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"Alright but you will need to eat. I'll be back." Selena walked to the developer machine and slid out the x-rays. Looking at them as she walked back to him. "Looks as if your shoulder just got poped out of place, now as for your wrist its going to take at least two weeks. Its not snapped in two but it is broken. More fractured but still needs to heal." She showed him the x-rays of it. "See right here where there is that white line going across half your wrist?"

Chance saw the line, defenit proof that his wrist was good and messed up. "Yah. It's done for a minute for sure..." He knew he shouldn't, but he had every intention of training, if only lightly at first starting the next day. After the fight with the girl he knew he didn't have time to sit around not doing anything.

"Well thats for sure, I don't want you to do anything to mess it up more." She said seeing the idea forming in his brain already. "This arm has to heal properly. Don't you add insult to injury. Do you understand me?" She looked at him boldly. Usually she never stood up to him this much.

"You don't!" Tank called back and put the bowl away then went to the doorway. "I'm going to bed. There are blankets and pillows and things in the hall closet. Don't destroy or befoul anything," she ordered, locked the front door, then went up to her room, closing and locking the door.

Rick looked slightly disapointed and clicked his tongue. He thought for a minute then grinned. He pulled out a peice of paper from his pocked that Naedan had written down her address and phone number on. "Maybe she can keep me company for a while." He said frowning. He looked up towards Tank's room. For the first time he was unsure of what to do. He hesitated.

Naedan looked around the room and frowned. "Ok this meeting is over. Guys we'll pick it back up tomorrow. In the basements the drinks and shit have at it." Looking at Hannah she groaned. Another innocent wanting to become a gang memeber. Dark Haven wasn't as bad as most gangs but it was still a gang and there were still dangers. Shaking her head she rubbed her temples. "Hannah why dont you go get something to drink. We'll talk about this more once the guys leave."

Rick stood "Screw it." He walked over to the phone and dialed Naedan's mobile number. It rang, always a good sign.

Naedan could here her phone ringing. "Could someone answer that, please!" Joshua just happned to be the one standing next to it so he thought Sure, why not. Picking it up he flipped it open. "Hey this is Naedan's phone, Joshua speaking."

Rick spoke on the other side. "Yeah, uhh could i speak to Naedan?" He muttered.

Joshua thought for a moment then nodded. "Yeah...I think you can." Chuckling he made his way down the hallway and handed her the phone. "Here ya go babe." Naedan rolled her eyes at him and took the phone. "Yeah?"

Rick grinned "Yeah hey its Rick. I was wonderin if you could come down to this Tank girl's place. I wanna chat with ya. Think you could make it?"

Naedan looked around. "Yeah sure just let me let Darvis know." Walking to the other end of the house she told Darvis what was going on. "Yeah he's cool with watching the guys. Directions?"

Rick gave them to her "Alright see you soon." He grinned and looked up at Tank's room, she was going to get a surprise.

Going into the garage, Naedan hopped onto her motorcycle and headed in the direction Rick had told her to go. Pulling up in front of the house she dismounted and pulled off her helmet. gently her hair fell down her shoulders and cascaded down her back. Placing the helmet in its case on the back she made her way to the front door. Knocking on it gently she waited.

Rick opened the door and slapped her hand "Sweet you made it!" He grinned and put an arm around her shoulders and guided her inside. "This house is so cool. This is where im stayin for a coupla days. Sorry bout your place."

"Eh, no big really. I've got this chick living with me now. She wants to join Dark Haven....Man I cant put her through the pain of joining."

Rick frowned "If she thinks she can take it, then let her. She obviously knows what shes doing." He grinned and looked up to the room "You know the girl i was mugging?" His smile spread. "Oh yeah, uh huh." He chuckled.

"Yeah what about her?" Naedan looked up at him and frowned slightly.

Rick rolled his eyes. "I like her" He used arm movements. "I can't explain it, she swears at me, spits at me, calls me a pig and i like her, i dont know why."

Tank froze on the steps. She had heard the motorcyle and had come down stairs to see who it was. She had been nearing the bottom of the steps, still where they couldn't see her and had made no noise, so she heard what he said. Surprise and confusion went through her. Is he serious?... she wondering, pausing to listen.

"Wow...The man of steel can feel." Smiling she shook her head and leaned against the wall. "So why did you bring me here? There must have been a reason."

Rick grinned "You gotta meet her. Plus it pisses her off." He laughed. "Its great you know, i can fully piss her off and she will go rank at me, but i it, its strange, i feel that its fine to be yelled at by her." He seemed to be on a natural high.

"You know...this doesn't entirely surprise me. I actually should have expected it." Shaking her head she looked around. "Nice place, Tank." Smiling she pushed away from the wall and walked over to the stairs. "Hey Chicka."

"Thanks. You are?" the younger girl asked, seemingly not bothered by being caught.

Rick turned red "Aww shit." He cursed and turned away.

Naedan looked over her shoulder at him and giggled. "Names Naedan. Im the one who tried getting this kid off your ass earlier."

"Ah, yeah, I remember," Tank said nodding as she came down the stairs. "What are you doing in my house?" She wasn't hostile, just curious and didn't seem to notice Rick's emberrassment.

"Not sure...Rick asked me over to talk. Still hasnt told me why..."

"Did he?" Tank said rhetorically. She looked at Rick. "And just why did you do that? This isn't your house you know. You can't just invite people over."

Rick turned back to her grinning, hiding his embarresmant. "Yeah well she is a good friend of mine, you should chat to her."

"That gives you no right," Tank snapped at him. She looked at Naedan. "Don't get me wrong. I'm sure you're fun and all that jazz, but you!-" She turned back to Rick, glaring slightly. It was harder now that she knew though. "You don't have the right to invite your friends into my house! I let you stay here but that doesn't mean you can do whatever you want! You stupid prat, what were you thinking?? You can't just go and bring strangers into people's homes-!"

Naedan stood back in case Tank decided to swing at him. She did have the right to. "You know if I would have known that he hadn't asked I would have never come over."

Rick moved closer a slight smile on his face. When he reached her he kissed her deeply, he broke it and took a step back, looking at her "You were saying?"

Tank froze in mid rant in shock. Did he just..? She narrowed her eyes at him. "I'm not done with you..." she swore and turned back to Naedan with a tired, but calm face. "I don't mind you being here, but he's like a child isn't it? He needs to learn to ask for things-" she glance/glared at Rick out of the corner of her eye, then looked back at Nae "-instead of just doing whatever he wants... Oh well.. since you're here and I'm fairly certain you aren't trying to destroy the house... Do you want something to dink?" She motioned to the kitchen.

"No thanks I had something before I came over. And Rick you cant just do that every time you've done something wrong. In all my years of knowning you, you haven't changed a bit. And Tank...Im going to warn you. He's never asked for anything. As least not really."

Rick shrugged "Yeah well i just do what works..." He chuckled lightly. "But ill get a yelling at later."

"Yelling doesn't even begin to cover it," Tank hissed at him, then again spoke to Naedan again. "He's been driving me crazy. I'm trying to figure out why I bother being nice to him at all..." She turned to Rick again. "You will learn to ask around here or I'll throw you back onto the street like the sewer scum you are faster than you can say 'please'!"

"Im not sure why he's acting this way towards you...Maybe he likes getting under you skin..."

Among other things... "Maybe..." Tank said and leaned back against the wall, looking Rick over with narrowed eyes.

Rick sat down heavily on the couch frowning at Naedan. "Thanks." He said rolling his eyes.

Naedan came over and sat down beside him and patted his leg. "AWw no problem buddy. Oh and just rememeber you cant get under my skin. I know all your tricks." Grinning she sat back aganst the arm of the couch.

Tank followed suit and joined them in the living room, choosing to sit indian style in a chair instead and leaned back in it, regarding them with half lidded eyes.

Rick looked up at her "Oh yeah?" He asked and with a quick movment pushed her off the arm making her fall. He looked at Tank, his eyes drifted lower and he smiled softly.

Naedan stood and looked around. Nope nothing to break. Jumping forward she tackled him to the ground and sat on him. Holding his arms to the ground she glared at him.

Tank just watched the two. Like siblings... she thought, remembering how her friends acted with their brothers and sisters at the garage when they stopped in.

Rick raised his eyebrow "Now remember what happened last time?" He asked and looked above his head, nope nothing to smash. He moved his leg quickly and flipped her over his head. He pushed up with his legs and did a hand stand and came down, his knees on either side of her and his hands on her arms "Now who has the upper hand?"

Bringing her knee up to his chest she pushed him off of her and Climbed on top of him, resting her foot just below his crotch. "Dont think I wont sweety because you know me a hell of a lot better than that."

Tank's eyes widened and she laughed softly. Definately like siblings, and borderline enemies. If she does do it, that would at least solve one of my problems... She mentally slapped herself for such a mean thought.

Rick licked his eye tooth in thought "Smart ass." He grunted and held out his hand for her to help him up.

Standing she nodded, took his hand and hauled him up onto his feet. Placing her hand on his chest she pushed back back against the couch, making him. Sitting on the other end she looked over at Tank and winked.

Tank smiled at her and laughed a little. "I see who wears the pants between the two of you."

Rick growled at Naedan "You should see us when she dont cheat." He said grumpily.

Naedan rolled her eyes. "I still win."

"Don't be such a sourpuss, Urchin," Tank chastised Rick. "I don't consider you any less manly just because you were beat by Nutcracker Nae." She paused and turned thoughtful. "Actually.. I'm not sure I ever thought you were manly... I think its just your ego taking a blow."

Naedan covered her mouth before bursting into laughter.

The friendly smile on Rick's face began to fade. He looked at Tank and his eyes narrowed slightly. "Comeon now. No need for that."

"'Need' and 'want' are entirely different though," Tank said, smiling evilly at Rick.

Did she just flirt with him? Oh I think she did. Smiling, Naedan shook her head. "You two are unbelievable."

Rick's lip twitched and he looked back at Naedan "Unbelieveable alright..." He muttered.

"Yes, well. I think Im going to go. I have a house full of men at my house. If you guys want to stop by anytime feel free." Standing she made her way to the door.

Tank went with her to get the door for her as was the polite thing to do. She was smiling tiredly. She was half questioning the men statement though. "I may take you up on that offer. Seems like we have nearly the same attitude toward Urchin. Giving him a hard time." She laughed as she held the door open for the other girl.

Rick stood "Catch you later. Naedan." He said and growled at Tank's statement. He left the room heading into the washing room.

"Yeah he's my best friend. It's my job to give him a hard time. But yeah he's got the directions so check ya later." Making her way to her motorcycle she climbed on it and put her helmet on. Starting it up she waved to Tank and took off down the street.

Tank waved back and watched her leave before closing and locking he door again. "Hey, you were right. She is pretty nice," she called to Rick as she followed to the washing room. "What are you doing-?"

Rick turned to her, his gun was in his arm and he was loading it. He smiled at her, without feeling. "Nothing, why?"

"Playing with your toy again?" Tank said as her face turned bored with a raised eyebrow and she leaned in the doorway.

Naedan looked over her shoulder for a moment out of habit and just as she did as was hit from the side by an oncoming pick up truck. Being thrown 30 feet from where she was hit she lay there motionless. The man driving the truck jumped out of the cabe and ran over towards her. Gently he took of her helmet and frowned. "Your only a child..." carefully he began to feel her pockets. "Cellphone!" Getting it out he looked through the numbers..."Which one..." Naedan made the smallest of movements but the man noticed it. "Darvis...." she whispered. The man looked at her then back to the phone. The one he had stopped on just happened to be Darvis's Cell. Pressing the send button the man waited. "Darivs here." The man inhaled deeply. "Hi this is Boo Terry. The chick that owns this phone...well me and her just got into an accident by the old middle school. She wasn't looking at the road and didnt see the stop sign. there was no time to stop." Darivs cursed into the phone. "Alright we're on the way." The signal went dead. Next the man dial 911. Sirens could be heard as soon as he hung up the phone. People began to gather around.

Rick clicked the gun and pointed it at Tank, thats when he heard the crash, He pushed Tank out of the way with the end and walked past her, heading for the door. "Theres been a crash..." He said and dropped the gun on the couch and hurrying to the door.

Ignoring her annoyance, Tank followed him quickly. When she saw who it was she left Rick and ran to her. "Nae? Nae?!" She was knealing by the girl now, looking her over worriedly and ignoring the crowd gathering.

Seconds later squelling tires could be heard. Slamming doors shouts and screams. "Get the fuck out of the way." A large group of guys came charging through the croud. The one ahead of the rest looked like death had just embraced him. Knealing on the other side of Naedan he looked her over. Looking around he called out. "Where the fuck is the one called Boo?" A man stepped forward and nodded. "Thank you...for calling me..." Boo nodded and stood there. The other guys made sure to keep most of the people back.

Rick grabbed Tank and pulled her close to him. He faced the man "What can we do?"

Joshua stepped forward and looked Rick up and down. "You can take about 5 steps back." Joshua placed his hands on Ricks shoulder and started moving him backwards.

Tank tugged out of Rick's arms and past Joshua, ignoring him. She once again knelt by Nae. The girl seemed darker.. dimmer.. but Tank had not noticed a glow before. Something was very wrong and though she had just met this girl, she felt as if life had just had a cloud cover its sun.

Rick pushed Joshua and when he came at him again he punched him in the side of the head. "Piss off buddy." He growled and knelt beside her "Come on Naedan, you cant give up on me after all these years."

Darvis looked up at Rick and frowned. "Dont be starting shit Rick...its not the time." Darvis looked over his shoulder at the all now pissed off gang members. "The punch...never happened." The guys all looked at each other and nodded. Darvis looked up at Joshua and shook his head. "Dont worry about these two...just keep the ground back." Joshua growled loudly and turned away as an ambulence pulled into the area. Everyone was forced back by the gang members. The paremdics knealt beside Darvis and looked her over. "She's not consience...." They looked over at Darvis then back at her, then back at him again. "Are you her brother?" Darvis nodded. "Twin..." The guy nodded. "Name, age, and what happened." Darvis waved Boo over to him. "Well her name is Naedan Loaucart and she's 19. Boo here can tell you what happened." Boo told the paramedic everything that had accured. The two paramedics placed her on a stretcher. "You can ride in the ambulence with us if you like." Darvis nodded. "Alright. Guys you take the trucks and get to the hospital." Darvis looked over at Rick and Tank and nodded. "You can come as well." Nodding at everyone he jumped in the back of the ambulence and road away. The members of Dark Haven climbed back into the trucks and took off without another word to anyone.

Tank stood as the crowd began to disperse. "Something has just gone very wrong..." she said quietly, almost thoughtfully. She turned and started back to her house with only a glance at Rick.

Rick stared after the cars and went back to the house. He grabbed his gun and looked at it carefully before shaking his head. "Wheres my shirt?" He asked not looking at her.

"In the drier I'd suppose..." Tank said quietly behind him. Her voice was tight as if she was defiantly holding back tears. She stepped foreward and wrapped her arms around his middle from behind and buried her face against his back.

Darvis held Naedan's hand as the road to the hospital. "Come on Chicka...Your invinsible...remember. This cant happen to you. I cant loose you...I've already lost mom and dad...but not the most important person in my life...It'll kill me..."

Chance nodded, "Perfectly. No hard training. Not a problem."

Rick sighed softly. He turned around and drew her close to him, putting his hand on the back of her head and drawing her close to him. he held her warmly, like he cared. "She will be alright, dont worry." He said reasurring her and himself at the same time.

"Something just went terribly wrong..." Tank said quietly, mostly to herself. She hurt inside, like when she saw that chance boy fight the girl who moved the earth. When they got more and more hurt, she knew it had been going to happen. They were balanced and yet polar opposites, like yin and yang. When they had to separate, and Tank saw- no, felt- they were hurt, the fact that the boy was hurt felt... wrong. Like it was so much more than just a fight between them, and she had known it was without being told, just like now. Nae being hurt just felt wrong to her and it made her very upset. She was mad and depressed and confused all at once, like a half sedated panther in a cage. She just didn't know what it was.

Once in a room in the emergency room, Naedan was given a does of morphine and was hooked up to a machine that gave her another dose every half hour. Darvis left her to go see who all had shown up in the waiting room. When he went into the waiting room he stopped in astonishment. Every member of Dark Haven sat or stood in every spare inch of the waiting room, some were even standing outside. Joshua looked up as Darvis came in, standing suddenly he asked shyly. "She gonna be ok, man?" Darvis placed a hand on his shoulder. "There going to run some tests get some scans going on her and get back to me when there done." Darvis hadn't noticed that Boo had come along but once he heard the man speak he knew at that moment who it was. "If there is anything I can do for any of you...just let me know." Darvis smiled at the man and nodded. "Thanks but you did enough by just calling and coming down here."

Selena glared at him. "I don't want any training on this shoulder or wrist of yours." She walked away to get the dressings and the cast materials.

Rick patted her back "Come on, have your parents got a car here, we have to go see her. I need to see her." He said, his voice sounding hurt, he felt the hurt of Naedan's crash, she was his best friend and now she lay on the edge. He had to see her.

Chance shrugged. He was sure he could sneak it around her. He might need some help, but he doubted he would get that, so he decided firmly that he would do it himself.


Joshua looked around the waiting room and whispered into Darvis's ear. "Can I go in and see her?" Darvis looked at him for a moment and then nodded. "Just down rial her up." Joshua nodded, went to the desk in the waiting room and let the lady know he was going in to see her. Once in her room he stood by the door and just stared at her. No one really knew how Joshua felt about her and he wasn't about to tell anyone. Walking over to her bed he smiled down at her. "Hey ya feelin?" Naedan made no movement at all. Frowning Joshua sat down in the vacent chair and sat with her.

Chance shrugged again, "Ready as I'll ever be."

"Alright." She placed a sock looking thing, except it was open on both ends, on his hand to his elbow. "What color cast do u want? Black?"

He nodded, "Of course."

"Though so." She laughed as she opened the package. She set that on the trey ready to go. Taking a roll of gause she wraped it around his arm to his elbow, making sure to wrap his hand also. "Alright, here we go." She ran hot water over the black casting material, then she began to wrap it just like the gause around his arm starting at the palm of his hand first and up to his elbow. After going back over what she did, she pulled the gause and sock down to secure the ends and got a new roll of black cast wet then wraped it also until there was no more. "This is going to be hot when I rub because I have to get it to set." She rubbed vigerously on the material to get it to become hard. "You can't get this wet at all Chance." She said while she did it.

"I won't... Wait... what about showers?"

Selena laughed. "I have a special bag that you slip over it and it seals the water out. Any time you think you are going to get it wet you should wear it. EVEN in the rain." She laughed again and kept rubbing. "You will see it looks like a oven mit."

"..." It was going to be a bit harder to train than he thought. He supposed he could still practice summoning the sword and armor.

"Well, its not like you have to wear it all the time. Just when you are going to get wet." She picked up his arm and made sure all of the cast had hardened.

He grunted slightly with pain as she lifted his arm. He supposed it was payback for the thoughts she knew he had been thinking. "So what about the shoulder?"

"Well, I am going to have to pop it back in. Its just dislocated from the sight of the X-rays so your lucky." She cleaned up the trey and walked to the counter for more supplies this time for the shoulder. "Do you want some morphine?"

He had seen movies where people popped their shoulders out and it had looked painful on there, so he decided that, "Yeah, for sure. Shoot me up doc."

"Alright. I am only giving you a bit. That way it wont knock you out compleatly." She gathered the surenge and the vial and a sling. She crossed the room and placed it on the trey. Getting a bit of morphine in the needle she said to him, "Roll over and drop ur pants." She placed the cap back on the needle and walked to the cabinet getting a prep wipe and a bandade. "You want something to bite while I set your shoulder?"

Chance rolled over and pulled his pants down so his ass showed. "Give me a towel." It was humiliating, but at least no one was there to see it.

"What the hell do you need a towel for?" She said as she turned and walked to place the prep pad on the trey along with the bandade.

"To roll it up and bite down on..."

She shook her head. "Alright, alright hold on." She walked into the kitchen not bothering to close the door either. Opening the cabinet where the towels were she took one clean dish rag out, ran cold water over it and rang it out. She walked back to Chance handed it to him. *Again she didnt close the door* "Are you happy now?" she asked as she put on gloves.

"Shut the door or hurry up and get it done..." He didn't look very happy.

"No one is out there and its hot." She sighed but went and slamed the door. "Better you baby?" She opened the prep pad and wiped a spot on his ass. Then she stuck him hard with the needle and injected the morphine in him. "There." She said as she pulled the needle and placed the bandade over the spot.

He immediatley felt slightly dizzy and figured that that was what was supposed to happen. When he spoke it sounded like someone else. "Get it over with please."

Tank shook her head against Rick's chest. "No... No car..." she said. "Just my bike.."

Selena leaned on it with her body weight while he was still on his stomach. (POP) She removed her hands and stood back.

Chance couldn't help releasing a half howl half grunt that made it sound somewhat like he was choking somewhere across the room. "Are you done?" His tongue was getting heavier with every word.

"Yep. Thats all there is to it. Just let it settle and rest for a while." She took off the gloves and cleaned up.

Rick looked upset "Is it motorised or just a bycicle?" He asked lifting her chin he gave her a small kiss. For the first time in there relationship he was not trying to get under her skin, or piss her off.

"It's motorized but it's not.. That is.. I've never rode it with two people before..." Tank said, thinking hard. She was wondering if it would even work.

"So I can sleep?" He'd have to worry about who was talking for him from across the room later. Right now he just wanted some sleep.

"Yes sweets you can sleep." She pulled up his boxers for him and took his shoes and pants off. Then covered him with a blanket. "Night babe."

Rick frowned angrily. He rubbed his eyes and turned his head "I can call us a lift. Maybe a cab or something." He said.

"Get dressed.. I'll do it.." Tank said curtly and left him to go to the phone and call a cab.

Rick nodded and walked to the drier, he put on his shirt and decided to leave the gun behind. He walked past Tank and into the kitchen "It had better hurry." he said grumpily.

"Shut up," Tank snapped as she had just hung up the phone. She dashed up to her room and got the money for the cab before coming back down.

Rick growled at her pointing a finger in her face "Don't fuckin well start, not now." He said, his face twisting into a deep set anger.

Tank glared at him. "You have anger issues," she said and brushed his hand away before stepping past him to go to the front door.

Rick's brow twitched, he pushed past her and looked up the street impantiently "You would be mad to if your family got ran over." He snapped back.

That did it. Tank grabbed his arm and hauled him back to the laundry room. She picked up the gun and put it in his hand as if he had been holding it, took the barrel and put it just under her chin, staring at him defiantly. "Go on. You can take my money and take the cab to the hospital."

Rick moved forward, he lifted her by the front of her shirt and put her against the wall so she was eye level with him. He stared at her with a rage in his eyes, He held the gun to her chin.

Tank glared right back. "I hate you.." she hissed quietly before grabbing his shirt and pulling him foreward to give him a tiny, brief kiss on his lips.

Rick pulled back the locking mechanism, the gun was now fully armed and all that waited was the pull of the trigger. "I don't." He muttered.

Tank's hand came up to hold the barrel of the gun where it rest under her chin. Her expression had turned so sad, like one who honestly wanted him to pull the trigger. As if she knew he was going to. "Please.." she wispered quietly. She hated the crazy situation she had been thrust into ever since that car hit her.. The car.. "I wish I hadn't woke up..." she said quietly to herself, remembering the abyss that had enveloped her when the vehicle had knocked her out.

Rick was pulling the trigger, the gun clicked, once, twice. Then a car's horn outside blew, it was the taxi. Rick looked down at what he was doing then back up to Tank's eyes. He slowly pulled the gun away from her chin. He lowered her and let her go. "I...I have to go...I need to see her..." He said, actually confused. "Come with me.." He asked her holding out his hand.

Feeling, sadly, let down and wanting nothing more than the gun to have worked, Tank took his hand and followed him outside, making sure to lock the door behind them before getting in the cab.

Joshua reached for Naedan's hand just as the door opened. Jumping out of his seat he let go. "Oh Darvis...its just you." Darvis looked at him and grinned. "Careful now Joshua, she's still my little sister."

chance barely heard her last words as he dropped off.

Rick sat on the other side of the cab as it raced to the hospital. He reached over and took Tank's hand. He looked at her hand then at her face.

Naedan lay in her bed, still unconscious. She could hear voices but they sound as if they were far away, or muffled. Her fingers twitched, catching the eye of her brother. DArvis looked over at her and frowned. "She moved." Joshua looked over at Naedan as well and frowned. "Are you sure? You could have just been imagining it..." Darvis shook his head. "No! She moved..."

Tank didn't look at Rick. She was hurting right now and knew what Naedan was going through, except, she didn't have Faux fixing her. Much as she loathe to admit it, the girl had fixed her and she was indebted. When the cab stopped at the hospital she paid the driver and got out. Upon entering the waiting room, however, she froze. "Naedan?" she asked, her now hostile eyes moving from one boy to another in the room.

Rick was a step behind her. He looked at the men recognising the symbols "Where is Neadan?" He ordered looking at them with lowered brows.

One single guy came out of the crowed and narrowed his eyes. "Cool it Rick." Nate wasn't sure Rick would recognize him and frankly he didn't give a rats ass. "No ones allowed in there but Darvis and Joshua. So just sit down and wait."

"May I see her?" Tank asked Nate. She didn't know him, but she wasn't trying to bully him either. She was requesting and hoping he wouldn't say no.

Nate looked over at the girl and frowned. "Im sorry but there the only two allowed in there at the moment. You'll have to wait."

Rick stepped forward "Nate, right? Listen you know how long i have known her, she is like family to me. I am not going to be stopped by the likes of a litte punk ass that thinks he has power." He growled, Nate and him had clashed before and Rick had always won.

Tank put a hand on Rick's chest to calm him and looked back at Nate. "Excuse him, I'm sure you will since you seem to know each other meaning you obviously know his temper. Could you please ask Joshua and Darvis to leave the room? We only need a minute. Time us the sixty seconds if you want."

Darvis came out just then and frowned. "Rick, sit your ass down. No one is allowed in there right now. It doesn't matter how long you've known her. She cant here us anyway. The doctors are in there right now." Joshua came out right after him and looked around. Slamming his fist against a wall and left the emergency room to have a smoke.

Rick snarled "Piss off mate." He said and turned, he followed Joshua outside and grabbed one of his smokes. He never needed one so badly. "Oi got a light?" He asked shoving the smoke in his mouth.

Joshua looked over at him and tossed him his zipo. "I wouldn't back talk Darvis. Your not nearly in as much pain as he is. That's his twin lying in there. Listen to him for once."

Tank hadn't listened. In fact, she hadn't heard a word. She knew where Nae was now and that was what was important. She walked past them and to the room and stood in the door way, looking at the girl whose light she hadn't noticed was now so dim. It was brighter than on the street, but still darker than in the beginning. She waited until the doctors left, claiming to be a cousin, and stepped inside and over to Nae's bedside. "Hey..." she said quietly, looking at the girl's face.

Rick lit the smoke and took a deep drag. "Oh...thats good..." He turned to face Joshua. "Yeah its his twin, i get it. But... Its not like i dont care. Its just that, she helped me through alot. I mean alot." He said leaning forward. He took another long drag.

Joshua rolled his eyes. "It doesnt matter. Darvis lost his parents...he's not going to loose her too." Darvis looked around and growled. "Where the fuck did she go?!?!" Hurrying back to Naedan's room he glared at her. "Get out...before I drag you out!" He took a few steps towards her.

"You're so dark..." Tank said quietly and sadly as she reach out and touched Nae's forehead with her fingertips. She wasn't paying attention to the rest of the world. Nothing but Nae. Suddenly a picture of the odd scales came to her mind and they balanced more. She knew Nae was going to wake up now.

Darvis grabbed her arm and dragged her back to the waiting room. "Next time I wont be so nice." Throwing her into an empty chair he looked around. Nate looked at him and frowned. "Ill watch her..." Darvis nodded an sat by the wall, laying his head in his hands, he closed his eyes. "Stupid girl..."

Rick finished his smoke and walked back inside, he looked at Tank then at Darvis. He plonked himself down on an empty chair and gave Joshua a nod.

Tank gave Darvis a harsh glare and without moving her eyes she held her hand out to the side and suddently the thirteen placed scales appeared in her hand. She looked at it touched a tray that was slightly higher than the others and it lowered slightly, the lowest one raising. She knew Nae was awake now, or was about to because of it and the scales vanished.

Joshua came back in and pocket his zippo. Naedan had given it to him a few weeks ago. Smiling he shook his head. Sitting down beside Darvis he wrapped his arms around the old friend and whispered encouraging words into his ear. They had been best friends since they were in diapers.

Rick looked Tank up and down, maybe there was more to this girl than he first expected. He turned away and lent back in his char and crossed his legs. "Come one Naedan..." He whispered to himself.

A Doctor came out and looked around. "Um..." Looking down at his chart he smiled and nodded. "Ah yes. Is there a Darvis Loaucart here?" Darvis jumped to his feet, shoving his hands in his back pockets he made his was over to the doctor. "Yeah, doc, is she gonna be ok?" The doctor looked around and frowned. "Maybe we should talk in private..."

Rick stood up "Darvis...." He swallowed. He was about to do something he had never done before. "Can i come...?" He asked. He asked whether he could do something..

Darvis looked over his shoulder and nodded. Holding out his arm he wrapped it around Rick's shoulders and walked down the hallway after the doc. "Im watching her!" Nate called out. Joshua stood and began passing. All the guys had there eyes on him. One of them even laughed at him.

Rick followed, his brow furrowed. He did not like asking things.. "Remind me not to do that again, it doesnt feel right." He shrugged.

" You will learn to ask. Its rude not to. And you get nowhere without it." Stepping into a room with the Doctor they waited. "Well um...How do I say this?" The doctor looked up and frowned. "Just spit it out man!" The doctor nodded and began. "WE have to do surgery..." Darvis's face dropped and slammed his fist against a wall.

Surprisingly Rick kept his cool "What type of surgery? What are the chances of failing? Will she be alright?"

The doctor looked over at him and smiled. "She should be just fine. We do surgeries like this all the time. It's failed a few times but it should go smoothly. You two may go into see her if you like." Darvis looked up at him and ran from the room.

Rick followed Darvis barely a step behind him. He went in and looked at Naedan there under the covers. He stayed at the door and just looked...

Darvis looked up at him and nodded. "Go on...Ill be waiting outside." All he needed was a look at her and he was fine. Just knowing she was there made him ok.

Rick took a couple of steps into the room, his eyes not moving from her. He stopped and stared. He didn't like this. "You look so small on that bed Neadan..." He said softly.

"You dont look so big yourself kid." Slowly she turned her head in his direction and smiled.

Rick walked over, smiling softly "Yeah well ya best mate gettin in an accident will do that to ya." He said and sat on the edge of her bed. "How ya feelin?"

"I cant feel...they have me so drugged up I wont feel for weeks." Smiling she shrugged and wince. "K so maybe I was off a few days." Giggling she looked up at him. Darvis stood by the door and shook his head. You know...they probably love each other in some strange way and dont even know it. On the other hand...I could be wrong...

Rick reached over and took her hand gently. "Im glad to see you awake... Dunno what i would have done if you didn't." He said gently. Rick looked at her and shook his head. "Could they have put you in a bigger bed?" He chuckled lightly.

"I think that was at Joshua's request." Shifting she that she was comfortable she winced again.

Rick touched her face gently. "Look at you, you cant stay out of trouble can you? Always somethin huh?"

Naedan smiled and shrugged. "It's the life and a gang memeber."

Rick scratched his head and frowned slightly. "YOu know, i should get you outta there, i dont wantcha hurt."

Naedan rolled her eyes. "You couldn't get me out of there if you wanted. Besides You aren't a member or as high a rank as I am."

Rick snorted "I aint even a member any more, we just known eachother for ages. Im just here for you if ya need me you know. Were family." He said with a worried look.

"Family, eh?" Rolling her eyes she let them wander around the room. Things were so...death like in hospitals, deary. She hated it.

Rick shrugged "Close enough." He sniffed and pulled a face. "Ergh, you smell like hospital." He laughed.

"Oh well thanks for that!"

Rick grinned "No worries. Im sorry hey.. its probably my fault, i got you to come over." He said frowning.

"No it was my fault. I looked over my shoulder out of habbit and didn't see the stop sign. I shouldn't have been so stupid."

Rick shrugged "Yeah your right." He said in a joking tone.

Smiling she layed her head back and looked down at there hands. Yawning she closed her eyes, not letting emotion show.

Rick patted her hand that he held "I should let you sleep huh?" He asked squeezing her hand gently.

"I've been asleep for the past..." Looking over at a clock her eyes widened. "3 HOURS!"

Rick grinned "Yep, and you need more." He stood and leaned over, he kissed her forhead. "Catch you later, get some sleep." He said and brushed her hand fondly before turning to leave.

Darvis nodded to Rick as he left. Slipping in he smiled. "Hey kid!" Naedan looked up at him smiling brightly. "HEY!"

Rick walked down the hall and back into the main waiting room he looked around at everyone and grinned "She's awake!"

Everyone began cheering and hollaring in triumph. Joshua stood and walked over to him. "Can I see her?"

Rick looked at him "Darvis is in there at the moment but yeah i think its alright." He said and walked over to Tank. "You were right, she's awake."

Joshua shook his head. "Ill let them be alone."

Tank had fallen asleep in her chair in the waiting room, knees draw to her chest and coat wrapped around everything. Her head leaned on Nate's shoulder.

Darvis came out of the room about an hour later and looked around. See the girl he frowned and made his way over to her. Knealing down he gently shook her.

Tank stiffened as soon as he touched her and her eyes shot open, locking on his emediately. "Let go," she said half thick with sleep and shooed his hands away.

Darvis stood and looked down at her. "I was only going to say you can go in and see her now. But if not then Ill let couple of the guys go in." Turning he looked around to see which two guys should go in first.

Tank sat up again, taking her head finally off Nate's shoulder. She took her hair down and combed it with her fingers, fixing it, before putting it back up. She stood and look at Darvis, her hostility gone. She was just getting so tired. "Hey..." she said quietly, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to offend you.. again..." She gave him an apologenic smile. "If it's still ok, I still want to see her."

Darvis looked at her and gently nodded. "Not to long though. I want her to sleep."

"Of course," Tank agreed with a nod of her head and walked back to the room. She smiled at Naedan from the doorway. "Hey.." she said quietly before actually stepping into the room.

"I hear you caused Darvis some trouble earlier..." Naedan shifted on the bed to get more comfortable, her right shoulder was beginning to bother her.

Tank gave a one shouldered shrug. "I came to see you and he hauled me out. No biggie," she said. "Just wanted to make sure you were ok...."

"Yes but no one but family was allowed in here yet." Naedan had the motherly look on her face that she always got with Rick when he was in trouble.

"I can leave if you want," Tank offered curtly.

Rick walked outside, he hated seeing Naedan like that and needed to hit something. He rested his arm against the cement block and closed his eyes. His muscles tencing.

"No your fine...Please, sit." Naedan situated herself once again and cried out in pain. Reaching for the morphine button she pressed it twice. It wasn't working. Reaching to the other side of her bed she hit the emergency call button. Over a loud speaker in the emergency room came a womans voice. "All doctors report to room one, all doctors to room one please." Darvis jumped to his feet and went to the desk. "What's going on in room one?" The nurse sitting there looked up at him and frowned. "Please, take a seat. We wont know until she's looked over." Doctors rushed into Naedan's room. "Nurse, please take this young lady to the waiting room!" A nurse rushed in and wrapped her arms around Tank's shoulder's leading the way to the waiting room. Darvis turned as the doors swung open. The nurse handed Tank to him and frowned. "Please keep her in here." With that she turned and left.

Tank looked up at him apologenically before walking past him to the front desk. She used the phone to call another cab then walked outside to stand and wait for it by the curb.

Rick walked up behind her "Where are you going?" He asked looking at her.

"Home," she answered, her hands stuffed in her jacket pockets as she looked up and down the street for the cab.

Rick frowned and looked back at the hospital. Derik would call... "Im going with you."

Tank's eyes met his. "Don't you want to stay with Naedan?" she asked, and turned back to the road when the cab pulled up and she opened the back door, waiting for Rick's response.

Rick looked back at the hospital "He will call...." He said softly then turned back "He will call me if anything happens."

She looked at him a moment longer before getting into the cab and scooting over for him.

Rick sat down and pulled the door closed. He looked up at the hospital as the cab took off.

Selena laughed to herself quitely as she steped out of the room and into the kitchen. Vala, I would like to make a connection if thats okay with you. She hoped that even though Vala was somewhere far away she could still be heard.

Yes Selena tis fine. She let Selena fell a tingle letting her know that a connection had been made. Is there something wrong? How is Chance? I felt the POP.

Yes he is fine. Out like a light as a matter of fact. I wanted to make sure everyone was okay. No one but Chance and myself is in the house. I was worried.

The doctor came out of Naedan's room an hour later. "Well we have her under control now. Hopefully she will stay stabalized from here on out. If not we may have to place her under ICU." The doctor looked around the room and frowned. "Im terribly sorry..." Leaving the gang alone he turned and went back to Naedans room to look at how she was doing.

Yes just us three are in the base. Hannah is gone. She is with some new people. Of course I won't invade no matter how worried I am. But she assured me that she will be fine. Tank, well I got some pretty interesting vibes from her, but she is well. In fact very well. Vala couldn't but to help chuckle. Selena I do not think I told you...Devlin is dead. He suddenly vanish off the 'chart'. I don't know what happened. She stopped there, letting what she just said sink in. If there's anything else I'll be in my room, just 'call'.

Selena was stunned at this news. Okay Vala. I am sorry I didnt know you were here. Thank you. I think. Selena sat down in a chair.

Darvis looked around the waiting room and frowned. "Joshua...did Hannah come with you guys?" Joshua looked up from the magazine he was reading and shook his head. "Nope, not in my truck...I haven't seen her since...since the meeting." Darvis cursed and hurried to thepay phone. Dialing his house he waited as it rang. Hopefully she would pick up.

Hannah looked up at the phone. She dropped the book she had been reading and walked towards it. "Hello."

"Hannah this is Darvis. Sorry I didnt call sooner but Naedan was in an accident and we all had to rush to the hospital. If you'd like my keys are sitting on the table. Take my truck and bring it here. I'd actually like you to do that if its not to much to ask."

"Sure no problem...Is she alright?" Hannah asked concerned.

"At the moment she's stabalized but early she was having a seizure... So I really cant say."

It was getting later and later as Selena just sat and thought about things. Finally she decided that she would take a shower. Once there she ran the water and relaxed more and more. After getting out she dryed her hair put it into a bun and crawled into bed.

"Right. Ok i'll be there soon, see you later." Hannah put the phone down and pulled on her jacket and grabbed Darvis's keys. She got into the truck and made her way to the hospital.

Darvis was passing back and forth along the waiting room floor. All the guys had there eyes on him. Looking up he frowned at them all. "If she's not well enough...I want Joshua to take over her position for a while. I dont want her under any stress to where it will make her uneasy. Whether she wants to or not she will rest..." Everyone nodded and mumbled there agreement.

Once the cab reach Tank's house, the driver turned around to accept payment patiently, but Tank was sleeping silently, curled up on her side of the seat.

Rick made a shushing motion to the driver and gave him money. He got out his side quietly and opened her door. He reached in and with careful movements he lifted her out of the cab. He used his feet to shut the doors and began to walk towards Tank's house.

Returning to her room, Vala slowly opened the bedroom door. Taking a lingering look at what spread out before her, she knew that if any more of them left, there would be no reason to stay. Closing the door behind her, a sigh escaped her past lips. Why? With her mind she lit the candles that she had placed thorughout the room. With the dim lighting, she climbed onto the bed, placing herself in the middle. She closed her hazel eyes and focused.

Hannah pulled up outside the hospital and jumped out. She ran inside and asked directions to Naedans room. When she saw Darvis, she walked to him and handed him his keys. "How is she?"

Darvis took his keys and placed them in his pocket. Just then the doctor came out, without a smile on his face. "We're about to find out now."

Hannah stepped up beside Darvis, ready to comfort him at any bad news.

The doctor comfronted them and frowned. "Im sorry to say that we did find some damage to her head. I think when she landed she landed on her head. We're going to do a few cat scans to see what we can do, but at this rate she's going to continue to have seizures." Darvis looked at the man as though he had just ripped his heart out. Moving over to a wall he threw his fist through it in a fit of anger. Joshua and Nate stood in case they needed to restrain him. Darvis shook his head gently. "No...Im ok..." He had this look of horror in his eyes before he fell forward. Joshua jumped forward and caught him. Moving him into a chair he let the doctor examine him. "Just a small faint...he's over working himself. Watch him."

Tank snuggled against Rick's chest and slept on, though her face contorted with confusion and fear occasionally. The keys to the house were in her pocket, she knew he'd find them and so didn't wake, knowing there was no danger.. In the real world anyway.

Rick shifted her so he could get an arm free and found the key. He unlocked the door and moved her back so she was across hia arms again. He walked inside, shutting the door with his feet. Rick walked upstairs and into Tank's room, where he gently deposited her on her bed. He stood straight after and cracked his back. Rick looked down at her sleeping form and moved one of her hairs out from her face to the side, He smiled softly and pulled the blanket over her. He turned away and walked out of the room, shutting the door softly he walked downstairs and to the kitchen. He leant against the counter, beer in hand with a thoughtful expression on his face. Taking a sip from the beer every now and then he thought about Naedan and all the times she had helped him in the past.

Hannah thanked the doctor then moved to Darvis. She smiled weakly at Joshua before sitting down beside Darvis and taking his hand and holding it comfortingly.

Darvis cleared his throat and looked over at her. "She cant die, Hannah...Its not possible...I cant loose her." Smiling he shook his head and leaned it against the wall. "We all used to think she was invincible. She'd get grazed with a bullet and would continue on like it was nothing. While with us she'd force us to stay home for a week. She was like our mother and more. Especially for Joshua...Eh, I worry about him. He cares for her more than he should...and eh...I dunno."

"You have to keep thinking positively Darvis...she'll pull through..." Hannah said then suddenly a thought struck her. Selena! She quickly stood up. "Darvis i'm going to make a phonecall, there's someone I know that might be able to help her, you have to trust me, no matter what." She ran to the nearest payphone and dialled Selena's number. Please pick up.

Vala softly prodded Selena's mind. Wake up. Hannah's calling. She needs help.

Selena was in a deep sleep although Vala's voice broke her thoughs and brought her to a startling awakening. Rubbing her eyes her phone was ringing. She quickly picked it up. "Helloo?" she said sleeply.

"Selena, it's Hannah...I have a very big favour to ask you, my friend has been in a bad accident and it's not looking there anything you could do, for her brothers sake." Hannah said very quickly.

Darvis watched her and shook his head. "Man I need a drink." Nate came up behind him and smacked him in the back of the head. "You know Naedan's rules. Whether she's here or not it doesnt matter."

Selena sat straight up. "Yeah I can help. Is she in the Main Trama unit? Or in ICU?" She began to get dressed.

"ICU, I think.." Hannah said looking round her. "Thank you so much Selena, i'll see you when you get here..." She put the phone down and retraced her steps back to Darvis. "My friends coming over..." She sat down beside him and lowered her voice so only he could hear her. "We can only allow you in the room, when she's healing Naedan..I know this sounds so weird but you have to trust me..."

Darvis looked over at her for a moment and laughed. "As much as I've seen in this world...nothing is weird to me anymore. Trust me."

Hannah smiled. "Good, well I suppose I should explain what the hell's going on...just so you can understand why within the hour your sister is going to be practically fully healed, but please promise me that what I am about to tell you will never be told to anyone else, because if the wrong people heard about this, it would be the end of me and my friends..." Hannah said watching Darvis.

She put the phone down and contacted Vala. Going to be at the hosp. Someone is hurt bad. She grabed Chance's keys. Even though his ride was a bit ruined she knew it would get her there and back. Grabing her cell she walked out the door and headed to the hospital.

Be careful. I feel something is not right.

Alright Vala. She was almost half way there.

Darvis frowned at her almost angerly. "Hunny Im in a gang. We're taught to never speak of something told to us." Darvis was very eritable and just wanted to get this over with.

"Sorry..." Hannah quickly looked round her then turned back to Darvis. "I lied when I said I was staying in a hotel, I was staying with people like me....people with...special gifts. The girl who's coming over can heal people, I control water and have quite a badass weapon because of it...and the others well, you don't need to know what they do right now. You probably think i'm crazy, right?" Hannah said smiling weakly.

Selena arrived at the hospital. She parked the car and entered the doors leading to the ICU unit. She looked around but didnt see Hannah anywhere. Vala will you let Hannah know that I am here. I don't know where she is and without the name of the person in the ICU unit I can't get back to the room to see them. She took a seat right in front so that she couldn't miss Hannah when she came out.

Darvis stood and began pacing back and forth between the tables.

"Are you alright?" Hannah said watching him. "Or is that a stupid question after I just told you I have powers..."

"No no...Im ok. But uh...I may need to warn you. There is a flame that burns inside my sister, me as well. If it goes out while your friend is curing her...then she will die. I just thought I should let you know."

"My friend won't let her die..." Hannah said seriously. She smiled at Darvis. "I was expecting a little bit more of a shocked reaction...I know I would be shocked if someone told me they had powers..."

"Not if the person being told has them as well." Darvis stood as Joshua came over to them. "Im going to grab the guys something to eat down the street. I was wondering if you two wanted something." Darvis shook his head gently. "No thanks."

"no but thank you for asking." Hannah said smiling at Joshua.

Joshua nodded and quickly left the emergency room. Darvis looked around at the guys and frowned. "If any of you want to go home that is fine. I can wait here." Everyone looked up at him but no one moved in the slightest. Darvis smiled and shook his head. Naedan you have better friends than you think you do.

"So how long have all you guys known each other?" Hannah said whilst folding her arms.

"Well Joshua and Nate we went to preschool with. The other guys just flooded in over the years. Some of them later than others. But that guy over there..." Darvis pointed to a guy in the corner. "He is the newest. Names Brian."

"Whats he like?" Hannah said looking at Brian.

"He's quiet at times. Keeps his opinions to himself but when it comes to Naedan...I think a lot of the guys in the gang have a crush on her. But Joshua...his isnt a crush its love." Darvis shook his head and got back on topic. "But uh...Well he has some good ideas. He's good with vehicles. I mean amazing. He fixed up my truck really nice."

Hannah smiled. "Maybe he could take a look at my bike. I would pay him of course, he can have one of my fathers cars...he wouldn't notice." she said rolling her eyes. "My parents are away on a permanent theres a huge house sitting empty, waste of money if ya ask me. You's can use it for meetings if you want. We have a games room!" she said smiling.

Darvis laughed and nodded. "Thanks...Ill talk to him about the bike and Naedan about the house."

Hannah laughed. "I never thought i'd say this but I actually miss the place...I must seem so spoilt to you..."

Of sourse. She kept the link open with Selena, then 'popped' into Hannah's head. Selena is here, in the ICU unit. She doesn't know the name.

Oh thanks."I'll be right back, just been told she's here." Hannah said to Darvis as she stood. She walked down the corridor and through a set of double doors. She approached the entrance of the hospital and saw Selena sitting. She walked to her and smiled. "Hi...thank you so much for coming."

"No problem." Selena said standing up. Thanks Vala. "So tell me all about this girl and what happened. Like any medical conditions besides seisurs?"

"I don't know about her medical history, all I know is that she was hit by a truck and there possibly is damage to her head. Her brother can tell you more if you need it." Hannah said as she lead the way back to Darvis. "Darvis this is Selena, Selena this is Darvis." she said introducing them to each other.

Selena held out her hand. "Its nice to meet you, Darvis. However, I do wish the cerumstances were different." She gave a heart felt smile. "Are you the girl's brother?"

Darvis took her hand gently and shook it. "Twin to be exact."

"Thats even better." She droped her hand to the side. "Well first does she have any medical history like a heart murmor or tumor that I need to know? Of course I mean before this.. acident happened." She saw how broken up he was. "Don't worry Darvis, I can heal your sister." She placed her hand gently on his face in a comferting way.

Darvis froze suddenly then relaxed. " no medical problems. Well she has migrains every day but thats about it."

Hannah watched them both then spoke. "We need to work out how we're going to do this...we'll have the doctors confused at how she suddenly made a full recovery...any ideas anyone how we can explain that?"

Darvis looked over at Brian at the exact moment. Brian looked up at him feeling his gaze apon him. Smiling, Brian shook his head and stood. "Well we could have them re-do her exrays after she is cured and they will see that there is nothing wrong with her head. We can also have them re-check the blood vessels that cause the seizures. It's a very simple explination." Darvis smiled at Brian and nodded in respect, then he turned in Hannah's direction and smile a smile that seemed to say "See".

Hannah looked at Darvis an eyebrow raised but smiled all the same. "Ok that story sounds ok, Selena it's up to you now, when your ready..."

Selena closed her eyes and focused her energy for a moment. "Alright I am ready. Darvis please lead the way, and your the only one that can be in the room besides Hannah when I do this." Turning to Hannah. "That is only if its okay with him that you can come to."

Hannah nodded. "Darvis if you'd prefer me not to be in the room, I don't mind...."

Darvis shrugged gently and went through the doors. "I dont really mind." Making his way down a hallway he entered the first room on the right. Smiling over at his sister he shook his head. Walking over to her side he took her hand gently and squeezed it. Naedan opened her eyes slowly he smiled up at him. "No worries dear brother. All will be well." Darvis looked over at Selena and then back to Naedan. "I know."

Selena walked to the other side of the bed across from Darvis. "I'm Selena. Just relax and I can get you out of here faster then normal." She smiled heartly. "That is if everything the Dr's did was correct. Where does it hurt?"

Naedan looked up at her smiled. "To be honest...everywhere. But mainly in my ribs and head."

"Did they tell you you broke any of your ribs?" Selena began to feel her ribs gently.

Naedan nodded gently. "The top three on the right side and a couple in the middle on the left."

"Thats not good." Selena placed her hands on the right and left of her ribs. "I dont think this is going to work. I am going to do what I can to heal them but they wont be all the way. It will relive some pressure." She closed her eyes and could feel the girls ribs move more into place then before. "I dont think they will heal all the way yet. In time of course they will." It was the best she could do at the current moment. "For your head, did they preform a CAT Scan?"

"A few actually...nothing has come back but they think something might be putting pressure on my brain. Whether it be part of my head or something from the crash, they dont know."

"Until they do come back with the results I wont be for certin that I can help. I can try for now until I know what is wrong." She placed her hand on Naedan's forehead. "All I can do is reduce the swelling and bleeding." She let her hand rest there for a good while before removing it.

Naedan sighed gently. "Thank you....that is much better." Slowly the color began to return to her face. Raising her eyebrows she looked over at Darvis and smiled. He nodded gently. "You have finally accepted yourself."

Hannah stuck her head in through the door. "Is everything ok?"

Naedan looked over at her and smiled. "Hey Wonderwoman."

Hannah smiled and entered the room. "What do you mean?"

Naedan held out her hand and snapped her fingers. Just then an orb of wind appeared in her hand. "What's yours?"

Rick moved from the kitchen and into the living room. He sighed heavily and sat down on the couch and nursed the beer in his hands. This would be a good time to get drunk He reasoned with himself, He lent back on the chair and looked up at the roof. He sighed again But i have to be awake. I need to know whats happening with Naedan... He shook his head and stared at a blank spot on the wall.

Darvis came forward and kissed Naedan on the forehead. "You are in good hands...Im going to see to Rick. Make sure he's ok and everything. Show me where he is..." Naedan closed her eyes and an image appeared in Darvis' head. Nodding he hurried from the hospital.

Rick sighed and sat there for the best part of half an hour just staring at the wall and slowly drinking the beer, not realising that it had gone warm.

Darvis pulled up to the house and parked by the side of the road. Hoping out he hurried up to the door and began banging on it. "Get up you little shit! Come on you can do it! Stop drinking!"

Rick got up his face twisted into anger. He opened the door, warm beer in hand "Shut the fuck up, Tank's sleepin." He said with a undertone of growl. "Whadda you want?"

Darvis raised his hand and swung at Rick, hitting him right in the face. "Dont you ever tell me what to do you little fucker! I am not in the mood for your shit, you stupid drunk." Darvis came into the house and quietly closed the door.

Rick dropped the can, the only can he had drunk and picked Darvis up by the front of his shirt and slammed him against the wall with one hand. He pointed in his face "Watch yourself. I aint never takin shit from you before and i aint gonna start now." He growled. "I had one beer for your information so dont be thinkin you know shit." He said and let him go. Rick took a step back and his face changed slightly "How's Naedan?"

Darvis stood there for a moment and then went to the door. Opening he took a step out and glanced over his shoulder. "You want to know how she is? Find out for yourself you fucking jackass. You've lost my respect and any sence of friendship we ever had. Childhood friends my ass." Slamming the door behind him, he carefully got into his truck and made his way to the bar. Something he hasn't dont in years.

Rick's foot twitched a couple of times. He thought for a while and decided, Tank would be fine. He walked into the living room and picked up the phone dialing a cab. He put the phone down after and wrote a note to Tank about his whereabouts and when he finished the cab was outside. He got in and arrived at the hospital soon after. He paid the cab driver and started up the drive "Fuckin Darvis..." He muttered and walked into the building. "Hey, Im here to see Naedan"

Joshua stood slowly and looked him over. "Im not sure she wants to see but so be it. Go ahead."

Rick nodded in acknowledgement and walked down the hall. He stopped at Naedan's door and noticed she had visitors.

Naedan looked over at the door and frowned. "Ladies could you leave us alone for a moment." After they had left her frowned deepened. "What are you doing here?"

Rick looked slightly hurt "I at least expected a hello..." He walked into the room further "Are they treating you well?"

"You dont deserve a hello for the way you treated my brother. He use to care about you...until you threw him into a wall. The moment you put your hands on lost his trust and respect. Maybe even mine." Darvis stood just inside the hospital doors, done with his drinking. It hand;t lasted long for he wasnt a drinker. "Where is he?" Joshua looked around at everyone and frowned. "Naedan's room." Darvis nodded and went down the hallway, stopping just outside the door, just in time to hear what Naedan had said. Smiling he stood there and listened.

Rick shook his head slowly "You know what? I only came here because i cared about you Naedan. If you hadn't noticed, he hit me. So you know what, if this is how your gonna treat me fine. Ill leave." He turned and walked towards the door, he stopped and looked back at her "You know, after all we been though, i would have expected you to understand me by now."

"No, no I dont." Pushing herself up to a sitting position she motioned with her wrist, the door swung shut and was locked. "You dont even know the real me let alone begin to know how I think. Just because my brother hit you doesn't give you a right to throw him into a wall. He lost his parents and almost me! He's on the point of breaking. You know this! You know him! Yet you still threatened him. Now him calling you a drunk I have no idea...He could just be in a rage and rambling. But know how close me and my brother are you should have known I would be upset." Slowly the color began to drain from her face as she fell back against the pillows. Darvis burst threw the door but returned it to being locked. "She's losing her wind..." Walking over to her he carefully placed his hand on her forehead and forced some of his strength into her body.

Rick remained stock still. He breathed deeply, controling the urge to do some ranting himself. He had always had a problem with anger, ever since he was a small child. His muscles tenced and he shook slightly. He relaxed visibly then walked over to the side of the bed. He looked down at her pale face and small body. He shook his head.

Naedan shoved Darvis's hand away she shook her head. "No...I have to do this on my own. These are my powers...I need to learn to control them." Darvis looked at her, worried. "But you could die...if the..." Naedan quickly cut him off. "Darvis I know! The wind goes out...I die." Carefully she pushed the covers aside and tried standing. Falling forward she reached out for Rick and caught his arm.

Rick stared into her eyes for a moment then seemed to understand, he helped her stand upright "Ill help if i can." He said, which from Rick, was the closest thing to an apology you could get out of him unless under torture.

Naedan looked over at Darvis and nodded. "I need some icey cold water...I need to drink it." Darvis hurried from the room and came back moments later witha steaming glass of water. "Here." Naedan wrapped an arm around Rick's neck and hurriedly drank the water.

Rick glanced at Darvis and just held her steady. He had no idea what was going on but it didn't matter.

"Shouldn't you wait til your a little better....I can help you control your powers...." Hannah said quickly to Naedan. "I taught myself how to control my water powers....i'm sure I could help you...."

Naedan looked over at her and nodded gently. "Your help is much appreciated but I need to get out of here today. And on with my life."

"If you want i'll cause a little distraction with the nurses, that way no one will notice you go...." Hannah said whilst smiling.

Naedan nodded gently. "Alright." Looking at Rick she smiled. "Care to help me out of here?"

Hannah smiled excitedly as she cracked her knuckles. "I'll try and give you as much time as I can, but don't hang about too long ok...." She walked to the door and turned. "I guess the drama lessons are gonna pay off!" she winked at Darvis as she left still smiling.

Darvis raised his eyebrows and helped Naedan to the waiting room. "Let's get out of here guys." The guys stood and nodded, running out of the emergency room. Darvis set Naedan into in passenger seat of his truck and jumped into the drivers seat. "Shall we wait for her?" Naedan looked over at him and shrugged. "She said NOT to wait...I guess go..." Darvis nodded and headed home.

Selena followed in her own car. She wanted to make sure that Naedan would be alright.

Rick watched them drive off then turned back to the hospital. He walked in and saw Hannah'a distraction. He gave her a nod and a thumbs up meaning it was good to go.

Naedan lay back in her seat and closed her eyes. "Naedan, maybe you should have stayed there." Naedan opened her eyes to see Darvis staring down at her. "Im fine. Just a little sleepy."

Hannah nodded to Rick then quickly left the nurses she had been talking to and joined his side. "Well I suppose I better get back to their house, help out a little. I'm gonna call a cab, we can share if you want...."

Rick didn't look at her "Yeah, alright. Im goin to the same area anyway." He said shrugging and hailing a beat up taxi.

Hannah climbed into the back waiting for Rick to join her.

Rick got in the cab rubbing his face and looking genuinely tired, He yawned behind a closed fist.

Hannah folded her arms awkwardly, thinking of how her and Rick hadn't started on the best terms. She stared out the grubby window unable to think of anything to say.

Rick looked up and towards Hannah for a moment "What was that thing that Naedan had in her hand?" He asked in wondor.

Hannah smiled. "It's not my business to tell...your probably gonna see some weird things pretty soon, brace yourself..."

Rick shook his head "Already seen to weird things, trust me on that one." He said looking down at his forarm and tencing it, remembering.

"Ok....well i'm going to be helping Naedan train a little....make her a little stronger and...more in control of what she does...." Hannah said trying to make it sound as normal as possible.

Rick frowned " much can you teach on...control?" He asked looking at her, hoping she would ask the right question.

"I'm hoping I can teach her a fair bit." Hannah looked at him. "Do you need some lessons in control?" she said a small smile passing her lips.

DArvis jumped down from the truck and came around to the pasengers side. Opening the door he picked her up in his arms and kicked the door shut with his foot. A truck pulled up just them and Joshua jumped out of the drivers seat. "Let me get the door for you!" Running to the front door he unlocked it and held it open for Darvis to walk into. "Im just going to set her on the couch." Joshua nodded and moved the pillows and jackets out of the way. After Darvis set her down he went to get her a cold glass of water.

Rick turned to her as the taxi pulled out outside Naedan's place "I dont really know. All i do know is that im strong. Really strong. Come over to Tank's tomorrow and ill show you." He said and turned back to the front of the car.

Selena pulled up behind them and walked in after Darvis. She stood against the wall.

Hannah smiled. " show me what you can do and i'll show you what I can do....." she opened the door of the taxi and handed her share of the fare to Rick. "I'll come over early, so be ready." Hannah stepped out of the car and closed the door giving a final wave to Rick as she walked into the house. "I'm back..." she called to Naedan and Darvis. She walked into the living room and sat down on the seperate chair. "How ya feeling?" she asked looking at Naedan.

Naedan looked over at Hannah unable to speak. Darvis came in from the kitchen and frowned. "She's have trouble breathing. My aunt is coming into town tonight to look her over. She's hoping there'll be a potion she can drink or something to help her recover."

Selena approached her and took her hand and layed it on her chest. "Breath as deep as you can."

Hannah nodded and stood. "Is there a back yard I can train in, I haven't trained with my weapon in quite a while."

"Actually we have a training area in the basement." Darvis nodded and pointed to the basement door.

"Oh cool, thanks...i'd ask if you would like to train with me, but maybe you should stay with Naedan." Hannah said tying her long blue hair back.

A woman burst through the door just then. "Nope nope nope. Darvis...out out out!!!" Darvis looked over at the small woman shoving him and grinned. "I guess aunty wants me to train."

Hannah smiled. "Ok. Grab whatever weapon you have and i'll promise not to hurt you..." She headed down to the basement and started stretching.

Darvis kissed his aunt ont he cheek and smiled. "Dont hurt her to badly." Nodding to him she went into the living room and began cooing to Naedan. Darvis went down stairs and looked over at Hannah.

Hannah looked up at Darvis and smiled. "Wanna see what a real weapon looks like?"


Hannah smiled and nodded then walked to the middle of the floor. She closed her eyes so she could concentrate, and as she did a small puddle began forming at her feet. She opened her eyes smiling. She reached down as a blue orb emerged from the water, followed by an aquamarine handle. Hannah took hold of the handle and with a quick tug pulled the crush trident from the water. The water at her feet vanished as she looked up at Darvis smiling. "Ready?" she said smiling as she began walking around swinging the trident.

Darvis watched her carefully, ready to defend, if needed. Smiling he heard his aunt upstairs singing. Naedan...One of these will grow stronger with your powers...if it's the last thing I ever do. He said quite sturnly into his sister's head. Naedan's eyes snapped open as she heard her brothers words. Looking over at her aunt she frowned. "Naedan, you know he's right. Im sorry to agree with him because I love you both...but you need to embrace your gift. Its nothing to be ashamed of." Naedan looked out the window and frowned. "It is if it's the exact thing that took your parents from you."

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