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2007-12-22 17:47:01
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Photo Forum suggestions

As you know we have alot to do on the photo forum, and need as much help as we can get. We have alot of great ideas to improve the photo forum, but there are things we still have to do. You are part of this forum as much as we are so your opinions are as important as ours. Please write any suggestions you have below we will be checking them daily.
thanks [maluna] [Lady of Lore]& [Janouk]


1) Photography tutorials, photo editing tutorials?
2) Link list to other photography wikis (like the Hitchhiker's guide of the Elftowners and other long-term gallery collections)
3)I think we should start a gallery of our own with the best work of all the member,or something?????
10) <img:

future contests topics

The photo forum has been having a lot of trouble thinking of topics the members would like to have so heres a place that you can put what you would like to see as a contest and we will very more than likely turn it into a contest.

1)lomography photographs taken with lomo cameras or photographs taken in a lomo style.
2)Sunset/Sunrise photo - catch an amazing pic of one of the most beautiful times of the day


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2006-08-07 [iippo]: Sorry, typo-guerrilla attacked. :3

2006-08-07 [maluna]: lol what

2006-08-07 [iippo]: I had to fix some typos on the page, that's why I edited and nothing seems to have changed. ^^;;

2006-08-07 [maluna]: ohhhhhh sorry I don't think I ran it through spell check did I oops.

2006-08-07 [Janouk]: Suggestions, [iippo], suggestions! ;-p

2006-08-08 [maluna]: when are we closing the poll?????

2006-08-21 [maluna]: SWEET!!!!! people used this page. I think both are awesome ideals if you get me a list of forums ill put them up and ill see if any of the other host want to start that tutorials, photo editing tutorials page.

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