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New Suggestions

Add new suggestions for improvements here (at the bottom). Also post your suggestion in the Suggestions forum, if it hasn't already been suggested. Hedda will be more likely to comment on your suggestion if it is posted in the forum. This page is mainly for keeping track of what things have already been suggested.


HTML Capability
Users should be able to change colors, and links, and images, using normal HTML codes.
Comment from [True, plain and simple] : You can do this for every one on your house page if you are a Donor of Funds, or for yourself using a stylesheet, minus the images. This might be moved to old / rejected later.

Oekaki board
An oekaki board is an online drawing board. If someone knows where to find the software for it and instructions for installation, please add a link here!

OekakiPoteto, a popular oekaki, can be downloaded from
The actual download link is buried halfway down the page in a forum description. Install instrustions are in the zip file.

Wiki page visitors log?
Ditto for polls/diary.
- [the effervescent effulgence]

Guest Houses
Aaah!! I can't believe this isn't on here! I am a genius! And humble. ahem. Anyway, what if we had guest houses for visitors who didn't necessarily want to join, just look around. Visitors wouldn't be able to edit, and some areas might be restricted to members only. They'd be able to write a small bio, maybe have a few boxes they could check off (location, name, age, etc)... could this work? Also, visitors would only be able to stay for a certain period of time, like 48 hrs or so...
-[foxy loxy]
Comment from [peura] Can't they just create a new user? They don't have to fill out anything else than a username and password...
Comment from [hatter m] on [peura]'s Comment but if they did that they would tie up good names just to visit for however long and never stay. You could make it so it was like a new member type and they would be called guest1 guest2 etc.

Role-playing chat
How about adding another chat room, one where people can chat "in character" with one another. It could be set at an Inn or town square or something in Elftown. This sort of this already occurs to some extent in the existing chat, evidence that people would enjoy and embrace such a place.

Role-Playing chat (continued)
To continue with the idea of having an in character Chat room with a set idea of where it is there should be multiple places running at the same time and insted of just text there should be a pic in the background that shows you where you are and a pic of your choosing to represnt the different characters...a pic for all the different races and thoses pics should be allowed to be edited for those that wish to customize there image or upload there own image with some sort of size limit on it so that nothing too big is aloud on. (Draconis)

Relations Cancelation
I suggest a way to cancel a relation before it starts... For example, if someone were to propose a relation, and quickly regretted it, and wanted to end the relation before it begins.

Taking into consideration that you can choose a fantasy race to display in your house, wouldn't it be a good idea if you could also display an 'occupation' underneath, such as 'Assassin, Necromancer, Druid, Sorcerer, Guard,' etc... most people seem to have chosen one anyway, I thought it might be a good idea if they could display it in their houses.
Comment by [peura]: To me it seems like some of the occupations could clash with the crew titles. Magician and Town Guard are for example real titles, and shouldn't be confused with any "role playing titles". There are a few "ploy titles" you can choose, such as Town Drunk, Beggar etc, if you want an occupation :-) 

Elfwood Button
I think someone should make a button for Elfwood that could be personalized to go to your Elfwood page (if you are a member of Elfwood.)

New Members in Last 7 days
I think it might be more fun to see how many people have joined in the last 24 hours. Because even though it would be a smaller number we would be able to see what days people join up on more than others :) [MathiasIV]

Fixed Navigation Buttons at the top of page
Have the Navigation buttons fixed at the top of the browser page at all times, so that you need not scroll all the way up to the top of someone's mile long house to get back to the buttons...?[TheRogue]
Comment from [Gryph]: Just hit the HOME key on your keyboard :)

Art Tips Subdivided
The Wiki for Art Tips is getting quite large. Page loading times could be improved by breaking the tips into Category pages, like FARP at Elfwood.
Comment from [peura]: Last time I looked the Art Tips wiki wasn't password protected. This means anyone can fix this. So my reply as a Wiki Boss is: do it yourself! :-)

Elftown t-shirts
Has anyone thought about setting up on cafeshop with elftown themed t-shirts? The logo we use on the Elfwood main page is wonderful... it's make a great shirt.
Comment from [True, plain and simple] : See the Merchandise Logo Competition. Will be moved to implemented once the products are available

Community overload problem
the community had really expanded once people realized that they can make wiki pages, but the problem is that most of them arent active. Before, when only the earlier ones were there, they were much more active and MUCH more fun. Do you think it's possible to remove the unactive ones? -[spiritee]
Reply from [peura]: This is a good idea. The only problem is that it'll take a lot of time and effort to do it... I'll see what I can do the next time I'm bored at work...
[Poindextra]-I'm willing to help in that department! I'll be happy to hunt down inactive wikis and report them if I see them.

I've been thinking about this for sometime but would there be a possibility of tidying up msgs that are sent and received? I've got loads of extremely short msgs but tracking them down is hard. Could there be a simple way to look for msgs without typing in a keyword or the person who sent it and tidy up the box? - [Elforia]

Number of Watchers
This isn't exactly a necessity or improvement, but I thought it would be interesting to have a "Number of watchers" menu on Houses as well as Wiki-pages .... I know I've been quite curious how many people are watching my house, and I think other people would be interested too. -[Mordigen]
-I think that was turned down because then we were afraid that it would become a sort of contest, to see who would have the most watchers.
~ [Athene Noctua]

Updating messages
When I recieve a message I do not always know becuse I spend a lot of time on one page. The only time the "new message" box changes is after I move to another page. This get irratating when I am waiting for a responce. It would be nice if the "new message box would up date at anytime.. without you having to change pages.
Comment from [True, plain and simple] : Just use Firefox if you don't feel like reloading or changing the page. There is an extension you can download that will automatically reload the page every so often.

Wiki's Last Visitors
I don't think this has been suggested before, and I've checked this page in case, but notice none. I have several wikis of my own and have no idea if people even look at them. So I was thinking, very much like the member's houses, if wikis could have a "last visitors" panel. [Elforia]

in your house (or at least at the side of the screen it would be nice to have a (new poll responce) or something to tell you when someone new has taken your poll.

*Artistic Nudity* Banners [The Spirit Mage Crystalwind]
I have come across several houses with a message from the Guard across the top saying that those houses have artistic nudity on them. These messages are in exactly the same format/style as messages about someone breaking the rules or being banned. Whenever I see one, That red message always turns me off of whosever house I'm visiting, for no reason other than it connotates there being something wrong with the house or user. Also, the message is pretty ugly, and I believe makes perfectly nice houses look ugly as well. I was wondering if instead of this message from the guards a special banner could be created to warn people that artistic nudity exists on those houses. A contest for the banner similar to all the other banner contests (ex. the mainstreet image competition) would probably work very nicely. If this is a viable solution, I would be willing to set up the contest page for it if needed.
Addition by [Hannah Davis]: I agree with everything that Crystalwind above has said, and I'd also like to request one small thing in addition to it. I recently got an artistic nudity warning on my house, and I only found out about it when somebody mentioned it in a message. I don't even know what it looks like. Would it be possible to let me see the warning (maybe make a checkbox or something so people can choose whether they want to see it)? I rather like to know how my house will appear to visitors. Even an automatic message from the people who placed the warning on my house would be nice.

"All" Option on Sexual Preference List
Elftown already recognizes that there are individuals with a sex other than just male or female. Why not recognize that there are also people whose sexual preference includes those individuals? An option for the pansexual members of Elftown. [Sae]

Better Search Engine
Elftown search engine should give you a list of possible person's houses/wikis in case you spell it wrong. Then you could pick the one you intended to in the first place. [Wirey]
Comment from [True, plain and simple] : The search will bring up a list of names if you only type part of the username that you wish to find. That way, if you're unsure of the entire spelling, you can just type a few letters and pick from the list

Holiday format for Main Street
On sertain holidays I find it heard to read the side pannal, and the dark green font. This problem can be fixed easily enough by just changing the font color. I am sure it would take a little time to do, but for the visually impaired people like myself, I am sure it would make life a whole lot easier. [pegasus1000]
Comment from [True, plain and simple] : The holiday stylesheets that cause reading troubles will be revamped so that they are more user friendly.

More translations
Till now, only the Helpindex of Elftown is on the list to be translated into other Languages (like Dutch, in my case). But there are other pages, like the 'Contest guidelines' that can be usefull when you give a translated option too. My idea is to give permission for the translators to translate those pages, and add a little clickable link-flag at one of the top corners, so people can see there immidiatly in which languages they can read it too.
Comment from [Ocean Dreaming] : If you want to translate unofficial pages, by all means ask the page owner for permission to do so. I'm sorry, but I see no point in having us secure that permission for you. Nor do I see the point in asking [Hedda] to make a whole bunch of unofficial pages html pages just to allow reading them in a different language by any means other than a link.

News Forums
I have read many a news storys that I would have enjoyed talking about with people more informed then myself. A forum (much like the ones for the daily_poem and the featured art) could be started by the officials of elftown so that people, like myself, can learn more of what is happening in the news.. More then a general outline that is. [pegasus1000]
Comment from [Sunrose]: It is already possible to comment on news. If you click on the link 'more news' (which you can see on the top of the current newsitem), you will be directed to a page containing the current newsitem. On that page you can see several buttons: at the top you can 'read older news' and 'search in news', but on the bottom you see a button that says 'Comment on this news'. When you write this comment it will automatically be placed in the junk forum with a link to the news and your comment in the post.

Comment from [Na no da!]
I think it would be a good idea if people could donate stories that they have written aswell as art and poems, short ones about four or five pages long, because if your like me and cant draw, and cant really think of anything for poems, it would be goo to have a featured story on the mainstreet a link to it onto a wiki or something. I did go through the suggestions on here, and i apologise if there has already been this suggestion, i must have missed it :S.
Comment from [Sunrose]: Elfwood is more suited for (featuring) stories as what you refer to. Elftown does have daily_poem.

Comment by [44. Caliber Love Letter]Elftown Boot Camp idea1) Place for all ET worker wannabe's to be tested on their willingness and ability to complete the job that they want to get (Teachers, guards,any type of helpers....)  before assigning it.

idea2A place where ppl. who break ET rules (uploading art included) go to regain trust by removing all questionable items from there page, enlisting in the camp where the rules are enforced and being subjected to random house checks for at lease a month or two!.

Member's stats graphics
How about adding some kind of graphic to visualize better the statistic data shown on every house (the information that appears when clicking on "Member Stats")?
I think the bars type could work...
Suggestion by [Patri].

Polls Notifactions
It would be interesting that when someone turns a poll active, could get a message when people vote. Just a simple notification like those everyone gets when we has a new message or a new forum reply, etc.
Suggestion by [Patri].
Posting [312643] in <forum:Elftown, Suggestions>.

I think it would be nice if whenever you wrote a message a pre-edited signature would appear at the bottom of the message e.g. *<><>*\Joe/*<><>* <--- Thats bad but it shows what I mean. Then messages become more personal.

Blind Polls
I've got a new suggestion for Elftown. Blind Polls; you won't see the result of the poll unless you've voted. This way your vote will be objective. Like the poll on the mainstreet.
-[Dr. Androgynous]

Regarding Diaries
I think there should be an option in your diary (and possibly friend-diaries) where you can view only your public, friend, or private posts, and the others would be hidden. (For the friend's diaries, it would be public or friend posts.) I know it would make things handier for sorting in my diary! ^_^
~[Fireblade K'Chona]

Hello!? Everyone on here likes some kind of music, right? We even have to fill it out on our housepage. Well we should be able to put the music we like on our housepage. Whether it's anime, rock, or anything. And I recently saw that someone made an ELftown theme song. You could put that on the Mainstreet. Just a suggestion coming from a music lover^^
Comment from [iippo]: You mean a sound-file of a song you like? That - unless you are the author of the music - happens to be illegal. If you are a music-maker, there is where you can upload your own compositions.

Semi-watch for wikis
It would be useful to be able to watch a wiki-page only for changes and not be informed of the comments.
Postings [305263], [361673] and [381020] in the Suggestions-forums by [Yncke], [iippo] and [Ocean Soul].
Comment from [Sunrose]: I think it is on the to-do list..

Song Lyrics
This is a bit out there, but stick with me. In the Uploading Art Rules, it says that all the art on your page should be by you and/or made for you. I know this is to avoid legal problems, but I think that should go for the art of words as well. If you didn't write the songs you shouldn't be slapping them all over the place. Make your own, ya know? Besides, it's a waste of time considering all the lyric databases all over the Internet! Quotes are ok, because they don't take up a foot plus of useless space.

Comment to Private Message Option
Wikis could have a button so someone could send their comment to a member's private inbox. Maybe it could say "reply to" and the member rights the name in a little box then hits a send button or something. Maybe it could be less complicated than that but it could be easier to have members switch to a private conversation that way then start up a message chain separately?

View Diff. for houses
A way to see what changed in a house that you are watching. You get notified of the change but can't always find what changed.
Suggestions by [Stephen] and [Patri] in the forum:[347740] and [381877]

New button in the houses
Right next to "next active member" why don't you guys put there a button "next online member" ...i know that there is a "online members" button in the menu but its hard to search in it would be much easyer to do that in my way ..if you like it please do it ^^
Suggestion by [lyubomir]

Preview Buttons for Wikis and Houses

Next to submit Changes button, maybe add a preview button. I tend to add bits and pieces to my house and wikis a lot and sometimes I forget a tag here, an image there etc. The result is what I consider a change spam to the watchers of the house and the wikis. Or maybe a button that could say "this edit is minor don't notify my watchers"
Suggestion by [Jitter] Posting: [458869]

Expand Reference pictures and ECGT Resources
The point to that would be to attract more people to use just Elftown for help with their work instead of taking refuge to other sites, since most people on stock sites refuse to let you use the images/resources outside that specific site.
Suggestion by [Jitter] Posting: [465510]

Searching for Wiki Author
The point of this would be if you forget the name of a wiki and tou don't have it under your watch list for whatever reason.
Suggestion by [Lynyrd Zeppelin]

A "Like" Button
A like button for comments on wiki pages. Haven't you ever read something someone else wrote, and have felt the same way? I just thought it'd be cool to have a little elf character with a thumbs up next to a comment, so you can just agree with the comment like that.
Suggestion by [XxTsomexX] Posting: [701460]

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2005-02-17 [Shattered_vocals]: i think we should have an image portration to those who would like to creat themselves as a fantasy character

2005-09-03 [Janouk]: [Vader], I believe that was already suggested but turned down...(?)

2005-09-03 [Vader]: Oh, alrighty no problem ^_^

2006-02-27 [~~*danny*~~]: i think you should have a 'delete all messages button' in the view message and sent message pages... message me with wot ya think!

2006-03-09 [Dark Side of the Moon]: [~~*danny*~~], hit "edit this page" and add your suggestion to the bottom of the list along with your user id.

2006-04-09 [1a2b3c]: It would be nice if under each "online friend" there was a message field to send quick messages. like sending a message without going through a friends house.

2012-07-24 [Stoned_Elf]: Profile Update -> "Favorite drawing objects"

While updating my profile I found this great lack of sci-fi related objects in that category. Being that not everyone in Elfwood is not only there for the Fantasy theme but also for the Sci Fi. I would suggest at least a generic checkbox for SciFi.

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