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2005-11-13 20:58:30
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Welcome to the photomanipulators portal!

Official photomanipulators banner made by [Tepi]

I'm hoping to build this wiki to serve the cause of photomanipulation. With your help this could become the meeting place for artists and photographers. Maybe a place to share some tips and secrets of the trade. No matter what is your style, field or tools. Digital artists are also welcome here. Like everybody else who feel they fit this category in some way. 
- [qwertyasdfgzxcvb]


Members of photomanipulators Go here to join or to leave.

Banner area Pick a banner for your description or share your own banners.

Art Hall Members may present their works here. Please drop a comment or two =)

linkzone Useful links for everyone. Add your own favorites

Contest area Here will take place the contests. now open!

Tutorials and Help Please feel free to contribute!

Request area Now taking requests from members and non-members.

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photomanipulators suggestions

People, please use banners in your description to make this little place known out there.


Image by your wiki host, [qwertyasdfgzxcvb].

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2005-11-24 [Lioness123]: less than none? hmm....

2005-11-25 [Tepi]: Not less than none! =) I meant the less is better than none ;)

2005-11-25 [Lioness123]: oooOOOooh

2005-11-29 [Tupile]: Anyone up for starting a round of Photoshop Tennis here on Elftown? Basically two people go back and forth with one photoshop file, adding one new layer each time, and optionally manipulating the previous layers.  Info:,1284,47132,00.html or

2005-11-29 [Orgasmo]: why not?

2005-11-30 [Dil*]: sweet.

2005-11-30 [Tupile]: And what makes it even more fun... with each round, a jpeg can be put up on a page here, where people are encouraged to make a running commentary of the photoshop battle.

2005-12-01 [Dil*]: hey, can you send pdf files on msn? And could we be paired with people at the same level? Cause' frankly, I'm not that great.

2005-12-01 [Tupile]: I think you can send photoshop psd files over msn. Or even easier, use  then you can send big files, and not even have to be online with the person at the same time.

2005-12-01 [Tupile]: As for difficulty, it's pretty much more of a friendly competition. There's not really any real winner unless the spectators here wish to choose one. And think about it... if you get paired up with someone really great, then you can learn a lot from them.

2005-12-01 [Dil*]: alright, that makes sense.

2006-02-18 [qwertyasdfgzxcvb]: this thing seems to have become just one more inactive wiki...

2006-02-18 [Dil*]: Yes, unfortunately.

2006-02-18 [pixish]: did anyone end up putting the contests on the mainstreet contests page?

2006-02-18 [qwertyasdfgzxcvb]: Guess not

2006-02-18 [Dil*]: You should, as the owner :P

2007-01-24 [qwertyasdfgzxcvb]: It's time to try to get this place back to life. Maybe I should announce some new contests or something. Also if anyone is interested in becoming additional owner/host for the wiki? It would boost this place much more if there would be many people enhancing it.

2007-01-24 [Keii]: Ooohh a new contest would be good :)

2007-01-24 [Orgasmo]: always welcome

2007-02-07 [qwertyasdfgzxcvb]: I have something to say for all of you. I'm leaving Elftown for good. Do whatever you want with this wiki. I can't be here anymore.

2010-10-17 [pixish]: Anyone still here?

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