calls me motherly though, although I take care of my sisters' children rather a lot. And although I'm chunky I'm double jointed and surprizingly agile. I can kick someone taller than me in the jaw. (Mimed a kick at one of my two sister's boyfriends and although he's a couple feet taller my foot would have hit his jaw if I had actually been aiming to hit)

2009-11-25 [Lin Star]: Wow...that's...kinda creepy, really. o.o You're not nearly as old as she is, though...right? o.o That would be like "OMG! I totally just made her into this character! o.o" lol

But I dunno, I've always made skinny/muscular characters, so I figured why not try a more substantial woman? lol

2009-11-26 [Elwyne]: 27 I'll be 28 soon though, so no I'm not quite that old... what's freaky is that 72 and 27 are reversed of each other... this is getting way creepy!

2009-11-26 [Lin Star]: Oh wow. o.o Geez...and here I thought I was being creative when I'd just been like robotic Elwyne making from nothing. o.o Scary...

2009-11-28 [Elwyne]: (laughs) well at least you know your character is realistic!

2009-11-28 [Elwyne]: Hey don't feel too bad! I wrote a short story for school once about a little girl named Jenny Cooper... and found out later there was a girl at my church with the same name and color hair as my character.

2009-11-29 [Lin Star]: Oh, I'm not too worried, sweetie. C: I just haven't gotten on in a while. C:

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