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I wish to be one of the:


I have turned myself around and have proven to members of the Council and Guards that I can work hard and talk nicely and get things done.

I am informative and do things in a professional way.

I look out for people who break the rules.

I am a Council trainee member on Elfpack with priv - 79 and also the boss of the Elfpack awards crew, I also help out on a daily basis with other tasks to make Elfpack look better, which I also wish to do here.

i am also a Council member with Priv - 49 on Cathug as a wiki boss and make sure that all the pages are up to date and have the official template which I created.

i am also a Council member with Priv - 49 on Elf12 as a wiki boss and make sure that all the pages are up to date and have the official template which I created.

I listen to people's problems when they have one, and try and deal with it in the easiest way possible, I am very stern when it comes to rule-breaking, and will take every action possible to stop it.

I care about the other users on here and I respect them no matter what their age or gender or preferred sex is.

I have a good knowledge of Elftown and the pseudo html

I am able to read and write English exceptionally well.

I have a great patience with members who are constant rule breakers.

I have great patience with members who are sometimes annoying.

I think I’ve proven myself because i don't cause trouble anymore and have been quite good on the site.

I have great patience and try my hardest to get on with everyone.

I am a good talker and listener." *thinks* I'm more of a listener than a talker.

I am one of the Reference Photographers and also submit to the daily poem and i have also took part in the Elftown Photo Reference Marathon

My goals:

1. I am full of ideas for Elftown and how to get it going really well, so would like to express them to the Council

2. To make sure a members life on Elftown has the best experience we can possibly give.

3. I will help other members if they need help.


I am, genuine, helpful, professional, and I like to see things in good shape. I am caring but very strict, I try my hardest to do the best I can
I love reading sci fi & fantasy novels/books, writing poems and doing photography


As a Council member, I will keep all pages up to date, I will not tolerate members destroying pages and will deal with it in a by contacting one of the Guards, I will keep Elftown up to date and correct any mistakes, and deal with any members questions appropriately.

Until I grow old and frail.

These mean that I am one of the Reference Photographers, Reviewers, Master Poets, Donors of Writing, ET Artists, Photographers, Halloween Poets, Christmas Poets & Saint Valentine Poets!.


1. [the ack]
2. [silverraven66699]
3. [angelofwar]
4. [Mystin]
5. [Alizebell]

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2011-06-17 [Mystin]: It's like I said before, it's great but I don't understand why you have dividers in the middle of your content if that makes sense.

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: so should i take them out

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: looking amazing

2011-06-17 [Mystin]: If you want to make changes please let me know!!!

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: ok :)

2011-06-17 [Doormat]: "I am able to get along with the sullen assholes on the crew and have a great patience with people."

Best be trollin'...

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: Lol, its very true though, read what it says in the apply to the crew its right on there

2011-06-17 [Mystin]: I did tell her to take that part off...

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: second thoughts, take it off, or i will, but may not be able to until tomorrow as going soon

2011-06-17 [nehirwen]: Just one question, if you want to be a patroller, why don't you make any reports? It's the only way to become one. :)

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: as there is no body i can find or anyone going against the rules to report

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: note: i have made some reports but recently there has not been anyone to report as elftowners have been behaving themselves. :)

2011-06-17 [Akayume]: Really? If I was really trying I could make a report a day. O.o Although usually I just sit around, get bored, and make tons and tons in one sitting. :P

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: I'll do that when i have time. lol

2011-08-04 [Nioniel]: "I am, genuine, helpful, professional, and I like to see things in good shape."

Could you give us an example of how you're professional?

2011-08-04 [kians mummy]: I can talk politely if I see that I need to, I can correct pages that need correcting, I can spot wrong things, I can make good suggestions.

I will even give you full examples of me talking politely if you like, through a pm or on here, your choice. :)

2011-08-04 [Alexi Ice]: Actually, the crew ALWAYS have to talk politely. If we don't, we are reprimanded. Even when talking to people we absolutely LOATHE. ^^

2011-08-04 [Nioniel]: *loathe* :)

Sure, Sammie, why don't you PM me?

2013-04-02 [kians mummy]: How immature

2013-04-02 [Mortified Penguin]: Uh... why did you add my name to the list of people who support you? Remove it and kindly don't add it back again.

2013-04-04 [kians mummy]: Because you edited my page with out my say so, but yeah I will, i don't really want bad people Voting anyway. :)

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