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Photo Contests


Page maintained by [Nioniel].


Competitions at Elftown
Art Contests
Writing Contests
Contest Wiki

For meeting photographers, you can also take a look at Photo Forum


Winner announced:

Voting in progress:

Autumn Colors

- By [blu.nation]

Official Elftown Contests:

Elftown Creature Marathon

Elftown Photo Reference Marathon:

-EPRM Autumn Reference (Open until 30th of November)
-EPRM Instruments Reference (Open until 30th of November)
-EPRM Farm Animals Reference (Open until 31st of December)
-EPRM Winter Holiday Reference (Open until 31st of January)
-EPRM Doll Reference (Open until 31st of January)


-EPRM Underwater Reference (Winners Announced)
-EPRM Sunset/Sunrise Reference (Winners Announced)
-EPRM Keys Reference (Winners Announced)

Deadline expired:

Deadline set (Unaltered photos):

Please keep the chronology intact!

Deadline set (Photo manipulations):

Please keep the chronology intact!

Deadline based on #contestants or #entries:

Knight Me !

- By [Cillamoon] 5 entries

Sins of Remembrance

- By [Cillamoon] 5 entries

7 Stages of Ages

- By [Cillamoon] 5 entries

Gorging Glutinous Deeds

- By [Cillamoon] 5 entries

Corruption x 7

- By [Cillamoon] 5 entries

Rome's Ancient Virtues

- By [Cillamoon] 5 entries

Shades of Greed

- By [Cillamoon] 5 entries

The Phantom Of The Opera contest

- By [Jitter] 15 entrants

Continuous contests (without specific deadline):

10 Days of Photography

- By [pixish]

Keyword Photography Competition

- By [Cillamoon]

Deadline not set:

Holiday Cheer Greetings Contest

- By [Blaithin]


Have fun with your camera ;)

Username (or number or email):


2005-08-12 [Janouk]: Have suggestions? Want to have new catagories? Please comment below ;)

2005-09-01 [Janouk]: [Truth . Beauty . Love]: Thank you for adding yours ;) Since it's still pretty empty up there, I'll put yours in one of the other catagories, ok?

2005-09-01 [Saffron]: ooh, good job, I never even thought of a photo contests page :P

2005-09-01 [Janouk]: Really? I wanted to ask you if I could use the same way of organizing etc. because it's actually your idea but I didn't dare :o

2005-09-04 [Truth . Beauty . Love]: Not a problem, thanks for moving it.

2005-09-12 [ArchangelGabriel]: Would we ba able to make a deal? I'll add this if you keep me updated about running contests....

2005-09-12 [Janouk]: You mean photo-contests or contests in general? 'Cause I can of course inform you about running contests here, but I don't think I'll know about all the others ^^

2005-09-12 [Janouk]: Thanks for adding it bytheway ;)

2005-09-12 [ArchangelGabriel]: Well, any that happen to be happening. And in return i'll be suyre to mention any photo contests i get...

2005-09-12 [Janouk]: Ok, thanks. I'm watching your page as well, but thanks for the service ;)

2005-09-12 [ArchangelGabriel]: You'll inform me right? I need help ^_^

2005-09-12 [Janouk]: Ok ;-)

2005-09-13 [Kaimee]: Oooh, brilliant idea!! :D

2005-09-14 [Janouk]: ^__^

2005-09-25 [iippo]: Well there's the photo forum that holds a contest every month, the newest one is joy, so if you'd like to... add it somehow... :/

2005-09-25 [Ocean Soul]: Mh, me and [Ma`ark] have a contest called Photography contest: Hugging Photos. But the deadline is neither a date nor set on contestants, but is based on the number of entries.. so, where do I put it? XD

2005-09-26 [Janouk]: Yes, I knew those two contests ;) I've added them for you, is that ok?

2005-12-01 [Melocrie]: Come to plushie photo contest!!

2005-12-03 [Jitter]: Please, check Kissing Contest! :D

2005-12-03 [Melocrie]: Hahaha^^

2005-12-04 [iippo]: You should also add the current ET official contest (check mainstreet for the accurate link)

2005-12-05 [Saffron]: ahh, such a nice and empty contest page :P link added to art contests, I'm not in charge of writing contests

2005-12-05 [Jitter]: ehmm Empty? Are you talking about Mine? Because I've checked and it worked @_@

2005-12-05 [Janouk]: [iippo], I was planning to, but kept forgetting :) Thanks!

2005-12-05 [Janouk]: Thanks [Saffron] for adding it ;)

2006-01-01 [Saffron]:

Photography contest: Hugging photos

by [Ma`ark] & [Ocean Soul]? what's this doing on my page, here, it's yours :P

2006-01-01 [Jitter]: And it's a closed contest anyway :p

2006-01-02 [Ocean Soul]: Yes it's closed.. damn contest *shakes fist*

2006-01-05 [Jitter]: Kissing contest is closed and voting is held at kissing contest voting Please vote!

2006-03-23 [Melocrie]: plushie photo contest is now CLOSED and VOTING IN PROGRESS (plushie poll)

2006-04-11 [Melocrie]: plushie photo contest Winners Announced!!

2006-04-16 [Melocrie]: uhh helloooooo plushie photo contest Winners Announced!!

2006-04-16 [iippo]: You can edit this page yourself.

2006-04-16 [Melocrie]: Alright.

2006-06-17 [dayah]: thanks to who ever moved my contest...sigh..keep forgetting to move it

2006-06-22 [Jitter]: Take a look at the HAIR contest! :D Only 2 places left for Hair Art entries and 1 left for Hair Photo entries

2006-06-27 [Charybdis]: *plugs* Nationalities Photography Contest is open!

2006-08-05 [Blasphemous Rumours]: Thanks for putting up my new contest, [iippo], I completely forgot to do that! Cheers!

2006-08-20 [Jitter]: twin contest Need more! 6 in Photo and 3 in Art!

2006-09-25 [Janouk]: Yay! W00t! Etc etc, ^^ Check out Photo Forums new contest, B&W! Submit your black&white photograph now! ;-)

2006-10-05 [Blasphemous Rumours]: I hope you don't mind me fixing a wee bit of html =)

2006-10-29 [Jitter]: Kissing Contest round two needs one photo entry!

2006-11-20 [Blaithin]: Photography Jousting is up and ready for contestants

2007-08-11 [Janouk]: If you know any more Photo contests on Elftown, please add!!! :) Thank you!

2007-09-26 [Jitter]: The Seven Deadly Sins Competition is in MAJOR need of more photographs ;_; Only one entry so far! Get your cameras moving ^^

2007-09-30 [Janouk]: They still got some time though ^^
*chases people with a stick and tricks nice people with cookies* Enter the contest!!! >:)

2007-10-01 [Jitter]: Mwahaha Thanks ^_^ Yes there IS time but the poem and Art sections are way more active now. Where are the photographers...?

2007-10-08 [Janouk]: Halloween 2007 needs entries! :p

2007-10-08 [Jitter]: So does TSDSC, Photo Entries!!!

We don't celebrate Halloween here ;_;

2007-10-08 [Janouk]: It's kind of a starting thing in The Netherlands, but more like an extra day of fun. The only countries that really celebrate it are Great Brittain and the USA I think?

2007-10-08 [Jitter]: I don't really know, I think it's a Catholic thing :3 Goes to see Halloween on wikipedia

2007-10-09 [Skydancer]: Halloween is at the same time as Samhain, the catholic part is All Souls or All Saints day on Nov. 1, after the Day of the Dead, which they do in Mexico and other spanish nations. Lots of names for it, its the pagan new year too as they start their cycle of the year at this time.

2007-10-09 [Janouk]: Ah, thank you! Come to think of it, you probably explained it to me sometime before? <img:44166_1164145197.gif>

2007-12-04 [Janouk]: The Photo Forums Still Life Photography Contest could really use some entries! ;)

2008-11-16 [Artsieladie]: Hmm.... perhaps, since the ECM Photo Contests are listed here, you might want to add the Elftown Photo Reference Marathon, too? I's dunno. ;P

2008-12-04 [Thunder Cid]: Where would I place my contest?

2008-12-04 [Linderel]: Under 'Deadline set' would be most appropriate, don't you think?

2008-12-04 [Thunder Cid]: Yes I agree. Thanks for the help hun :)

2008-12-13 [Artsieladie]: Hmm...guess not, eh? ;P

2008-12-13 [Linderel]: Nothing stopping you from adding it yourself, y'know.

2008-12-13 [Thunder Cid]: I did add myself.

2008-12-13 [Artsieladie]: Ok. I just wasn't sure if you would want it here. I'll happily add it, then. :) I still hesitate to just add stuff on pages I know little about and/or I do not have any real say in or about. I have a couple of times thought I was doing a good thing, only to be reprimanded about it. :/

2008-12-13 [Artsieladie]: I noted with 3 contests about the voting in progress, because the voting turn out is not that great. I was afraid of this with polls being on poll pages, because even with the Mainstreet Poll, the voting turn out hasn't been that great. :P I'd like to add [Mordigen]'s A Christmas Story Contest - A Christmas Story - Photos division (Deadline: 2009-1-01), but I'm not sure where you would want it placed, because it is both photos and photomanipulations. :P 

2008-12-13 [Linderel]: Place it in both, it's been done before.

2008-12-13 [Artsieladie]: Ok, that works. :)

2009-01-02 [Artsieladie]: Just updated some of the creature photo sessions, because most have been extended that are still open. ;P

2010-02-22 [Janouk]:

If someone's willing to take over this wiki, you can.

I do no longer own it and won't take care of any more updates.

2010-04-29 [Nioniel]: *wants it*

2010-04-29 [Cillamoon]: That would be cool if you were doing this Phoenix, it would definetly stay updated for sure! ^_^

2010-04-29 [Nioniel]: :)
Thanks, it seems as though I've got more time on my hands lately to do this sort of thing!
*pokes [Janouk]* can you put the page in my name?

2010-04-29 [Nioniel]: PEOPLES!
If you'd like to keep your contests open and running, please update the current deadlines or else remove the wiki links from this page!
Please & Thank YOU!

2010-04-29 [sweet.tx.tea]: I will try to update today... -Try- being the operative word.

2010-04-29 [Nioniel]: :)

2010-04-29 [Linderel]: I made you the page owner, Phoenix.

2010-04-29 [Nioniel]: Thanks!

2010-07-15 [Nioniel]: [Cillamoon]; Of Saints & Sinners's deadline has expired. Are you planning on extending it or should I remove it from the page?

2010-07-16 [Cillamoon]: Can you extend it till 12-31-10 please? Thank you!

2010-07-16 [Nioniel]: No problem, and you're welcome. :)

2010-07-16 [Nioniel]: [Cillamoon]; I noticed that Where The Apple Fell has no deadline and/or is not currently ongoing. Are you planning on running it again?

2010-08-23 [Cillamoon]: Thank you Nioniel, sorry it took me so long to see this. It does have a new theme and deadline, I will make sure it is noted here and on [mc] as well. Thank you! :)

2010-08-23 [Cillamoon]: Screw it, maybe I'm just seeing your note really late as I see it is already ammended on here. *feels sheeeeepish*

2010-08-24 [Nioniel]: Lol, I actually just fixed it here when I was updating everything. :)

2011-05-09 [Nioniel]: Hey you guys; if you want contests back on Mainstreet, you need to comment on MC with new deadlines. If you want your contests under "open" on here, you need to comment on this page to inform me of new deadlines. :)

2011-05-19 [Cillamoon]: Can we just take Apple away for the time being? There's no point in having it run right now until I can devote more time to it & rile up members.

2011-05-19 [Nioniel]: No problem.

2011-06-21 [Cillamoon]: [Nioniel], may I update the EPRM's on this page? Or would you rather do it?

2011-06-22 [Nioniel]: Go for it. :)

2011-06-22 [Cillamoon]: Sweet, thank you!

2011-06-22 [Nioniel]: No problem, thank you!

2011-07-30 [Blaithin]: Um, I have a contest for any photo, manipulated or non. Should I just list it in both spots?

2011-07-30 [Nioniel]: If you leave the information here in the comments, I'll add it for you. :)

2011-07-30 [Blaithin]: Thank you! It's just the Holiday Cheer Greetings Contest. Manipulated and unmanipulated photo's to be used as holiday greeting cards! Although they should have some sort of message on them so I guess you could call them all manipulations after thinking about it xD

2011-07-31 [Blaithin]: Thank you [Nioniel] :)

2011-07-31 [Nioniel]: No problem. :)

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