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Date: October 2005
Media: tablet, photoshop
One of the first things I drew with my new tablet :D Tis Kaze!

Date: April 2005
Media: pen, mouse, photoshop
Kaze. Being angsty in the moonlight. Because that's what vampires do. D:

Date: September 2003
Media: pen, mouse, photoshop
Kato (guy) & Karasu (girl) :3 I want to redo this drawing sometimes. The anatomy is pretty bad in this one XD

Date: January 2006
Media: tablet, photoshop
Kato & Karasu again ^_^

Date: November 2006
Media: pen, mouse, photoshop
Katana as a witch for Halloween :3 It was like...two days late XD

Date: March 2003
Media: pencil/pen, inked over in photoshop, open canvas, bg added in ps
I still love this, despite it being so was my first mod's choice on Elfwood! Anyhoo, it's Kaze snacking on some random prostitute. Sucks to be her...

Date: August 2002
Media: black bic pen, some black marker to fill in patchy spots
Victorian Katana! :3

Date: February 2003
Media: pen, coloured pencil, acrylics, marker, paint marker
Kaze :3 I still like this.

Date: 2002
Media: pen, mouse, open canvas
Kaze again! This is really old, from sometime in 02...I fixed parts of it later on. If you remember the old pic from my Elfwood gala, you'll know that he had glasses and a background XD Yup.

Date: January 2004
Media: pen, mouse, photoshop
Katana XD

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