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(updates on tuesday!)

What's This?

The story, despite its title, has nothing to do with Puritan separatists.  Nor does it have much to do with religion. I chose the title because it sounded much better than Pioneer. :P

So basically, this is a (heavily) rehashed version of an old comic idea I had. The old comic had a really stupid plot and was designed to make fun of all the cliches in 'spirited away' type stories. Especially in manga (ex, Inuyasha, Fushigi Yuugi, Magic Knight Rayearth, etc.). I was so deluded as to the quality of the story and my own ability that I actually submitted it to Tokyopop RSoM3. How embarrassing. *shudder*

More recently, I thought, "What if I took the form of that story, but made it serious?" Not completely lacking in comedy, but took the idea seriously and subverted some of those overdone cliche elements.

This is what I came up with, a story about a young woman who finds herself in another land without any prophecies, epic questing, or world-saving to do.

An old ditty I found in my diary, quite relevant ->
Anyway, it's a girl-is-transported-to-another-world type story. But, instead of making it a comedy, I'm trying more to subvert things. Especially the things that bug me about those types of stories-- no language barrier, prophecies, cutesy animal companions, bishounen heroes, angst, the villain with good, if twisted intentions...
You know, mix it up, but keep it fantasy-drama. Serious drama, not omg-which-bishi-do-I-go-with? drama. *gags*


-- continue updating with a page each week


-- now working on chapter 2

wiki linkage

<img:stuff/star8.gif>pilgrim_update - get notified!

<img:stuff/star8.gif>pilgrim_art - sketches and artwork!

<img:stuff/star8.gif>pilgrim_archive - index page with the scenes!

<img:stuff/star8.gif>pilgrim_chap0 - chapter 0 on elftown! (1-9 +cover)

<img:stuff/star8.gif>pilgrim_chap1a - chapter 1: first scene! (1-10 +cover)

<img:stuff/star8.gif>pilgrim_chap1b - chapter 1: second scene! (11-20)

<img:stuff/star8.gif>pilgrim_chap1c - chapter 1: third scene! (21-28)

<img:stuff/star8.gif>pilgrim_chap1d - chapter 1: fourth scene! (29-36)

<img:stuff/star8.gif>pilgrim_chap2a - chapter 2: first scene! (1-9 +cover)

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Comics by Elftowners


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2008-04-01 [deeterhi]: as long as you enjoy working on the project and you think it's interesting, that's all that matters :)

i like the idea because i keep thinking to myself: well, what is your main character going to do? she's been transported to this other world, but where does she go from there? (i'm not really asking. just thinking this). this mystery is very intriguing and i can't wait to see some pages:)

2008-04-01 [stuffAEAmade]: She may as well have a bulls-eye glued to her back, because she is just a magnet for trouble. >:3
I should have a page (maybe two!) all finished up this weekend. :)

2008-04-02 [deeterhi]: yay:)

2008-04-05 [deeterhi]: ooh first page :) lookin' good :)

2008-04-06 [stuffAEAmade]: Thanks :)
I've just got to add the tones to that one, and it will be done. Then I have another scanned in to be assembled, and two more sketched out to be inked. C:

2008-04-15 [stuffAEAmade]: Progress report!
covers for the first 4 chapters done, 3 comic pages waiting for tones, 2 more sketched, 1 with panels laid out.
chapter 0 (prelude sort of thing) is 8 pages long, I want to finish sketching it before finals, only 3 more to go.

2008-05-03 [XxTsomexX]: Yaaaaay I can't wait!! :3 I have it marked down on my calander so I remember to jump online ^^

2008-05-03 [stuffAEAmade]: I've got several pages ready that just need to be toned.
I'm thinking that I'll start out by updating one page a week until I figure out how much I get done in a week during summer. :)

2008-05-03 [XxTsomexX]: Awesome ^^ lol

2008-05-03 [stuffAEAmade]: I'd love to do a bi-weekly update schedule, but we'll see. =3

2008-05-05 [stuffAEAmade]: There. I've got 4 totally done, and another 3 just need to be lettered. Now I've got to start drawing pages again. :P

2008-05-08 [stuffAEAmade]: sketched 15 panels today, hope to do either a few more large or several small ones. now into chapter 1! :D

2008-07-06 [stuffAEAmade]: Arg, darn crash. >.< Anyway, put pilgrim_update on watch. I'll post there when a new page goes up on the smackjeeves site.

2008-07-06 [Zab]: Why not put that link on this wiki? :P

2008-07-07 [stuffAEAmade]: Because I'm lazy? lol, I'm working on moving all of the art to its own wiki too. :3

2008-07-07 [Zab]: heeh ok

2008-09-02 [stuffAEAmade]: pilgrim_chap1a is up now, 10 pages + cover. :)

2008-09-02 [Zab]: :D

2008-11-27 [stuffAEAmade]: pilgrim_chap1b has been up for a bit, 10 more pages. Check it out. :P

2008-11-27 [Zab]: :P already done that :P

2008-11-28 [stuffAEAmade]: You're more on top of things than I am, then. :P

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