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2005-11-25 04:16:33
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Prep Haters

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Yes, Prep is just a label, and I know most people don't go by labels, but this is one excuse. Obviously people don't read this before they assume things about the members of this wiki :

No one said every Prep is bad, but most of them are, and they might not know/care, but they treat others like shit. They know who they are. Fact is--they even call themseleves preps. I've talked to many of them that say, "Yea, I'm a prep and proud of it."

Now I will admit there might be some "good" preps, but obviously the ones that have made the members of prep haters lives a living hell are the ones we are talking about. There's just something about them that makes people hate them, attitude, and their look on life.They make you look bad for being yourself. I have had bad experiences with talking to them, they just think that they are supposed to have everything their way, and only their way. They love to brag about themselves as if the world is to kiss their ass. I hate them, never liked them and I never want to come across a conversation with them. They scare away everyone and no one wants them around. Sad part is they don't care. So neither will we, when I mention that I absolutely hate them and I always will....

So if you hate them and want to join me in executing them anywhere, join this wiki!

[However, if you don't like what is done/said in this wiki, do know that no one asked you to come in here and bitch and whine. I put this wiki up because theres a reason to hate them, and i dont care what you don't like about it, life isn't about you, get over yourself! Do know that there is a exit button right below here, so go fuck off there. If you're brave enough, come back...],or go towards the EXIT BUTTON

-The subpage of this wiki,PREP DESCRIPTION& Prep Description 2,is where you can figure out how others feel about preps,and what the definition of a prep is to them.

Manager: [Death's Die-Ary]
Co-Manager:[I'm gone gone gone]

If one of us isn't here... message the other.

all you have to do (to put this in your house) is take out the *'s....and just copy and paste it.

-Prep Haters Member Page 1
-Prep Haters Members Page 2
-Prep Haters Members Page 3
-Prep Haters Members Page 4
-Prep Haters Members Page 5 
-Prep Haters Members Page 6
-Prep Haters Members Page 7
-Prep Haters Members Page 8
-Prep Haters Members Page 9.
-Prep Haters Members Page 10

please add your name under Prep Haters Members Page 11.

-This page is for badges that only prep haters members have made >>Badges for Prep Haters

Username (or number or email):


[Eyonic]: woot!

[~Crimson Angel~]: What's up people?

[Eyonic]: not much here

[~Crimson Angel~]: I see

[♥Lex;;™]: im dying from being over worked. and job corps sucks and rules at the same time. AH! chaos!

[~Crimson Angel~]: Oh,that's bad.

[Shinigamas_Angel]: Wow I haven't been on here in foreva so whats new

[~Crimson Angel~]: I was in a car accident recently.

[♥Lex;;™]: dammnnn that sucks hairy fat sweaty monkey tits

[~Crimson Angel~]: yeppers

[Sagacious Turkey]: Preps rule! *pops collar*

[Mortified Penguin]: Yeah! *pops several collars*

[Sagacious Turkey]: *pops six collars at once!!*

[Mortified Penguin]: Sh*t! That's true preppiness right there...

[~Crimson Angel~]: WHAT THE FUCK?!

[Sagacious Turkey]: You're just jealous of our STYLE, sucka'...

[Mortified Penguin]: Yeah! What ya gonna do, son?

[~Crimson Angel~]: What style? All I see is a bunch of lame ass morons.

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