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Mimoza Eick

Created By [Lin Star]
For Magic Simplicity




User Name:
(Just to know who you are or well your Elftown account, so I can contact you if there is something you need to know.)

Character Name:
(Of course, otherwise what should we call him/her?)
Mimoza Eick

Character Age:
(Age of your character, generally around 16 - 19, can be more, can be less but as a student then that's the normal age.)

Character Weight:
(Kilograms preferably but the other can be accepted as well.)
42 kg

Character Height:
(Meters and Centimeters also preferably.)
129 cm

Character Appearance:
(The usual, how he/she is built, their clothing and all that.)
Moza looks like someone who'd have quite a cheerful life, the bright rosey colored cheeks that always seem to be blushing, the shining eyes that have a curious look about them, even the way she stands gives her the cheerful, happy-go-lucky kind of impression. Appearances can be deceiving. Moza has short straight light brown hair with natural blonde highlights. She has the baby blue eyes that scream innocent child. Her skin tone adds to the 'perfect Nazi' look even though around most of her body she has four parallel scars. On her left cheek, scratching towards her mouth, are the most recent of these scars. Moza general wears the most functional clothing, having a belt with many pouches and vile holders. She wears clinging type pants underneath a general robe. Most of her clothing is black or dark in general, although she does own the proper thing a woman her age should be wearing.

Character Occupation:
(If he is to actually be a magi or a towns-person, meaning a soldier, mercenary, thief or something like that. And if he is a magi then what grade.)
Acolyte (going on 7 years)

Character Element:
(For mages, what kind of element they are ^^)

(What your character did before and all that jazz.)
Moza had the perfect childhood where both parents loved her and her two brothers. One of her brothers was older by a good five years and the other was less than a year younger, always mistaken for her twin. She began like any other child, but her interests diverged around eight years old. She was found playing house with a moving rabbit. The problem was, this rabbit shouldn't have been moving; it died a few days before, and looked like it had a chunk of its head and body missing. That was when her parents began to shun her, keeping her inside. It wasn't until they heard of the kind of magic she could use when they shipped her off to the school as soon as they could. They always thought that kind of magic was the wrong kind, and impressed their distant cousin's last name as hers, sending her to live with her cousin who looked, acted, and was as old as her great grand father. He took her in until she could attend the high school and when she had vacation time from it. She hasn't spoken to her immediate family since.

Character Weapon(s) and the appearance of it/them:
(Due to both townspeople and magi can have different looking weapons, for example for magis then the shape of their staff, you are by the way here free to use a drawing if you prefer that.)
Moza is mostly average in the category of most weaponry but has taken a liking to using pointed needles. Her needles can contain any number of poisons from physical to mental to magical. Generally, she uses these when she cannot use magic.

Character personality:
(You know the usual, gloomy, cheerfully, evil or shy or any of all that which you normally put here.)
Moza has a very dark view on things, generally thinking the worst of everything until proven wrong. She has trust issues thanks to her parents sending her away a year after the rabbit incident but otherwise can fake getting along with anyone. Usually, she never lets anyone get close to her unless she has an ulterior motive behind it.


On another site...
Mimoza Eick-Oakland (Mih-moe-zah Ee-ick)

Human: 24 True: 24



Human: This short little girl stands at exactly 4'9" and weighs about 140 lbs, at most. She's lanky for her figure and gives off a brittle look to her soft features. Her skin is fair with a hint of olive tones around the more sun-exposed portions. She has light brown freckles across the bridge of her nose and scattered sparingly across the rest of her face, arms, and legs. Her stomach is bare with the exception of a simple silver ball-stud belly ring that looks brand new despite no redness around it. Moza has dyed sport blue, short, face-length hair in the front with high hanging bangs and spikable hair about half the length of the average pinky finger. At the roots, her hair darkens to a brown-ish color. Her eyes are a dull smokey gray that seem to never shine. As for clothing, she's usually wearing something comfortable including jeans and random shirts varying in arm length but rarely showing off her belly ring. She has 3 piercings on each lobe, 2 piercings on her left ear, near the point, and one on the right. She also has a lip ring off to her right. All her jewelry are small hoops that barely fit around to the other side or ball studs, all silver. She only wears one necklace around her neck, and again, it's a silver chain-link chain with a solid star hanging on the end. The chain is long and continuous without any kind of clasp.
Angel: Not much changes about Moza's appearance other than her hair is a dark brown that, in natural light, looks pure black. From her back sprouts dull white wings that only appear dirty because of the freckled gray spots that are randomized around her wings. She has plain sheer clothing that billows with the wind and silver accessories to keep the cloth on her body, including a shining band around her waist and a hoop around her neck with the solid star on it.

From birth, Moza knew she was an angel. Her parents were both fallen angels, believe it or not, so she herself is an earth-born angel. Her case is rather rare as most fallen angels never meet another one in their time on earth, except her parents. She carried on the normal childhood until her own angelic abilities surfaced in which case she was taken to home schooling. Her life varied into research on demonic powers surfacing around the world to learning to control her abilities, taking a stand on the side of humans and angels until she turned 12. You wouldn't think angels were capable of being destroyed, dying, at all, but somehow, some crazed demonic source engulfed the couple as they tried to defend their home. Moza was forced into foster care by the state even though she'd already learned enough to graduate from college. Once in foster care, she took on a hyphened last name and continued home schooling through several tutors. Her family came to include 2 boys her own age, Micheal and Galian.

Moza is a very serious woman with a smart head. She usually inputs at the right time and what she inputs is very valuable. She's very close to Micheal and Galian, even though they are not of the same species, but she enjoys being around people who enjoy being around her. She's naturally quiet and to-herself most of the time, but she won't tell anyone to bugger off unless they completely repulse her, which no one has accomplished at all, ever. She is easy to get along with if the other person makes the first move, and she's patient enough to wait for a very long time for something.

Parents: presumably dead. Foster mother: Maria (think Spanish) Oakland Foster Brothers: Micheal Depass-Oakland and Galian Demetrian-Oakland

Who they where in their original life: ?

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