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Here are the next 10 pages of Pilgrim chapter 1, an online comic about a young woman who wakes in a strange world without any prophesies, epic questing, or world-saving to do. - comic
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2008-11-23 [Zab]: oooooooh..:P

2008-11-23 [Yncke]: Yay! More comic!

2008-11-24 [stuffAEAmade]: Hopefully it won't take as long to finish up the last part of this chapter. :3

2008-12-02 [deeterhi]: I really like the last couple of pages. I had to go back to the previous chapter because I forgot where they were going, but that won't be a big deal once the whole story is assembled. I was a little confused about the second page, second tier. I wasn't sure what was happening with the knife (?) I think Gareth was going to pull it out if there was danger, but didn't seeing as it was a couple of deer. I definitely had to go back and look at that because I didn't get it on the first reading. Otherwise, there's nice character building going on. I think it's pretty funny when Rae goes to jump down from the cliff :)

2008-12-03 [stuffAEAmade]: Thank you <3
Ah, I see. A panel with Gareth reaching for his weapon, maybe sticking out his right arm to keep Rae back would've worked much better. Always next ti...actually that'll work perfectly for this one part in a future chapter. >:]

lol, can't have a language gap without some misunderstandings going on. :D

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