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This is going to be the main page, we can start Rping right away. Put your character on the paws character page. This story is a fictional story and includes any animal of the animal kingdom even humans. As of now ever one can have more than one character!

Kurati roared and ran down the side of a mountain

Surte causisly follow the tiger wolf who as far as she knows doesn't know she is following him. She had never seen many wolves before, let alone tiger wolves

Kurati knew he was being followed, but didn't really mind. He didn't feel threatened so he just continued down the mountain. Man he was starving. It had been far too long since his last meal.

Surte smells deer nearby and grins for she was hungry she takes of going to her right getting closer to the deer. She grins running till she was nearly on it and slows down tracking it untill she could get closer.
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Kurati roared and reared around, suddenlly smelling the herd of deer. He decided to let his stalker have the first deer. He would need more than one today anyway

Surte suddenly fells like she was being followed but keeps hunting since she hadn't ate for days she might have to argue with this wolf. She pounces upon the nearest deers back bitting the neck but was thrown yet see's the deer still go down.

Kurati ran down the slope and lept throw the air, coming down on two deer. His claws sank deep into their chest and punctured there hearts, bringing them down quickly

Surte see's the tiger wolf and nearly freaks out she leaves the meat and kindas among the tree's worried and scared of being seen.

A rather large blonde colored fox ran along the trees, looking for food. He stops when he sees the grey wolf. He slowly backs away, but trips on one of his nine black tipped blonde tails.

A massive white tigress, toweing just under six feet came up behind the nine-tailed beauty. She nudged a giant head against it, gently helping it up. Big glowing sea-green eyes looked at the fox as if to ask, "You okay?"

Surte jumps and climbs the tree that being one of her few talents.

Lilly wanders the mountain side and hears voices, and see a white tigress and a nine tailed fox and quickly changes into her young fox like form.

kurati turned as the grey wolf ran away. He walked over, lifted it's prey from the ground and went off after it, following it's scent until it found it

Surte see's the tiger wolf down below her tree carring her food she jumps out of the tree and looks at him and says. "You saw me?"

Lilly suddenlt finds a group of creatures, a white tigress, a nine tailed fox, a tiger wolf, and a grey wolf. "Hello!"

"I smelled you. Every step of the way. You forgot your prey, so I am returning it." Kurati said as he dropped the deer below Surte. "If anyone else is hungry there is an entire herd back there, ripe for the picking I say."

Surte sighs mad that she could have been killed for her poor tracking. " Thank you." She shivers from her nervousness. and see's another fox and nearly faints.

"Now if you excuse me, I'm half starved to death and walking away from my food hasn't really helped." Kurati said as he turned and bolted off back to the herd

Aden smiled at the white tigress. "I am. Thank you." He looked over at the fox. "Who are you?"

Lilly smiles and says. "My name is Lilly, if you can tell i am a fox." She dares not mention her human side.

The Tigress looked at the two, seeing they were both fine, then continued unhurried on her way through the forest, sniffing for water.

Surte heads back to the herd suddenly wanting to know this new tiger wolf. She leaves that food that she had already gotten and stalks Kurati.

Lilly sighs and grabs the food and puts it infrount of Aden. "Enjoy."

Aden looked at the deer. "I don't eat deer. I only eat rabbits and other small creatures."

Lilly bows her head and says. "I am sorry" she takes it away and nibbles on it herself.

Kurati jumped down behind Surte, "Following me again?"

Surte blushes after jumping and facing Kurati. "I guess you could say that." Concidering running off again.

"Don't run. I let you have the first kill, you won't find that many places in this world. You followed me, I should have killed you when you went for the deer, but I let you have first kill. I respect you. You sure tried hard not to get caught." Kurati said with a chuckle. "But you've never met a tiger wolf before, so how could you know how powerful our senses are?"

The white tiger walked slowly, taking her time to the scent of clean water. If she cared enough, she would have been grumbling, but instead she kindly thought out her unpleasent situation. 'Why in the gods' great seas did I leave Carlanthia? I never had so much trouble and displeasure there as I do now. If I go back, I wonder how many of them will think me folly.'
She exhanled forcefully, the closest thing she ever did to a sigh and kept on her way, comming up on a quiet river edge.

Surte winces. "Thank you for not killing me, and thank you for respecting me. My name is" she blushes and goes quiet.

lilly looks at aden.

"I am Kurati, the Tiger Wolf." Kurati said with a low bow

Aden looked at Lilly. "What is it?"

Lilly sighs and says. "I have never seen a nine tailed fox before." She feels as if she needed to change into her human for and nearly screams as her body changes back to her human for. She was yet used to this.

Surte also bows and says. "I am Surte, the grey wolf" She notes to her self that she was not just a wolf.

"So shall we go and get some more deer?" Kurati asked her politely

She nods her head feeling slightly nervous and says. "I am sorry if i seem nervous but i am"

"Why are you nervous?" Kurati asked her as he walked up to her

"For i have hardly been around other wolves, let alone a tiger wolf.." She rools over on her back showing submission.

"Well that doesn't bother me at all. I think I am the only tiger wolf in this realm." Kurati said as he looked at her suspiciously. "I'll race you to the herd."

She feels him watching her suspiciously and winces. "Ok" She takes off running towards the herd she is very fast.

Kurati chuckled and walked after her. He could be very fast as well, but there was really no sense in racing her

surte stops seeing that Kurati didn't race she sighs and twitches.

Kurati grinned and shot off like a bullet, pulling far ahead of her. "Just waiting for the oppurtune time."

Surte one of her talents being running takes off running and quickly out runs Kurati.

Kurati had to slow down and catch his breath. It wasn't a very good idea running so qucikly on an empty stomach

Surte stumbles and falls on her face suddenly unconcious.

Kurati rushes forward and lifts her up. "Wake up Surte."

Surte's eyes open and she shakes her head while in her mind cussing her self out for tripping as usual.

"Why do we fall, Surte?" Kurati asked her

Surte sighs and says "I have been haveing some balance problem probaly because i hardly eat anymore." she gasps surprized she had said that she turns around and takes off running.

Kurati caught up to her and chuckled. "That's not the correct answer and you are running away from food." He pulled in front of her and forced her to turn around. "We fall, so that we learn to pick ourselves back up."

Surte glares and growls but knows that this tiger-wolf is older and stronger than her, she knows she has no choice but to listen. "I run from food for eating is a weakness, I see it as a weakness for me..."

"Only a fool believes that eating is a weakness. You didn't think that earlier when you took down that deer." Kurati said

"I knew you would follow henceforth i brought it down for you, out of kindness" surte sighs.

"I'm sure of that." Kurati said with a snort. "Go and take down another deer. Eating is not a weakness."

Surte growls slightly and says. "I shall not" she glares.

"Why?" Kurati asked her taking a step toward her

She slowly back away fearing she might need to flee. "As I said before, It is a weakness."

"Why do you think it is a weakness?" Kurati asked her, glaring her down. "If you run I will only catch you."

"It is a weakness because you need it at the wrong time and can make you sick...." Surte still conciders running and decides she might as well us her strengh that was given to her by her mother so she turns away and takes off running.

Kurati takes off after her again, growing angry because he hasn't eaten yet. "You eat when you need to, whether it is a good or bad time. It doesn't matter. If you don't eat, you will die."

Surte loses her strenght slowing down she falls again but before that she yelled. "I won't die..." She grumbles at her self worried about being near another wolf.

"You need to eat." Kurati told her and helps her up.

She sighs and says. "Would you be happy if i did and would you not make me eat a whole lot?" She wonders if her mother would have done things such as this.

"I'm not going to force you to eat more than you need. You need to eat, eat your fill and be done with it." Kurati said

Surte nods her head in agreence finally to weak to agrue.

"Then let us walk slowly back to that herd and hope some are left." Kurati said with a nod. He too was weak from hunger now

She walks slowly back and see's a nice big buck and cheses after him, Surte yells to Kurati. "Big enough of a deer?" She brings him down and lays beside the catch allowing Kurati to eat first.

Kurati nodded and gently bit down in the flank of the massive deer. He tore off a piece and ate it slowly, savoring it's flavor.

She drifts slowly to sleep waiting for Kurati to finish eating, Surte dreams quietly.

Kurati finished eating his fill, after 2 more deer. He layed down beside Surte and drifted off to sleep

The tigress came up on the riverside and looked into the clear water. Giant and beautiful fish swam just below the surface, hardly aware that they would become an unlucky meal. She sat there for a long time, just watching them swim in their fascinating patterns and watching their beautiful scales

Lilly leaves aden and heads toward the riverside.

Surte waits until he was asleep she then stands walking towards the herd and after a great strugle she kills one, she eats at it quietly and quickly When she was done she curls up near the kill.

Kurati chuckled in his sleep, he could tell she had killed and eaten. About time. he thought to himself

Surte realizes that Kurati watched her and smiles and goes back to sleep knowing later she would be sick.

Kurati got up and used the facilities. He had eaten alot of deer and had to go pretty bad

The tigress watched the fish for a ltitle bit longer, then caught it in her large jaws, kiling it quickly. It was a beautiful thing and did not need to suffer such a hiddeous death. She felt sorry for it, of course, but her system was not herbivoric.

Seeing the other fish scatter, she laied down on the bank and drank up the water with a bright pink tongue.

Lilly see's the tigress up ahead and stops.

Surte wakes suddenly and finds a thick clump of bushes to be sick in.

Kurati stumbled back to where he was sleeping and he saw that Surte wasn't there.

Surte finishes being sick and walks slowly back to where she had been asleep.

Kurati watched as she came back. He raised an eyebrow, wondering what she was doing.

Surte looks at him and says. "I hope i didn't wake you, I wasn't feeling to well."

"I was already up." Kurat said with a chuckle. "Feeling better I hope?"

"Yes, but it is normal thats why." Surte says.

"Alright." Kurati said and layed his head back down

Surte smiles and goess off and climbs into a tree, though unnormal for a true wolf, she wasn't a true wolf.

Kurati watched her climb a tree. What is she??? he asked himself

Surte looks down and sigh thinking that he wouldn't know her past henceforth he is problaly very confused, she sighs and yells down to him. "Are you coming up? Or are you sleeping on the ground out in the non-safe zone?"

"What's wrong with the ground? It's soft and comfortable." Kurati said up to her

Surte laughs while making a leaf bed and says. "Yea unless you want eaten by a rabid bear or something or that sort, Or have a human find out while your asleep."

"Bears tend to stay away from me, rabid or not." Kurati said then thought. "Well now a human finding me....hmmmm I guess they would like my fur."

"Well good luck then." Surte says out of the fact she is so tired, she though is glad she was in a tree for humans still looked for her.

Kurati jumped up into the branch next to her's. "You've got a good idea, sleepin in a tree."

Surte laughs and says. "See I told you, It better up here" She yawns and curls into the nest she made.

The tigress dangled her front paws in the cool water, splashing everynow and ten, making ripples and watching the sunlight on the white sand below.
She had heard the little fox coming from a long ways away, and paid little heed to it. She noted her movements, but otherwise, didn't give any sign she knew it was there.

Lilly says semi queitly. "I won't hurt you, I just cam down to get a drink of water."

She didn't smile at the amusing thought, merely kept looking at the waters. Nor did she make any attempt to make room, seeing as the river was plenty wide and plenty long.

Kurati chuckled and hung his legs down the sides of the branch, nestling himself firmly around the branch.

Surte slowly falls asleep.

Aden wandered through the forest, looking for a place to sleep. "Now, if I can just find a rabbit hole."

Lilly blinks then heads towards a small water hole in the river, that held plety of fish. SHe sighs wishing she could change without freaking out the tigress.

The white head turned to the fox as she heard the sigh. She wondered what was wrong. There were plenty fish, and she seemed decently skilled. But asking was rude, so that was out of the question. Instead, she got up, streatched, and slunk into the water, causing no splash and little ripple. She swam gracefully to the other bank, and lays on the sandy shore that was there, but not on the side she had just left. She closed her eyes, half submerged in the water and lazed in the forest sunlight.

Lilly thinks to her self that catching fish would be easier if she could be human and even though she hadn't wished for her human form to show, she became human, Her long black hair flowed down her back and her green eyes shined with fright that she would be on the run again, She was dressed in a long black skirt and a light flowing black top.

The tigress' ears lay flat against her head, alarmed, though she did not stir. Her breath caught in her, but that was all the change she gave, unless there were those who could sense feelings.
Instead of fox scent behind her, there was the distinct scent of a human. A woman, by the scents about her. She had sensed with her being that a change had happened. Divining what her senses told her, the fox had a human form of a woman as well. She searched with all senses but touch and sight to tell if she should run.

Lilly nearly flea's, She senced no feeling that the tigeress would hurt her, but she sensed an strong will of readyness to flea. She slowly backed away nearly leaving but instead she stay really far back and sits down, watching and waiting. She wondered what the tigeress felt from her, probaly and a scaredness coming from her. She waits to see if she should be fleeing.

The tiger stiffened, ready to run for her life when the woman moved. However, she did not, the inner sense of her knowing that things were not serious ordered her body to be lazy and not flea. She quieted herself, seeing the woman would not kill her, then went back to dozing, though very interested in the Fox-woman. Her nerves calmed, hoping the woman wouldn't leave before due time.

Lilly see's the tigeress start to doze, she thought that now might be the safest time to leave, not to sure if the tigeress was really dozing or not. She slowly stands up and turns her back to the tigeress while she started to make her way to the forest.

The tigresses luminescent green eyes opened.

"You do not have to run. I will not hurt you. I understand your fear."

Lilly turns around quickly lost and confused on how a tigeress knows she stays put but conciders hiding, but says. "Are you aure you won't hurt me?"

She laid there still. "No. Why would I?"

"Many do, they chase me, and try to kill me for either being a human or either being a fox. So i worry." Lilly says quietly still backing up.

The tigress nodded, knowing she couldn't make her stay out of her choice.

"I won't," she says gently.

Lilly stop moving starting to relize that the tigeress won't hurt her. 

Kurati yawned and nuzzled against the tree branch, causing it to shake under his strength

Surte's head flies up and see's it was only Kurati.

The tigress relaxes a bit, stil curious about the Woman. It was against her principles, but she was very intersted in her.

Lilly curls up and puts her head down since she was on the other side of the river she relaxed a little.

Aden walked around, looking for a place to rest. He came upon the tree Surte and Kurati were sleeping in. "Wolves in a tree?" He shook his head. "Next thing you'll see is a flying pig."

Surte looks down at Aden and says. "At least we know we are safe!"

"Afraid of a few humans?" Aden asked.

Surte twitches and let a small growl leave her troat. "I have my reasons for fear."

Aden climbed up the tree and looked at her from the branch below the one she was on. "I have a small fear of them, but a great fear for this one man."

"It's ok to fear them alittle in a way that is for the best." Surte says sleepily.

"Sometimes it is, but sometimes you get caught up in your fear and the next thing you know is that you'll be running from that fear for the rest of your life." Aden said as he stretched out on the branch.

Surte bows her head and decides not to answer that one.

"I've been running from that man ever since I've escaped him. One day I will have to face him and my fears." Aden sighed.

Surte nods her head agreeing with Aden.

The tigress' ears perked up. "You aren't going to fish? You are hungry."

Lilly shakes her head and says. "It's hard to be hungry after I change. Thats alot of the times an escape from hunger..." She lays her head down again.

She nodded her head a bit, then recalled the conversation of the wolves. "You believe hunger is a weakness?"

Lilly shakes her head no. "For me it's more like, I don't always have prey around when I am constantly on the run."

"But you have prey."

"Ahh yes true, but sadly I have already changed and won't be hungry for a while. I hate it, it makes it hard at times." says Lilly calmly.

"But you'll be hungry when you transform back. Is that why it is hard?"

Lilly shakes her head no. "See each time when i change back and forth between human and fox, It makes it so I am not hungry. It is great for a battle field but hard for normal life. It's hard because my body grows smaller and samller because i don't eat yet i feel no hunger pangs. I will try to eat here in a little bit. Sadly though no promises."

Her voiced firmed a little, yet noticeable. "You should eat."

Lilly yawns and says. "I will after a short nap which will make me hungry."

She nods, returning to her doze. "Good."

Lilly falls asleep for a little while.

"Some of us having been running from all humans in general and now finally when we can get some rest, we continually are disturbed." Kurati said down to Aden and Surte. "They value me for my fur, though I do not see why. All Tigerwolves are the same in appearance, only thing that changes are our size."

"To tell you the truth I used to be a human, before that man changed me." Aden growled. "I hate him for what he did to me."

"What is the matter though? I think it is better to be an animal than a human. They claim they are not animals, and yet the slaughter us for no reasons. They are barbaric in every way. We animals are noble, caring creatures." Kurati said

"My human family cared for animals. They took in abandoned or injured animals and took care of them. They are not barbaric." Aden said, ears going back.

"Took care of them for what reason? To eat them later on? Naturally they wouldn't have let you see their intentions, you're just a child." Kurati said, looking down at the little creature. He rolled his eyes when he saw it's ears going back

"My parents did no such thing." Aden started to cry. "Even when our house was on fire they risked their lives to get me and the animals safely outside."

"I don't trust any human, no matter what their intentions may seem to be, I'm sorry." Kurati said

Aden wiped his eyes with his paw. "Then I guess you don't trust me since I'm half human."

"You don't look it." Kurati said with a smile

"Well, this is my animal form. I have a halfling form which is a mix with my human and animal forms and I also have a human form. I mostly stay in my halfling form, but change into my human form when I go into towns." Aden explained.

"Then why wouldn't I trust you?" Kurati asked him

Aden looked up at him. "You said that you won't trust any human."

"You said it yourself, you're not human anymore."

"I'm still half human, though."

"Only half." Kurati said as he rolled off his branch. He landed on the ground with a loud thump as his paws sank into the gorund.

Aden jumped down as well and landed with a soft thump.

"You woke me up when I had just gone to sleep." Kurati said with a soft growl. "Oh well, I've been sleeping for far too long anyway."

Surte sighs and stretches and grcefully jumps to the ground almost exctly as a cat would. "I am not human of anytype, That I know of."

Lilly yawns waking up she walks stifly to the water and watches the fishes carefully.

"Well what to do?" Kurati asked them

Aden shrugged. "I don't know."

Surte blinks wondering if she could sneak off away from them.

Lilly see's a small fish and quickly snatches it up ending the young beatiful fishes life quickly.

Kurati looks at Surte. "What to do?"

surte slowly sneaks away hiding in the brush.

Kurati rolls his eyes and bounds off after another buck

Surte dissappear into the night searching for a long lost meaning never to be found.

Kurati saw the largest of the bucks, knowing full well that he was the herd leader. He bowed respectfully and pounced on the elderly looking deer beside him. Without the leader, the herd will slowly dissipate

surte see's the cliff up ahead and dives into the lake below feeling the cool water, wash over her wolven body as she made no noise entering the water below her.

Kurati finished the buck, stretched, and layed down lazilly

Surte she dives down deeper and swims into a cave feeling lonely.

Aden walked off in search of something to eat.

The Tigress watched the fox/woman, wanting to know if the hunting skillls differed any. She turned her body around, making soft ripples in the water, before readjusting herslef to face her.

"Is it fun for a human to hunt without other humans?" She asked quietly, hoping it wouldn't offend her. Humans hunted in unpleasable packs and makde sport out of others' lives.

lilly looks away suddenly then back at her and says. "I don't know. I have never been with another human since i was really little. I have never hunted with anyone, human nor animal... I was always hunted not the other way around."

"Oooooooh....." She flicked her tail around, still watching intently.

She picks a fish and watches it intently consideing her knife might be the quickest way for it to die and be little pain, since she wasn't her normal furry little self she couldn't pick it up much easier. So she takes out her knife and quickly reaches in and out pulling the knife out of the water with the fish limp at the end. "In a way a knife is like teeth sharp and can kill..." she says sadly looking at the beautiful fish.


Lilly slowly back away from the stream and then sets the fish down. She wonders if she may have overdone it. She sits looking at the tigress.

She looks back, not saying anything, and not developing an opinion of her way to kill.

Lilly sighs and takes the knife out of the fish she cleans it off and looks at the tigeress and decideds as she walsk away to leave the fish as a gift.

She blinked at Lilly. "Eat it. Now."

Lilly sighs and keeps walking leaving te tigeress alone, as she disappears unto the forest.

The white tiger sighed, keeping her thoughts to herself, then started to doze again, soaking in the cool water and warm sunshine.

Lilly climbs into tree over looking the stream she felt worried for the poor tigeress. being all alone. Yet she felt as if she disappointed her. She lets out a loud sighs and sits on the branch watching and wondering

The tigress did a double-take, expecting Miss Lilly to leave, then she came back. She sensed the fox's movements into a tree, over hanging nearby. 'Oh well.. some like trees, some like ground.. I like rivers. '
She smiled at the thought, stretching over in the sand, tracking other animals as they passed close.

Lilly sighs knowing she was found that she was watching tigeress so she says. "you seem so alone" more like she whispers it.

The tigress chuckled. "You think so, huh?"
She paused a bit, trying to explain it. " I prefer it that way... Less commotion, more time for learning. What about you? You also seem alone."

Lilly sighs then says. "Your's is a very good reason, Mine is stupid, I never had the choice, I always had been alone since dear ol' mum passed away. She never told me who my father was been then from the seems of it, i can guess he's gone to. Sorry for bothering you with this. I just never meet someone other than mother, who would talk to me..."

She wrinkled her nose in distaste. "That's awful. Creatures in these lands are so ignorant... Ah, sorry. No offense to anyone you may know. But that's not how it should be. You could..."
She caught herself, but thought it over, finding it in good opinion. She whispered the rest. "You.. could come... to Carlanthia.. No one will bother you there. You could make friends.."

Lilly's eye's grow wides and she asks. "Really, you you would want me there, but i would scare someone." She adds the last bit worriedly.

She nodded, thinking of them back home. "Just explain what you are, so they understand. We keep our distance from humans, but they wouldn't mind you. You'd be equal. The only worry is.... Well.. See how big I am? All the creatures there are as big. Would you mind that?"

Lilly smiles a happy rare smile and says. " I would gladly explain what i am. Also I don't mind if they are all so much bigger than me. When i am human i am nearly the same, and well when i am fox, i could easily get through a crowd." she says joyfully.

The tigress smiled, not really regretting a reason to return to her place of birth. She nodded. "How soon would you like to set out?"

Lilly thinks a moment and says. "When ever you would like to go." she eats a few bites of fish and grins changing into a fox to make the trip possibly a bit better. "I am getting better at controling it maybe.."

She shook her head. "You choose. This is your land you are leaving, take your time. It's hard to control?"
She watched the trasnformation, transfixed.

Lilly smiles and says. "I would be glad to leave my home land, where i have no family left My mother would want me to go no matter what." Her face grows slightly sad as she speacks again. "Yes thats why i changed human before. I think though that it is getting better. My problem is normal keeping myself fox."

She nodded. "Are there any symptoms? We can reach the edge of the forest if we start now and continues the across the praries tomorrow if you like."

Lilly says to her "There are no symptoms acualy you already seen it happen, It's how you knew i was a human. I can makes it as far as you like. I may not be a fox the whole thim but thats about it."

"Alright. It doesn't matter what our pace is or when we leave. But I would like you to decide."

Lilly nods and asks. "Is tomorrow morning to soon?"

She stretched in the waves lapping at her furr. "No."

Lilly smiles and says "Ok, but may i ask a question, you mgiht not like it though.."

She raises her head to look at her again. "Yes, yes.. Feel free to ask anything you want to me. What is it?"

Lilly sighs and says. "Do you truly want to go back? Do you really wish to go back to your home. You seem slightly unsure about it, kinda like you want to go but that on the other paw you don't want to."

She laughed quietly. "You do not know Carlanthia. I left to try to learn about the rest of the world. Everything said in Carlanthia is true. This world is nice, but there are too many problems. Like humans, though no offense to you. Some humans are nice. But Carlanthia is wonderful. It's literally a paradise. I look forward to going back. You'll love it there, I'm sure."

She smiled at her, swishing her tail around in the water.

Lilly laughs happily. "This will be so much fun. I i take no offence to what you said!"

The Tigress cat-shrugged. "Well getting there is a good part fo the journey too."

Lilly smiles and nods her head.

The big cat yawned and streatched then, stepped lightly into the water to take a swim. "Care to join?"

Lilly smiles and nods her head. "Ok"

The bigger cat nodded, swimming around, getting used to the water before making a small wave and submerged completely to walk along the bottom. she watched the fish scatter as the other came in and pawed around the crystal clear water for a while before emerging again for air.

Lilly enters the water happily she floats until her friend rejoined her.

"You'll need to eat you know. Might as well now. The fish are still at large and big here still."
She looked at the fox, wondering why she would risk exhaustion just simply for hiding who she was.

Kurati yawned and went running up the side of the mountain

surte watches.

Aden walked up the moutain, carrying two hares in his mouth. He was heading to his temporary den.

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2007-12-06 [Eloura]: *wonders if everyone died*

2007-12-07 [shadow of darkness]: i ish still here

2007-12-07 [Eloura]: Yay! *huggles the brother* I missies you all. sooo how are you?

2007-12-07 [*dragonstar*]: I'm here. I've just been really busy with finals, but it's over. I'm free!!!
Aden: For a month.

2007-12-07 [Eloura]: *huggles* YAY!!! How did you do on you finals??? YAY FOR FREEDOM *huggles aden* HI HI!!! Hey an month of freedom is better than having a day!!

2007-12-07 [*dragonstar*]: I got a 95 on my business final, but I don't know about my biology final. I hope I did alright.

2007-12-07 [Eloura]: *huggles again* Congrates on your business final. I do hope you did well on you biology final!

2007-12-07 [*dragonstar*]: *hugs back* I hope so too.
Aden: *buddles up in a blanket*

2007-12-07 [Eloura]: I wish you much much good luck! *makes a fire for everyone and agree's it being to cold*

2007-12-07 [*dragonstar*]: Thank you.
Aden: Thanks.

2007-12-08 [Eloura]: Your welcome! *huggles all one last time passing around drinks and cookies*

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