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2005-08-10 22:05:35
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Past Commissions

This wiki contains commissions I've done for various folks. If you are interested in ordering a commission, please drop me a message. Rates vary depending on complexity, starting from 100$ for a portrait with a simple background. All images are drawn suitable for A4 (8.5x11 inches) or B3 (13x19 inches) prints, and you receive a print (unless specified otherwise) and a hi-res digital file. All images are drawn using Corel Painter 9 and Wacom tablet, i.e. they're digital to boot, so there are no actual originals.

Due to time constraints, unfortunately I don't take free requests. Sorry, guys.

But, if the time constraints are on your side and you don't feel like coming up with a description, try visiting the adoptables and see if a portrait of your character has already been made!

Disclaimer: All the characters are copyrighted to their creators, and the pictures are copyrighted to me. 
You may not use them in any way other than for your viewing pleasure. 
And yep, there's some minor nudity on the page. Live with it. :P

Blue Goddess for Tiah

Polly for Camilla
See detail:

Namika for Camilla
See detail:

Leonie de Saint-Vire for Undisclosed
See detail:

Imatra for Undisclosed

Trowel of Speed for Northeast Games
This is done for Northeast Games, for their upcoming card game 'Mystical Empire' ( Card's name - 'Trowel of Speed'. Click to see a bigger version.

Woodland Sanctuary for Northeast Games
Another card for Northeast Games, for the upcoming game 'Mystical Empire'. Click to see a bigger version.

Devil's Contract for Northeast Games
Yet another card for Northeast Games, for the upcoming game 'Mystical Empire'. Click to see a bigger version.

Twill 'Pick' Telavir for Undisclosed

Stitches for [organicparadox]

Lovers - was a commission, now available for adoption. See adoptables for details.

Zirkun for [irulan]

Kelpie for [One of Liberty]

Krahe for Undisclosed

Grimya for Undisclosed

<img: commissions&style=white_rabbit_green&nbdigits=8&reloads=1" alt="Liiga's commissions">

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2004-11-09 [liiga]: Thanks, [giadriana]. :)

2004-11-12 [weerwolfje]: As always, admire your eyes ;-)

2004-11-13 [liiga]: *-* Thankee!

2005-01-16 [Q_Q]: girl can u tech me how to do that

2005-01-16 [liiga]: Yes. In fact there's a simple recipie for drawing. Ingredients: pencil, mouse, computer, paper, something else that leaves color, something else that you can leave color on, a bunch of years of spare time. Mix everything together, and keep stirring for a decade or so like there's no tomorrow. Then add a few deadlines and online galleries with people willing to criticise everything to shreads. Let it all cool off for a few days, and go over it, spotting mean old mistakes. Then restart. ^-^

2005-01-16 [Q_Q]: kool mabe u cna tech me some day

2005-01-16 [liiga]: Well I can suggest Tutorials and Constructive Criticism Wiki.

2005-01-30 [Janouk]: w00t! A new one *drools* And handsome too, hehe ;)

2005-03-02 [liiga]: Moving Lorelei to adoptables, as the client lost interest.

2005-03-15 [liiga]: Do I hate it when people just plain disappear... *sigh* *moves Iridiel over to adoptables*

2005-07-04 [RiverStar]: are very good!

2005-07-04 [liiga]: Thanks a lot, Krystal!

2005-07-04 [Asrun]: Yay! Beautiful new work Liiga! <3

2005-07-04 [liiga]: :"> Thanksies! I had forgotten to update. ^^'

2005-07-20 [meh_666]: your art is just astounding! Bravos all the way *claps hands a little bit retard style*

2005-07-20 [liiga]: hehehehe thanks! X)

2005-08-12 [Asrun]: Tiah is gorgeous! :D

2005-08-12 [liiga]: Thanks! I'm sure she'd be happy to hear that. ;)

2005-08-12 [Asrun]: Er... Blue Goddess is gorgeous! *lol* ._. Way to read... >.>; I'm sure Tiah is too though

2005-08-12 [liiga]: Lol actually the goddess's face is after Tiah's likeness - minus the eyes and hair, of course. ;) So either way it still applies!

2005-08-12 [Asrun]: There we go. :D I was right! Hehe. :D

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