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Photo Contests


Page maintained by [Nioniel].


Competitions at Elftown
Art Contests
Writing Contests
Contest Wiki

For meeting photographers, you can also take a look at Photo Forum


Winner announced:

Voting in progress:

Autumn Colors

- By [blu.nation]

Official Elftown Contests:

Elftown Creature Marathon

Elftown Photo Reference Marathon:

-EPRM Autumn Reference (Open until 30th of November)
-EPRM Instruments Reference (Open until 30th of November)
-EPRM Farm Animals Reference (Open until 31st of December)
-EPRM Winter Holiday Reference (Open until 31st of January)
-EPRM Doll Reference (Open until 31st of January)


-EPRM Underwater Reference (Winners Announced)
-EPRM Sunset/Sunrise Reference (Winners Announced)
-EPRM Keys Reference (Winners Announced)

Deadline expired:

Deadline set (Unaltered photos):

Please keep the chronology intact!

Deadline set (Photo manipulations):

Please keep the chronology intact!

Deadline based on #contestants or #entries:

Knight Me !

- By [Cillamoon] 5 entries

Sins of Remembrance

- By [Cillamoon] 5 entries

7 Stages of Ages

- By [Cillamoon] 5 entries

Gorging Glutinous Deeds

- By [Cillamoon] 5 entries

Corruption x 7

- By [Cillamoon] 5 entries

Rome's Ancient Virtues

- By [Cillamoon] 5 entries

Shades of Greed

- By [Cillamoon] 5 entries

The Phantom Of The Opera contest

- By [Jitter] 15 entrants

Continuous contests (without specific deadline):

10 Days of Photography

- By [pixish]

Keyword Photography Competition

- By [Cillamoon]

Deadline not set:

Holiday Cheer Greetings Contest

- By [Blaithin]


Have fun with your camera ;)

Username (or number or email):


2007-12-04 [Janouk]: The Photo Forums Still Life Photography Contest could really use some entries! ;)

2008-11-16 [Artsieladie]: Hmm.... perhaps, since the ECM Photo Contests are listed here, you might want to add the Elftown Photo Reference Marathon, too? I's dunno. ;P

2008-12-04 [Thunder Cid]: Where would I place my contest?

2008-12-04 [Linderel]: Under 'Deadline set' would be most appropriate, don't you think?

2008-12-04 [Thunder Cid]: Yes I agree. Thanks for the help hun :)

2008-12-13 [Artsieladie]: Hmm...guess not, eh? ;P

2008-12-13 [Linderel]: Nothing stopping you from adding it yourself, y'know.

2008-12-13 [Thunder Cid]: I did add myself.

2008-12-13 [Artsieladie]: Ok. I just wasn't sure if you would want it here. I'll happily add it, then. :) I still hesitate to just add stuff on pages I know little about and/or I do not have any real say in or about. I have a couple of times thought I was doing a good thing, only to be reprimanded about it. :/

2008-12-13 [Artsieladie]: I noted with 3 contests about the voting in progress, because the voting turn out is not that great. I was afraid of this with polls being on poll pages, because even with the Mainstreet Poll, the voting turn out hasn't been that great. :P I'd like to add [Mordigen]'s A Christmas Story Contest - A Christmas Story - Photos division (Deadline: 2009-1-01), but I'm not sure where you would want it placed, because it is both photos and photomanipulations. :P 

2008-12-13 [Linderel]: Place it in both, it's been done before.

2008-12-13 [Artsieladie]: Ok, that works. :)

2009-01-02 [Artsieladie]: Just updated some of the creature photo sessions, because most have been extended that are still open. ;P

2010-02-22 [Janouk]:

If someone's willing to take over this wiki, you can.

I do no longer own it and won't take care of any more updates.

2010-04-29 [Nioniel]: *wants it*

2010-04-29 [Cillamoon]: That would be cool if you were doing this Phoenix, it would definetly stay updated for sure! ^_^

2010-04-29 [Nioniel]: :)
Thanks, it seems as though I've got more time on my hands lately to do this sort of thing!
*pokes [Janouk]* can you put the page in my name?

2010-04-29 [Nioniel]: PEOPLES!
If you'd like to keep your contests open and running, please update the current deadlines or else remove the wiki links from this page!
Please & Thank YOU!

2010-04-29 [sweet.tx.tea]: I will try to update today... -Try- being the operative word.

2010-04-29 [Nioniel]: :)

2010-04-29 [Linderel]: I made you the page owner, Phoenix.

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