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these are older drawings!








- m y . l i t t l e . g a l l e r y -

















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2004-11-26 [Vitani]: ze beau

2004-11-27 [the Indigo]: oui ^_^

2004-11-27 [prisoner#81378]: beautiful work Nok......=)

2004-11-28 [Kitakaze]: OMG!! I LOVE ALL YA PICS IT'S AMAZING! i've got a question... how did u draw a pic like 38?? with photoshop or hand?

2004-11-28 [Elloquay]: Holy shit! Please tell me you have a prints account in Deviant Art! If you don't, GET ONE! I'd love to buy one! Your art is so morbidly lovely! :D I'm awe inspired!

2004-11-30 [Dil*]: lovely, in a dark twisted way, nothing really to criticise.....

2004-11-30 [Dil*]: #35, the neck is a little long...but that's me being extremely picky..#30..the top part of the person is great, but the body is kinda non could define it a bit more..unless it's meant to be a ghost.

2004-11-30 [Dil*]: wait..a couple of your drawings the neck is really long..umm that's your style isn't it -_-;

2004-11-30 [nokturA]: lol, yes it's my style :P and for #30 her body is beneath her coat, that's why you don't see it. :)

2004-11-30 [Dil*]: #12, the person on the right has kinda short looking legs.

2004-11-30 [nokturA]: yep! you're right! :P but it's too late to change it, so I better be careful next time. :)

2004-11-30 [Dil*]: hmmm......>.<

2004-11-30 [Dil*]: #24...breasts are very low....and cheekbones are a bit too defined..if you were to soften would look more like cheekbones.

2004-11-30 [Kaimee]: i love the really elongated soft look though, 'anatomically correct' has nothing on this ;)

2004-11-30 [nokturA]: ahahah you're right [Kaimee] ;)

2004-12-02 [Ryftwalker]: beatiful.......

2004-12-03 [Sacrificialgoat]: Your art is awesome. I know there's better words but hey.

2004-12-03 [Dil*]: okay, you've got your constructive could i get some too? dilandau's sketchbook

2004-12-11 [Coldfire1]: you've got most of the best art peaces i've ever seen!

2004-12-30 [spiritee]: i love the color schemes ^^ these are beautiful, and 42 is priceless

2005-01-31 [Aki kun]: wow love the art ^^ you get a very original art style =P and creative ideas too >.< not fair~

2005-09-08 [Elisha Kelly]: OOOh, my turn now... The best feature of your work is that it contains a beautiful sense of drama. A truly great artist presents a story in their work, and that is what you manage to accomplish in all of your pieces. The worst feature would be a sense of sameness (i don't think that is a word, but it sounds cool), I think you could experiment a little more, and try different styles, it really helps you to grow as an artist. Another point, is that while I think your work would greatly appeal to serious art collectors, I think it would be a little harder to break into the mainsteam market. These are not pictures that your average person would want to hang in their living...

2005-09-08 [Elisha Kelly]: (not people I know anyway) I think, if you wanted to go commercial, your best bet would be Galleries who cater for serious art buyers... Back to the good stuff though, Your colour sense is brillant, and the use of light and dark is magnific, I just lurve your work... (in fact I am ravenously jealous) and that is all I can think of at the mo... ^_^, hee hee.

2005-09-08 [Edana]: is it possible to buy prints of your art?

2006-07-04 [iippo]: :( Lot of broken links. But I love what I can see :D

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