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Welcome to...... MULTICOLORED ANGELS.........

you have recieved an invitation. it says:
" Welcome. i would like for you all to come to my humble abode and use your inhabitation of my home to meet new people and converse on all subjects of your interest.
     sincerely yours,
as you approach the house you see an enormas Steel door. it is intricately designed with beautiful angels and those who have been damned to walk the earth for eternity.

from this point you enter the home and are surrounded by color labeled rooms and then there are rooms with no names. only labels by a sign that says this: "only to be claimed by perminent residents. all are welcome"

your days as lonely and fearful or indignant beings is over you are all hereby instructed to befriend others and coexist in peace. till a problem arises... Enjoy and be free to be.

House Tour

Character Pics@MA

[Ashoka Virlym] made this. it is so cool

pictures of known animals throughout the various areas on the property. enjoy yourself and explore to your hearts content.
The Stables@MA
The Yard@MA
The Pasture@MA
The Lake@MA
The House@MA
The Woods@MA

Home Owner: [BergundyAngel]-Baal
 Desciption: silver/green eyes, long flowing sandy blonde hair with streaks of silver, velvety smooth bat-like wings, a pair of rear facing curved bull-like horns at the crown of brow, long sharp fangs, body covered in faint scars, claws adorned in pewter rings, long tail that ends in a needle sharp pointed spur.
 Personality: friendly and accomodating,though if provoked will enforce house rules and personal power.
 Likes: kindly, well mannered people with large intellects and a common knowledge of senority and ranking.also people that enjoy having fun and integrating with those around them.
 Dislikes:rude, unforgiving, and unintelligable people who have no remorse for their actions.

1:[orchidflame]: Dramora
 Color: Green
 Description: she is a gargoyle angel,she's wearing a gold crown thing on her forehead and beautiful twistinn brace lets on her legs and arms and gold earings,she has very large wings,purplish blue eyes,whitish silver hair in a braid,she's wearing a pinkish tan skirt and belly shirt,she has a long tail,she's very beautiful,when she's feeling a very powerful emotion she glows different colors for each strong emotion and sometimes people and animals around her glow the same color if they feel the same and or they feel her presence,she's great with animals and whistles to them a beautifuly haunting tune that draws only the ones that are made to be with her to her,her best animal friend is a palomino hippogriff stallion^_^
 Personality: friendly but usualy not easy to become friends with,very inteligent,kind but only to those who show kindness to others,mean and extremely cruel only to people she hates or are evil,distrusting for very good reasons,very tuff and strong willed,very cocky and brave and spunky

2: [Ashoka Virlym]: Auden Skyler
 Description: 15 years old, wheres a father's outfit"chruch father" wear hat all black, Or whatever i feel like wearing. I dont know my past and i dont like to talk alot.
Eyes: changes, hair:Durty blond, Body:rather on the thin side, Height:6, weight:120, Face:oval, Ears:normal human ears and on my left ear i have the tip of my ear pierced with two peircings and the lower part of my ears i have a metal band in my ears.... Fingers:a little thin but strong, clothing: whatever i feel like

3: [Demon-child]: Rauka
Description: Ageless, wears simple black pants and a long-sleeved dark-gray shirt with black boot-like shoes. Or whatever she feels like. Long red-blonde snakes for hair, usually back in a braid, when angered they hiss. Eyes are usually amber, but can change colour with mood, and glow when pissed. Thinnish, rather tall, slightly androgynous looking, with a pointed, longish face. Deceptively small, delicate-looking hands.
Personality: Sort of quiet, darkly sarcastic sense of humour, but has extreme mood swings so can be quite bubbly at times. Rather intelligent, pretends to have no morals and be cold and evil, but is accused of being just as much of a hero as the others.
Likes: sweet food, intelligent and witty people, animals, various musics (plays the flute and can occasionally call some animals if she does it just right).
Dislikes: arrogance, betrayal, and chauvinism.

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2005-12-13 [Ashoka Virlym]: Auden:*wakes up from the nightmare past*..*looks around all scared like*where..where*looks at Glyph then hugs as i say something in a lowe voice*i want to go home

2005-12-13 [BergundyAngel]: Glyph- hugging auden closely and gruntingly purring* it's ok. i wish i could help but i dont know how. could i ask.... where did you live before you came to us???  Baal- *giggling* just go to bed Dramora we'll see you in the morning.

2005-12-13 [orchidflame]: Dramora*nods and mumbles sleepily as she walks up the stairs losing her pants on the way before going into her bedroom and slamming the door behind her before collapsing sound asleep on the bed*

2005-12-13 [Ashoka Virlym]: Auden:i dunno but i remember pain lots of it and tubes in my arm, my mouth i was alway on my stomach when i was laying was always bright and white.I was always naked but i didnt know why.*looks at Glyph*

2005-12-13 [orchidflame]: ((aliens!!!!!!!!LOL,just kidding^_^or am I?......))

2005-12-13 [BergundyAngel]: Glyph- oh auden!!! *whinning and resting his head on auden *i wish you never would have had to endure such things. that is absolutelly terrible...  Baal- *taking drailynn by the hand and heading over to the barn* you need to meet some of the other tenates of this estate. (hey i am going to have to go visit some friends. i'll be back tomarrow.. nighty night))

2005-12-13 [orchidflame]: ((nighty night!))

2005-12-13 [Ashoka Virlym]: ((ok night))

2005-12-14 [BergundyAngel]: Baal- *after introductions in the stables baal decides Dramora should do the introductions in the yard and throughout the house. heading towards the house* ok maybe we really should retire for the night and your mother can show you around tomarrow and make proper introductions in the yard. Drailynn- ok i am kind of tired anyhow. where will i be sleeping? Baal- on the second floor. you can choose any room. Drailynn- does my mom sleep on the second floor? Baal- yes. Drailynn- i want a room next to hers. Baal- that is fine. *walking in the house and showing drailynn to her room* Baal- ok. here is your room you can decorate it however you want.. *leaving drailynn in her room and going to my own*

2005-12-14 [BergundyAngel]: Glyph- auden??? *looking at audens face* would i be prying if i asked where you were originally from. why that dragon took you away???

2005-12-14 [Ashoka Virlym]: Auden: The dragons knew it was wrong what the people where doing to me and they took me in and protected me from those people.

2006-01-14 [BergundyAngel]: Glyph- * look of shock covered my face* wow they just took you in and cared fopr you like it was nothing??? did they teach you anything of their heritage and of their clan and things like that???

2006-01-14 [Ashoka Virlym]: Auden:no i didnt i was little...i have flash back of they and that..but that's it

2006-01-23 [BergundyAngel]: Glyph: wow!!!

2006-03-21 [BergundyAngel]: *omg!!! nobody has been on here since i left. that is depressing*

2006-03-21 [Ashoka Virlym]: im sorry

2006-03-22 [BergundyAngel]: there is no sorry about it. why would anybody be sorry for mot perticipating in someone elses wiki??? but hey i missed you guys so much!!!

2006-03-22 [Ashoka Virlym]: *hugs back*well i dont come is i dont someone to get left behind and then we have to tell them what happened and that

2006-03-22 [BergundyAngel]: Oh i understand! Well that makes me feel that much better. but yeah i pretty much forgot what had been going on anyways so yeah give me a day or two to catch up and then we can go bak at it. if that is ok with everybody? but yeah i will talk to youlater buddy's!!! love yall bunches!!! *great big hugs*

2008-08-24 [Silverline's Escape]: dead?

2008-08-26 [BergundyAngel]: yes the place is pretty much dead. i'm never on anymore and everyone else is never on when i am anywhere near. sorry.
you could take over if you want though

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