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This is my first Wiki , dont get annoyed if its crap i just want to make it so there. This is me!!>>>[Anthrax]
Join this and do whatever you do on wikis.
This wiki aint just for hardcore megadeth fans its for everyone who loves metal really! I am bringing in stuff about other bands and soon this wiki will be an amazing metal universe!!!!This wiki is also anti-punk and proudly supports <img:>anti-punk YAY. Punk is so pretentious and they are so closed minded! dont you just hate them!! they also listen to very crap music!! Anyone that likes pop or emo will love punk-its so light. Most punk music consists of basic notes and chords repeated all the way through a song! with lame ass lyrics placed carelessly over the top! grr hate punk hate punk hate punk. and chavs!! hate chavs and punk. hate chavs and punk. etc. Also remember to join iron maiden fans made by [akhirah]

About Megadeth

whos in Megadeth?

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Sounds like..Megadeth

Megadeth tours

more metal-related stuff!!

my amazing metal polls!!

music wikis

safe home

wiki of the week

If you want to join leave a comment to tell me to add you!! or go and add yourself!! doi!

1058) What do you think Megadeths greatest song was? (Administrator: [Anthrax])

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2005-07-10 [Girl Anachronism]: Hi Andrew!

2005-07-10 [Anthrax]: Hey kathryn!!!

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