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2007-08-29 [Iruvielle]: *chants and dances* guilt trip guilt trip guilt trip!!!!

2007-08-29 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: ~dances with~yaay trips are fun

2007-08-31 [Iruvielle]:

ok, i need to know what kind of place everyone lives in... house.. apartment.. or if your char. is housing with another char. or what...

2007-08-31 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: Rachel lives in a house. Amelia had a house but was burnt down and now lives on the streets sorta. Orochiba lives in an apartment with his best friend Tekashi(hasn't been brought in yet)

2007-08-31 [XxTsomexX]: Ok, well Johnathan and Nathen are living together in an apartment, Kelli Ann and Lewis live in a house next to Ms. Huratoshi, and Marissa lives in an apartment as well

2007-09-01 [Iruvielle]: okeys... well, rach.. for Amelia's posts when talking bout her home and whatnot, just post them on the outside silver wind rp thingy...

2007-09-03 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: otays!

2007-09-10 [Dezmond]: if anyone saw that never mind <img:44166_1164144921.gif>

2007-09-11 [Iruvielle]:


2007-09-11 [Bella HeartAttack]: how about we all go now?

2007-09-11 [Dezmond]: its night lol atleast where me and celeste are lol

2007-09-11 [Iruvielle]: yea.. it's weird.. it's night there, i think it's evening where Rain and Cam are.. but it's daytime here.. and it's after school's out for the day at the school pages! hahaha

2007-09-11 [Bella HeartAttack]: ya so......just make it some type of emergency lol cuz none of us will go back soon so since ur making ur point kathy just have it now or somthing lol its up to u its ur skool u can change it how ever ima just using my brain!

2007-09-11 [Iruvielle]: lol.. well, every other time i'd say, "you know.. it IS a school rp, we should go back there" everyone would go off an do something else...

2007-09-11 [Dezmond]: just wait til like most the ppl have posted then put the next day or somethin on the pages lol

2007-09-11 [Iruvielle]: yea, imma wait for tomorrow! when more people writing on the rp are on

2007-09-11 [Dezmond]: lol i wont be on tommorow til like 7ish

2007-09-11 [Iruvielle]: me either.. lol.. i'm gonna be out all day! XDD

2007-09-11 [Dezmond]: lol kk then i guess that does work for me lol

2007-09-11 [Iruvielle]: yup! lol

2007-09-11 [Dezmond]: lol

2007-09-11 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: well maybe he people who ae still rpingin the daytime can just speed it to night so we can all be on the same Time period then as dezmond says go to the next day,and so people dont rp theelves into the future anymore or get stuck in the past we should have like a little thing on main page that sets a Day and time of day for Evryone

2007-09-11 [Dezmond]: yeah i know it would make sense and kathy could change it from day to night or have someone else do it when she can't

2007-09-11 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: yeah probably me since im co-owner i could keep track of it

2007-09-11 [Dezmond]: lol ok then that works too lol did you check out my addition to the rp kathy said she liked it lol

2007-09-11 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: um no i dont think i saw it what is it?

2007-09-11 [Iruvielle]: yess... That'll be your job my dear co-owner! lol

2007-09-11 [Dezmond]: the blood bank since there are over half vamps in the characters lol

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