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mh's cosplay challenge
got a new idea/inspiration by my muse
draw your OC cosplayin you
whatever you are currently wearing



1. character must be your own
2. must dress him or her as you are now
[ooooh and dont forget those accessories/glasses/jewelry/shoes/ect stuff]
3. all art must be your own
4. upload to ET peeps
5. have fun
6. beats handed out behind my barn


<img:stuff/swirl%202.png>DO IT LIKE THIS:
1. [your name] 'title'
<img300:awesome cosplay image
(short description of OC if you like or a link to his/her character wiki)

2. ECT

feel free to put up WIPs so we can *poke fun of em*

<img:stuff/swirl%202.png> START NOW!


1. [moira hawthorne] 'Aodh Hot and Sexy'
Aodh of SabbathNight for anyone not familiar with my naughty faery

2. [Blood Sucking Beauty] 'Embarrased Damion'
My vampire, Damion Glory. His eyes and hair are emerald green and he is obviously really muscular.

3. [*Leric*] 'epic panda'
Jethro, the epitome of badassary. (not so much in this sense xD) He's got red hair ;]

4. [Talkris]
My char Jason Mulgrew. jason p. mulgrew
Don't laugh too hard, I've never done cell shading before nor do I ever work solely in PS3. (Drawn with reference because I suck at people)

5. [Erubeus]
Bethiru; Seriously? I should've chosen [Vou]. u.u
Dissed by my own character. D=
Anywho, yeah, this is it. Not all that happy with it, being as I f#%$ed up his hair(supposed to be white with silver stripes), and am a horrible shader.
But, I like how my messenger bag came out~ Joker ftw♥.
And, chyeah. I really do have three scarves on my bag.


A. [wicked fae mage]
This is Vicente Moon from my Hearts series, and he is in my soft, hooded red robe and furry slippers. Don't laugh or call him adorable! He is a manly vampire! (who can, has and will forever burn in the sunlight ^.^)
reference pic: <img200*0:>

B. [moira hawthorne] 'Aodh Cold and Still Sexy'
what you cant tell from lookin at Aodh is...
Im wearin' thermal longjohns under my jeans
plus a thermal tank, cotton top and wool sweater under my hoody
frell his ears must be cold!!!



Aodh PaperDoll Dressup


<img:stuff/swirl%202.png>inspired in [~Crimson Angel~]'s The Best Artist contest - TBAC<img:stuff/swirl%202.png>


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2009-08-20 [Talkris]: This could be fun.

2009-08-20 [moira hawthorne]: I THOUGHT SO...

2009-08-20 [Talkris]: Most of my chars are boys, so they'll end up in drag. >.< Then I shall laugh at their expense

2009-08-20 [moira hawthorne]: LOL... Im doing Aodh... so he is in a wrap skirt

2009-08-20 [Talkris]: Heheh cute

2009-08-20 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: hahahahaha my OC is a dude. oh how fun this shall be..........

i like this idea tho. BRILLIANT!

2009-08-20 [wicked fae mage]: Muwahaha! Daemius has a new contest to enter if I ever get a scanner again...

2009-08-20 [Alexi Ice]: Sounds like fun Moria.

2009-08-21 [lacy_azlin]: Does sound fun, other than my clothing choices are so boring and often neutral sex, unless I start breaking into my SCA and Steampunk wardrobe.

2009-08-21 [moira hawthorne]: looks like a lot of girls have male OCs... so its gonna be a bit crossdressing...

nah nah cant be you dressed up... the idea is for your OC to dress as you... sortta reverse fantasy.. hahaha... it will be fun

2009-08-21 [*Leric*]: this seems really cool. :]

2009-08-21 [Talkris]: I suck at drawing humans though. Maybe I'll draw one of my animal characters in my clothes

2009-08-21 [moira hawthorne]: hehehe hummm as long as its your OC.... sure....

2009-08-21 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: mine is done. i just have to scan it. it isn't a GOOD drawing but its absolutely HYSTERICAL!

2009-08-21 [Talkris]: So I just noticed, I totally dress like a boy. I put my char Jason in my clothes and, aside from them being too small on him, they suit him really well. Even my PJs are for boys. -_- I'll post the pic tomorrow or something.

2009-08-21 [moira hawthorne]: [Blood Sucking Beauty] please give yours a title...
and do you really wear that skirt? like now...

[Talkris] (and everyone) well clothes nowadays are lots unisex... but still dress your OC is exactly what you normally wear... or are now wearing... the point is too make them look like they are trying to cosplay you... that means to be recognizable as you... tho we still want them to look like them... thats the fun

2009-08-21 [*Leric*]: idk if it's recognizable as me. but i tried hehe

2009-08-21 [moira hawthorne]: hehehehe flowery shorts! and yah a bra...

2009-08-21 [*Leric*]: lol that's what i was wearin. my jammies. i like how it came out. arms kinda suck though

2009-08-21 [XxTsomexX]: haha I'm gonna use my Tsome OC, but she doesn't have her ears pierced, so thats gonna be a fun one :3

2009-08-21 [Alexi Ice]: Mine has to be anime too, but he is an OC.

2009-08-21 [Avatar15]: OHMAHHGAHH. ♥ Starting this now~

2009-08-21 [Alexi Ice]: Can I invite people, Moira? I know some people who would love this contest!

2009-08-21 [*Leric*]: lol nano ;D

2009-08-21 [moira hawthorne]: sure sure invite away!

2009-08-21 [Alexi Ice]: Sveet! I shall!

2009-08-21 [*Leric*]: akane..i'm already a member of this wiki. why would you send me an invite? -_-

2009-08-21 [Alexi Ice]: Lol. Sorry. I just sent one to everyone I thought would appreciate it <3

2009-08-21 [Vou]: Eee, joining! >:} And I'm using Kitio! ^______^

2009-08-21 [~Crimson Angel~]: O_O HOLY CRAP TOSHI! EW!

2009-08-21 [moira hawthorne]: coool coool...

workin abit more on my Aodh... (that and dollys)
I dont think he even realizes he is in girl's clothes... HE'S JUST SO METROSEXUAL... HE ROCKS EVERYTHING
Im not too happy with his arms.. as you can see... one is still missin... but as soon as i get his anatomy knoke down

I hope everyone is gonna colour their!

2009-08-21 [Alexi Ice]: I shall definatly color mine . How long till the deadline?

2009-08-21 [moira hawthorne]: somewhere over the horizon... *beats deadline to death*

2009-08-21 [Alexi Ice]: Good. That's the way I like it.

2009-08-21 [moira hawthorne]: yah I want alot of art... new fun coloured stuff.. no point rushing people.... and school is starting soon...

2009-08-22 [moira hawthorne]: hehehehe awesome Talkris! pink toed/heeled socks1

2009-08-22 [Talkris]: Those socks are so comfy! I have a ton of 'em!

2009-08-22 [*Leric*]: ahaha yeesss. talkris, that's beast. i love yours xD

2009-08-22 [moira hawthorne]: wow Jason isnt a nice young boy at all...

2009-08-22 [Talkris]: No, he's just a wee bit crazy. But he's really fun to play because I get to make the other players turn green from the gross descriptions. ^_^

Not to mention he looks funny in my bra.

2009-08-22 [moira hawthorne]: hate to think what he has stuffed it with1 lol

2009-08-22 [Talkris]: Mmm parts *snicker*

2009-08-22 [Tsunade]: can i do this?! please? :]

2009-08-22 [*Leric*]: it's stuffed with all those pink heeled socks hehe

2009-08-22 [Talkris]: Heheheh, you wish you had such cool socks as me. ^_^

2009-08-22 [*Leric*]: i so do. only, i have some pretty doos socks. with candies on them.

2009-08-22 [Talkris]: I used to have a pair with lobsters, but I wore them so much that they got holes. I was so sad. -_-

2009-08-22 [*Leric*]: awwh. lobsters ha ha that's so cool

2009-08-22 [Talkris]: Yeah, those socks rocked

2009-08-22 [Erubeus]: It amuses me that all of our entries are male characters.
But then, it wouldn't be fun drawing female clothing on a women. d=
It further amuses me that my character would still be wearing that jacket any other day.
It is my safety blanket. <3

2009-08-22 [moira hawthorne]: im just amazed you are wearing so much.... must not be as hot there

2009-08-22 [Talkris]: Almost all of us draw when we're in our PJs ^_^

2009-08-22 [Erubeus]: Oh dear, it is hot.
But, I don't feel comfortable in tiny clothing, nor in shorts.
I love my jacket, and you can't wear a jersey without a tanktop beneath.
And then, of course, I was wearing jeans earlier when I had started drawing this, along with the arm accessories.
And I was wearing my boots to eat the legs of my skinny jeans while I was out and about in the stores and whatnot.
I don't really feel hot or cold anymore, though, so that is why I don't mind wearing so many clothes.

I usually do, too, but I did not feel like changing right away when I got back home, so I stayed in my clothes till only about a half an hour ago.

2009-08-22 [Talkris]: I never wear shorts either. My boxers are only worn to bed. Otherwise its jeans and boots everyday.

2009-08-22 [*Leric*]: it's too hot for jeans. i've worn boxers or shorts all week, save for one day.

2009-08-22 [Talkris]: Heh, you get used to it. I hate shorts. All they do is give wedgies. >.<

2009-08-22 [Erubeus]: Especially when you go to sit down, and the back of your couch pulls them up to the middle of your back..
So uncomfortable.

2009-08-22 [*Leric*]: bahaha

2009-08-22 [Talkris]: Hahaha

2009-08-22 [moira hawthorne]: bbbaaaa shorts are for bikin.... otherwise I wear about a dozen different sarongs...

2009-08-22 [*Leric*]: ohhh what's a sarong? sounds exotic lol

2009-08-22 [Talkris]: I only have one sarong, but I only ever wear it to the beach.

2009-08-22 [moira hawthorne]: sarong: its what me/aodh is wearin... basically a large printed scarf/sheet of material... made of cotton or rayon

hehehehe I wear mine all summer long... I either tie it about my waist with a tshirt.. as Aodh is modelin... or about my neck for a more riskie/sexy look...

here is me in my fav sarong... its actually a two piece...

I also use them for chair covers... as I sit about in the nude alot aswell

2009-08-22 [moira hawthorne]: ooo and updated my wip...

2009-08-22 [Talkris]: I like the shirt Aodh is wearing.

2009-08-22 [moira hawthorne]: hehehe anit it fun?!?1 I love that shirt... saw it at old navy and had to get it

2009-08-22 [moira hawthorne]: im debating havin Aodh cut his hair...

2009-08-22 [Talkris]: I kinda want one hehe

2009-08-22 [*Leric*]: that's cool. i wants one lol :]

2009-08-22 [moira hawthorne]: dont know if its still available ... got it last year.. (i think)

2009-08-22 [Talkris]: "Drinks 'till he's cute" can be one of your names on Doodles in Elftown hehehe

2009-08-22 [Goma]: I should do this....

2009-08-22 [moira hawthorne]: yes you should1 everyone should! mahahahahaha!

2009-08-23 [moira hawthorne]: ok other than a b/g which im debating on what to do... mine is done ... well maybe I change his eyebrows... they are bothering me

2009-08-23 [*Leric*]: i like it, moira! :]

2009-08-23 [moira hawthorne]: thx u ... now on the final I did alot more than change the eyebrows... repainted his whole face... and made a photo manip b/g for him

2009-08-24 [moira hawthorne]: [Erubeus] looks awesome coloured... i still cant believe all that in this heat... Id wear that much in winter... and is your messagerbag floatin? ... nevermind... its his spine holding it!

2009-08-24 [Erubeus]: Thank you.
And, yep. I wear the exact same amount of clothing from the start of the year, to the end of the year. Heat, or lack there of, just doesn't bug me anymore.
His spines are nifty..
He could do many, many sinful things with them.. ;goes off into yaoi-fangirl stupor;

2009-08-24 [moira hawthorne]: hehehehe take Aodh with you

2009-08-24 [Erubeus]: >3
Beth and Aodh are coming with me to mah dreams.
;wiggles fingers;
Night guys. Much love.

2009-08-24 [moira hawthorne]: lol! have fun!

2009-08-24 [*Leric*]: ha ha creepers

2009-08-24 [Vou]: o_O; how did i get talked about with Bethiru? XD

2009-08-24 [Erubeus]: He's saying he should've chose to cosplay you because I wear too much stuff. :3

2009-08-24 [moira hawthorne]: that might be another challenge... have your OC dress up as who ever they want to... maybe for Halloween...

2009-08-24 [Erubeus]: Fun.

2009-08-24 [moira hawthorne]: or... here's an idea... everyone interested can make their own wiki... of a 'paper dolly' of the OC and they and other's can dress them up differently as much as they like...
basically like this...

2009-08-25 [Erubeus]: That's too much work for my lazy bum. D=

2009-08-25 [moira hawthorne]: awwwwww come on its only one nakkid drawing... you use over and over again... and other people can dress him up aswell

2009-08-28 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: haha sorry it took me so long to get back to this. WOW! alot of great entries! i guess mine isn't the only comedy drawing. and yes [moira hawthorne] i was wearing that outfit when i drew it. It was hot as all hell outside. lmao

2009-12-28 [moira hawthorne]: [wicked fae mage] you and Vicente look adorable!

2009-12-28 [wicked fae mage]: *blushes* Thank you *bows* I think the vampire might take moderate offense, but he'll get over it ^.^

2009-12-28 [moira hawthorne]: *tosses Vicente Aodh to distract him*

moderate offence isnt too bad... if he starts spitting blood mad Ill pull out the heavy equipment

2009-12-28 [wicked fae mage]: Lol, good distraction *contemplates a few pics*

2009-12-28 [moira hawthorne]: hehehe Im soooo cruel to that boy... but even if Vicente uses Aodh as a chew toy for awhile he will survive it... frell he may just enjoy it!

2009-12-28 [wicked fae mage]: Methinks that vamps can drink fae blood. They are humanoid...

2009-12-28 [moira hawthorne]: Vincente may have a royal hang over tho!

2009-12-28 [wicked fae mage]: Yes, he gets drunk from blood of one who is drunk... There is a chapter in the first part that proves that! *does a victory dance*

2009-12-28 [moira hawthorne]: Aodh can drink more than humanly possible... before he even gets a buzz on... so by the time he is drunk... he has drank his way thru an entire bar and he could lite up a earth to moon rocket!

plus has strange blood too... that the thing about being created from fire and star dust by a god rather than being born

2009-12-28 [wicked fae mage]: Vicente would be...*imagines how insanely weird he'd act*

2009-12-28 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: when do we vote?

2009-12-28 [moira hawthorne]: we dont... this is a challenge not a contest... we are here for shits and giggles... not to see how many friends you have

2009-12-29 [moira hawthorne]: hey if peeps want to do more... PLEASE DO!!! either of the same OC or a new one... if you did your first during the summer you could dress your OC in your winter clothing

2009-12-29 [wicked fae mage]: Hummm...Shade or Tsuki in a dress...and the other in lingerie xD

2009-12-29 [moira hawthorne]: and there is New Year's Eve coming... if someone feels like banging one off for that night... great opportunity to showcase some fancy attire... or silly drunkenness... lol

2009-12-29 [wicked fae mage]: Lol, super silver new years hat xD
But since Tsuki spikes his coffee Shade would be the more interesting one drunk

2009-12-29 [moira hawthorne]: whatever you wish luv... im sure to enjoy it

I want to draw Aodh as Im dressed now... freeeezin all bundled up... our furnace died on sunday and we are waiting to get it replaced...

2009-12-29 [wicked fae mage]: <; Once we had no heat for a whole week and we could open the refrigerator for warmth with how cold the house was. I'd wish an electric blanket for you if I knew you'd get one...

2009-12-29 [moira hawthorne]: when I was 17 I lived in an apt with a broken kitchen window. it was a very old building and there was a stress fault that ran up the building thru my window... even if the landlord replaced it it broke again within a week... AND IT WAS A VERY LARGE WINDOW... my kitchen was freezen and I actually keep food in the frig so they wouldnt freeze!!! but my bedroom was where the water heater for the building was in... so it was very hot!!! it was a strange weird feeling to move between the two rooms

2009-12-29 [wicked fae mage]: I bet that was weird going from frost to flames....

2009-12-29 [moira hawthorne]: for all the wierdness... and believe me there was plenty weirdness!!! and brokeness of that year... it was my first home of my own... and i love that apt... it had 12 foot ceilings... the windows were 10 feet high and 4 feet wide... and a foot deep... I loved sitting in them in the summer and reading or sketchin down town

2009-12-29 [wicked fae mage]: Pretty views, but chilly winds, right?

2009-12-29 [moira hawthorne]: yes... and a hooker next door and a cop that came out of the rain to check out if I was growing pot plants... and construction with HUGE noisey heavy machines on the bridge at nights during the summer.. and I use to hang out my window to see the town clock tower to see the time... and the guys that worked at the suit store across the street flirtin with me... and the storys of that first apt are endless...

2009-12-29 [wicked fae mage]: A lot of memories I see :)
And Aodh is still sexy ^.^

2009-12-29 [moira hawthorne]: Vicente got alot of chewin' to do to get thru all that clothes

2009-12-29 [wicked fae mage]: Lol, yes, or charming to entice the naughty fae out of it xD

2009-12-29 [moira hawthorne]: *backs the LCBO truck in* hehehe this should help

(Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO)

2009-12-29 [wicked fae mage]: Wine or Champaign?

2009-12-29 [moira hawthorne]: start with the Champaign let him work his way thru the wines and spirits.. by the time he gets to the Tequila the clothes should be all off

2009-12-29 [wicked fae mage]: Duly noted xD

2010-01-04 [Silver Moon]: cool I will have to work on one of mine

2010-01-04 [moira hawthorne]: THAT BE AWEOMESPANKS

2010-01-04 [wicked fae mage]: <<< working on above mentioned Vicente/Aodh pic xD

2010-01-04 [moira hawthorne]: NOW! Im excited AND an insomniac

2010-01-05 [wicked fae mage]: I is being one too...*continues perfecting the drawing*

2010-01-05 [wicked fae mage]: <img200*0:> This is what I've gotten so far.

Critique away

2010-01-05 [moira hawthorne]: hehehehe aodh being a chew toy! interestin!
ok critiques...
both their legs are too short compared to their torus length...
and vicente... his head is at aodh's chest but his legs still end at about the same place as aodh's
what are they sitting/leaning against?
are they standing on ground aswell?
Aodh's one arm the straight one looks odd...
if he is leaning back on it with his weight (even as light as he is) the wrist should be bent

2010-01-05 [wicked fae mage]: I hate proportions. They're never exactly right >.>
It will eventually be a bed, but this is a very rough sketch.
Yes, Vicente's still partly on the ground.

Will start working again when I get warmer >.>

2010-01-06 [moira hawthorne]: I prefer the 8 human heads.. this was how i was taught and its easy from there to purposeful distort according to the character...

note aodh is skinny and tall and his proportions are actually longer than human face longer.. hands/feet not to mention other part of him... hehehe

2010-01-06 [wicked fae mage]: Awesome! Guides! *eyes twinkle*
I always find videos when I try searching for things like that.

2010-01-06 [moira hawthorne]: once you realize you have a tendency to one proportion problem... legs too short... you can correct it by purposeful TRYing to make them too long... your brain will balance it out.. and you'll likely end up with legs that look right

2010-01-06 [Erubeus]: d:
Time for winter.
Almost finished with an outline of a picture. =3

2010-01-06 [moira hawthorne]: yes yes more more! I can see adding all the seasons eventually... even the holidays... too bad I didnt do a Yule one... was too busy with other yule art... tho this one 'occured' over yule... its not really festive... just expresses how cold it was

2010-01-06 [Erubeus]: xD
I plan on drawing a new character.
Her name is Roza.
She and I are like two peas in a pod.

2010-01-06 [moira hawthorne]: thats awesome... you dont have to do the same character all the time... you can do as many as you like! aodh just pwns my brain... but dont let my restrict limit you

2010-01-06 [wicked fae mage]: I'm doing a shmexy pic of Shade in a teddy--eventaully
And something else of Tsuki...

2010-01-06 [moira hawthorne]: heheh I had a charater named Tsuki too

2010-01-06 [Erubeus]: ;snort;
I think Roza's gonna be pissy because she has to wear jingly antlers in her picture.

2010-01-06 [wicked fae mage]: Lol, Tsuki is either a fox anthro that flings around ice, or a male nymph in human form that flings around water and has bipolar disorder

I had jingly antlers. Then Sen'jin (my cat) got hold of them...

2010-01-06 [moira hawthorne]: mooncat*art* mooncat is an old old character of mine... since I came up with her when I was a wee strange fae... I mean child... and Im an old perverted woman now... Tsuki-neko... is of course Moon-cat in japanse... and is the male version of mooncat... also her brother...

2010-01-07 [wicked fae mage]: The moon controls the ebb and flow of water, thus Tsuki is the Knight of Water :)

2010-01-07 [moira hawthorne]: when i named tsuki... i still thought it was a pretty original name

2010-01-07 [wicked fae mage]: Me too, considering that I hadn't heard it until you told me that you named your charrie Tsuki, too

2010-01-07 [moira hawthorne]: damn I heard soooooo many different characters named that... all after I named mine... not saying all them named their after mine... just noticed it...

2010-01-07 [wicked fae mage]: No, I notice charries named: Blade, Slash, Dark, Prince (insert name), Chaos, Death...(and any other over used emo words)

2010-01-07 [Erubeus]: What do you expect?
People want their character to sound super rad and dark. d=

2010-01-07 [wicked fae mage]: Indeed...
Daemius, Shade (short for Nightshade), Tsuki, Vicente, Nagi...just to rattle off a few of my male charries.

Nothing emo dark there.

2010-01-07 [moira hawthorne]: Aodh! hahahaha...

2010-01-07 [wicked fae mage]: I have sooooo many charries named Aodh, it has to be more over used than Prince Chaos xD

2010-01-07 [moira hawthorne]: Aodh: WHAT!?!?!? <img:stuff/aodh%20chibi%20huh.png>

2010-01-08 [wicked fae mage]: Kidding, kidding

2010-01-08 [Erubeus]: ;snort;

2010-01-08 [moira hawthorne]: shhhhhheeeeeeesh *pets ruffled feathers* for being millennia old... you sure are a sensitive egomaniac

2010-01-08 [wicked fae mage]: Me? *blinks*

2010-01-08 [moira hawthorne]: no.... the skinny ass faery... he's got the highlander sound track playing in my head... the line... there can be only one... on skip repeat

2010-01-08 [wicked fae mage]: Lol xD
I don't blame you. My friends and I say it all the time when we bring up cloning each other for no reason.

Justin: Mark, I'm gonna clone you so I can train you to be gay and everybody will see you being gay to me.
Mark: No, there can be only one Mark W******!
Justin: No, alternate universes theory says otherwise *grins triumphantly*

(That literally happened)

2010-01-08 [moira hawthorne]: if there was more of me... it wouldnt change much... since we'd both... or all of us would be... (depending on how many clones were made) just as lazy and not want to be the one forced by the other/s to do the housework

2010-01-08 [wicked fae mage]: It'd look like a crowd of people watching the super bowl when you are all sitting around watching True Blood xD

2010-01-08 [moira hawthorne]: damn... such a long wait still for new true blood...
gods... im sick with a cold and a ear infection... I dont want to be in a crowd of mes all being miserable and complainin

2010-01-08 [Erubeus]: ;sigh;
I can't wait 'til the new True Blood is aired. ;nerd;

2010-01-08 [wicked fae mage]: /vampire nerds out and orgasms over catching a glimpse of Eric..

2010-01-08 [moira hawthorne]: HEHEHE ERIC IS YUMMY...
Alexander Skarsgård - Hundtricket (The Dog Trick) Part 9 (Shower Scene)

2010-01-08 [Erubeus]: =D

2010-01-08 [wicked fae mage]: *cries* I don't have an account!

2014-07-16 [Stephen]: Is this contest still being held and maintained? <img:44166_1164903284.gif>

2014-07-26 [moira hawthorne]: not a contest...
its a open challenge...
but activity is very dated...

2014-10-09 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: yea.... quite dated lmao

2014-10-09 [moira hawthorne]: soooorite... it record a time and place when this was happening... nothing wrong with it...

2014-10-09 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: lol no i no that. its just funny looking back thats all

2014-10-17 [moira hawthorne]: well if you have new art of Damion you are welcome to update this!

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