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2011-06-06 16:20:25
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2007-08-29 [Iruvielle]: *chants and dances* guilt trip guilt trip guilt trip!!!!

2007-08-29 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: ~dances with~yaay trips are fun

2007-08-31 [Iruvielle]:

ok, i need to know what kind of place everyone lives in... house.. apartment.. or if your char. is housing with another char. or what...

2007-08-31 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: Rachel lives in a house. Amelia had a house but was burnt down and now lives on the streets sorta. Orochiba lives in an apartment with his best friend Tekashi(hasn't been brought in yet)

2007-08-31 [XxTsomexX]: Ok, well Johnathan and Nathen are living together in an apartment, Kelli Ann and Lewis live in a house next to Ms. Huratoshi, and Marissa lives in an apartment as well

2007-09-01 [Iruvielle]: okeys... well, rach.. for Amelia's posts when talking bout her home and whatnot, just post them on the outside silver wind rp thingy...

2007-09-03 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: otays!

2007-09-10 [Dezmond]: if anyone saw that never mind <img:44166_1164144921.gif>

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