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Melissa's Manips


So I started learning to manip in 2010, and wasn't very good at it at all. I still had fun with it though, and since then, I've been working on getting better and enhancing my technique. Most of these were done using Gimp, but a few were created while I was experimenting with Photoshop. At this point, I'm mastering the "layering" part of manips, but I'm sure I'll learn more as I continue to practice. Enjoy!
* Click images to go to the stock page. Images on that page are able to be enlarged. *




ISCFA Search For Red BSDMAS Stock INFO

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Let Me... Stock INFO WWC Stock INFO SAF Stock INFO

Waiting Stock INFO Life Stock INFO Zombies Stock INFO

LOTOS Stock INFO Sharing the Light Stock INFO W.S.N. Stock INFO

... Stock INFO DTYAB Stock INFO  Cold Starry Night Stock INFO

 Nightmarish Stock INFO Vintage Stock INFO Winter Quest Stock INFO

The Watchers Stock INFO Silver In The Stardust Stock INFO

 Midnight Meeting Stock INFO I'm Watching You Stock INFO

Underwater Stock INFO Contemplation Stock INFO Specter Stock INFO

Fairy Land Stock INFO WOTW Stock INFO Les Fleurs Stock INFO

Winter Wonderland Stock INFO



Testing the Water Stock INFO Goddess and Her Steed Stock INFO  Hollow Dreams/The Tyger Stock INFO

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2010-12-16 [Skydancer]: Very pretty work, you did a nice job on her. :)

2010-12-16 [Nioniel]: Thank you. :) I hope she likes it too.

2010-12-16 [SilverFire]: Broken link. :o

2010-12-16 [Nioniel]: Thanks. :)

2010-12-18 [Cillamoon]: I do, thank you!

2010-12-18 [Nioniel]: No problem. You do great full body shots.

2011-10-09 [Nioniel]: Hmmm...I think I'm getting better at this. ^^

2011-10-09 [Stephen]: I like the Contemplation one a lot, along with the ones you've put into your house now.

I think they're really cool looking, and the model in the last one looks like she belongs right in the image.

2011-10-09 [Nioniel]: I mostly used DA Stock for Contemplation, just because there's SOOO much more to choose from.

Thank you. :)

2011-10-09 [Stephen]: xD
Well, the rain texture came from Elftown at least. ;)

2011-10-10 [Cillamoon]: Love the new work Mel! Last one is haunting!

2011-10-10 [Nioniel]: Thanks! OOh, I didn't put my fairy one here. *goes off to do it*

2011-10-14 [Mortified Penguin]: Hmm... some of these look shooped...

2011-10-14 [Lord Josmar]: You must teach me

*Produces plate of bribery cookies.*

2011-10-14 [Nioniel]: heh, I don't really know how to do much, actually. I only just discovered how to add layers late last year, and haven't learned much else since. :) Actually, [Chimes] taught me a lot of useful stuff, and she linked me to some cool tutorials (cuz she uses/used Gimp, too), she'd probably be more helpful.

All I can tell you is that the erase tool and the layer tool are my friends. :D

2011-10-14 [Lord Josmar]: I found a site that has tutorials, but most of them seem to require an already outstanding knowledge of photoshop. I just learned how to make a Layer Mask last week.

2011-10-14 [Nioniel]: Then you probably know about as much as I do. I agree, the majority of online tutorials are useless to the average beginner. :(

2011-10-15 [Lord Josmar]: I found a site that has tutorials, but most of them seem to require an already outstanding knowledge of photoshop. I just learned how to make a Layer Mask last week.

2011-10-15 [Lord Josmar]: Nice

2011-10-15 [Nioniel]: Thanks!

2011-10-15 [Lothuriel]: Very lovely, all of them are! I especially love the mermaid one. It is absolutely stunning!!! It makes me feel as if I am right there swimming with miss mermaid!

2011-10-16 [Nioniel]: Thank you! :) I like being able to see that I'm getting better. The progression is pretty clear, and the quality is definitely improving from manip to manip. ;)

2011-10-16 [Nioniel]: Yo, watchers. Any of you know of any good Gimp tutorials? If so, link me, please? ^^

2011-10-17 [Avaz]: Funny semi-related comment. The very first time I saw the name of this wiki, I misread it, and I was confused. I thought, why does she have a wiki about male nipples? Are hers masculine?
I misread it as "man nips" but as one word. >_>
No surprise, right? :P

2011-10-17 [Mortified Penguin]: I still pronounce it as "man nips" when I read it in my head.

2011-10-17 [Nioniel]: Not at all shocking, either of you. :P

I like to think that my nips are perfectly feminine. :)

2011-10-17 [Avaz]: Sorry dear, but if you're going to reply like that, I'm forced to cite the old interwebs adage: "pics or GTFO". I'm sorry to have to do this to you, but you can see how this puts me in this situation. :)

2011-10-17 [Nioniel]: There ought to be evidence on the page that Flisky has for such things...I thought you were a part of it? O.o

2011-10-17 [Avaz]: Oh, that's right. See, even as I was typing that out, I kept thinking, "Waitasecond, why do I think she already has?" Thanks for confirming my suspicions. Carry on. ^_^
Edit: I really need to start keeping better tabs on this type of thing.
Edit2: Yes, I agree they are perfectly feminine. XD

2011-10-17 [Nioniel]: <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2011-10-17 [Mortified Penguin]: What? I wanna see pics. D:

2011-10-17 [Nioniel]: Of my boobs? why?

2011-10-17 [Avaz]: I'm gonna guess because he's a guy. :3

2011-10-17 [Nioniel]: :P

2011-10-17 [Mortified Penguin]: SHOW ME YOUR BOOBS.

2011-10-17 [Nioniel]: :O

2011-10-17 [Avaz]: I think my guess was right. :P


2011-10-17 [Avaz]: Wrong wiki, Mort. I think you might be thinking of I'd Rather Be Naked!.

2011-10-17 [Mortified Penguin]: *reaches for gun*

2011-10-17 [Avaz]: As long as your "gun" isn't in your pants. >_>

2011-10-17 [Nioniel]: If he's going over to I'd Rather Be Naked!, his "gun" shouldn't be in his pants. :P

2011-10-24 [Cillamoon]: Gorgeous! Love them all!

2011-10-24 [Nioniel]: Thanks! :D :D :D

2011-10-24 [Avaz]: Indeed. Your improvement is remarkable. :)

2011-10-24 [Mortified Penguin]: Saying she has improved implies she wasn't perfect before. :o

2011-10-24 [Nioniel]: Thanks, [Avaz]. :3

2011-10-25 [Stephen]: Wow. o3o

I *love* Silver in the Stardust. Like, I'd buy it and put it on my wall, were it in a store type of love. It's really awesome looking.

2011-10-25 [Nioniel]: Aw, thanks! It's for Kura's Color Contest.

2011-10-29 [Stephen]: Reminds me of Resident Evil. x)

2011-10-30 [Nioniel]: :3

2011-11-13 [Avaz]: If I could make a suggestion: Wouldn't it be easier to navigate this page if the newest additions were at the top, and go backward from there? Basically the opposite of what you're doing now. :D Just a thought. ^^

2011-11-13 [Nioniel]: Yush. Good idea, thanks. :) I'mma try that.

2011-11-13 [Nioniel]: Tra-la-laaa! :D

2011-11-14 [Avaz]: I'm impressed. It's quite lovlier now! I even like the "featured" newest picture you've done - very nice touch. :D

And I must say, the reason I made the suggestion in the first place was because it took me quite a number of days to realize that you were putting your newest stuff at the bottom. :D This is much bettererer. :D

2011-11-14 [Nioniel]: Thanks!

I agree. ^^

2011-12-02 [LiKeaNaDDiCt]: They are wonderfull..

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