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2004-11-19 00:12:37
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  Hey this is a page for any one who rises above society, and what it lables as its norms today, and choses to live a Positive life style against Smoking, Drinking, or Casual sex....this is all about being poison free, you may choose to lable your self as Straight Edge (If you do not know what being Straight Edge is go here -> ) or you may not, but thats not what matters...It's about being clean and being your self no matter religion or ethnicity or back ground.

Please join by messaging [A Jealousy Issue] or [Oh! Its a Riot xx] for the password to edit the page, then add your name to our memberlist

Here you can find the banners for this wiki, your choice for any of them for your house, have fun. xXxBannersxXx


The following links will take you to the members area, where you can add your name to the list and join, to the bands area, with featured sXe and hXc bands, or to our links list, which will provide you with various links to sXe and Poison Free websites.



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2006-07-19 [A Jealousy Issue]: ha well i live in cincinnati ohio, and the real scene here is in selling out if your part of the real hardcore scene can get you hurt badly... the whole scene trend is still around, but it has its only rut with its own venues, while the true scene is still doing pretty well with all the same venues and places its always been at. Thats why the difference is between poison free and straight edge is so important to me, ive been lecture it hundreds of times at least, by people who have been in the scene since the mid 80s

2006-07-20 [Kupkake]: Seventh Star shiw, august 18th. Central Chistian church. Ocala fl.

2006-07-20 [Oh! Its a Riot xx]: bleeh i wish i could driiive.

2006-07-21 [MkNalsheen]: why is that?

2006-07-21 [Oh! Its a Riot xx]: cuz she lives in Ocala and its a few hours away. My friend just moved down there also. which is why i stated it for the moment. But i kinda wish i could just so i can go out and get stuff when i want. blehh . one more year

2006-07-21 [A Jealousy Issue]: hey add my new band if you have myspace

2006-07-22 [Oh! Its a Riot xx]: heyy i got a friend request from them today .haha.

2006-07-28 [A Jealousy Issue]: <img:>

2006-09-04 [Kupkake]: omg, that show was absolutely amazing.
just to let you know ^.^

2006-09-06 [Oh! Its a Riot xx]: haha aw thats good. The last show i went to was Terror the other day . that was amazing as well <3

2006-09-08 [Riggs]: i just saw korn, stone sour, flyleaf,and deftones 2 nights ago...sweetness. and i saw hatebreed not too long ago and Gwar is comming to my town soon

2006-10-07 [Kupkake]: KOrn, stone sour, flyleaf and deftones... Ew.

2006-10-07 [Kupkake]: Seveht Star, Maylene and a shit load of other bands are play the 17th of November. Come out to florida to come see em!

2006-10-10 [Oh! Its a Riot xx]: mmm Maylene..  whereee?

2006-10-15 [Kupkake]: Ocala of course

2006-10-18 [Riggs]: and on a more extreme note...GWAR is coming to my home town this friday...cant wait

2006-10-21 [Oh! Its a Riot xx]: of coursee. why cant it be closerr. and GWAR? wow their so old. haha . niice thought.. ima see the blue man group!. haha yeahh...

2006-10-22 [Kupkake]: haha woohoo!
I just got to see kid dynamite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-10-23 [Riggs]: actually blue man group and GWAR are on the same list for me. the list being shows that i must see some point in my life. and the gwar concert kicked some ass if anyone is interested. i went home drenched lol

2007-10-26 [Kupkake]: gwar was pretty rad. i saw them here a few months ago

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